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I hope you enjoyed this list of crochet stitches that have texture! If you'd like to take a look at more crochet patterns check out some of my favorite free crochet patterns below. Textured Puff Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern. Corner to Corner Heart Blanket for Baby. Warm Up America Crochet Rectangle #2 Crochet Textured Ocean Waves Blanket. February 3, 2021 | Comments 10. Ocean Waves Textured Stitch Blanket The Crochet Ocean Waves Textured Blanket is very similar to a regular crochet wave stitch. The significant difference is that in every other row, you. Read Full

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  1. Textured Wave Crochet Stitch. Skill Level Intermediate Multiple 10 + 6 Project Ideas Blanket, Bag, Pillow The textured wave crochet stitch is a great way to bring a little extra texture to your projects.
  2. The Bloque Stitch is a nice solid textured stitch. Using only chains, double crochet stitches, and the occasional half-double crochet, this stitch forms into a strong interlocking pattern. An easy stitch, it would work well for bags or cushion covers
  3. Crochet Textured Shell Stitch Free Pattern. This sea of shells is almost too beautiful to be true! Working on this textured shell stitch requires experience and time, but it is so worth the effort. The stitch creates quite a dense fabric with a fabulous feel to it! What colors will you choose this time
  4. Treble / Double crochet - tr / dc. Back Post tr /dc - BPtr/dc: work like normal tr/dc but insert your hook from back to front between the the first and second stitches in the row below, and then from front to back again between the second and third stitches. Picot of 3ch - picot: insert hook through two loops of tr/dc and make sl.st
  5. This stitch is also sometimes known as Raised Ripple Stitch, Textured Ripple Stitch. Note: There are many (slight) variations to this stitch. I have shown the FPtr (Front Post Treble) in the diagram. However most common variation is using FPdc (Front Post Double Crochet) rather than FPtr (Front Post Treble)
  6. - Stitch Library - Please note I use US terms throughout my site and in my patterns. If you are used to UK terms, you can click below button to find the US equivalent
  7. Crochet Stitches Updated on May 28, 2021. The double crochet mesh stitch is an each crochet stitch pattern. It features a lacy grid like Continue Reading

It's crazy how popular crochet has become in such a short time, and I think a huge part of that is because people are learnin Textured crochet stitches. There are set of advanced crochet stitches that add a lot of texture to a piece. They may be created individually as a design detail or they may be worked in rows or rounds for a very dense textured fabric. The most common textured crochet stitches are crochet bobbles, puff stitches and popcorn stitches Basic stitches, such as chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet and double crochet focus on forming an individual stitch. Stitch combinations use those familiar crochet stitches in different ways. There are endless ways to combine and work crochet stitches for different stitch patterns. For instance, you can work in a stitch, around a stitch. Pretty Crochet Stitches for Blankets. If you have read my five basic crochet stitches for beginners' posts and are ready to try something a little more complicated, then this list of pretty and interesting crochet stitches for blankets is for you.. With so a good deal of beautiful crochet stitch patterns to pick from this ultimate list of 33 stitches to try will be your last stop before. Taalulla / Getty Images Aran crochet-- All crochet is textured, but aran crochet is really textured.If you'd like to add cables, bobbles, and texture stitches to your crochet work, aran crochet is a fantastic advanced technique to try.; Bead crochet-- Advanced crocheters can achieve some fabulous effects with bead crochet.; Filet crochet -- Filet crochet patterns are available in a wide range.

Crochet Cable Coffee Cozy by TTB Patterns Texture #3: The bobble and puff stitch. The bobble stitch is made with a double crochet stitch (or taller stitch) by working several incomplete double crochet stitches into one stitch and then joining them at the top. Example Bobble: Work 5dc's into one st, leaving the last step of each dc undone Stitch of the week 21: Double V stitch. This week stitch is the double V stitch. I personally found it similar with the V stitch. Looks very nice and is perfect for this season projects. So. Older Posts. Categories. Categories Select Category Crochet Crochet & Knit for Beginners Crochet library Crochet patterns Crochet tips and tricks. This crochet stitch guide starts off with the basic stitches and, as you explore down the page, you will find classic, unique, or complex stitches to try. If there is a video or a written tutorial, it is mentioned and linked in the description. Start with those and then click on the gray button to explore patterns

The popcorn stitch is a textured crochet stitch, and quite an easy and effective. Via Emma Wilkinson Designs. The Triple Crochet Loop Stitch. The triple crochet loop stitch is perfect for winter clothes as it mixes eyelet and relief. It looks really nice horizontally and vertically so you can use it in a lot of different ways The Gwenyth's Cable Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #178. This crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the Gwenyth's cable stitch. This stitch creates a fun cable textured pattern. The Gwenyth's cable stitch would be great for cowls, baby sweaters, and baby blankets! Read More This is an easy stitch requiring knowledge of only two basic crochet stitches: the single crochet and the chain stitch. How to Crochet the Moss Stitch . Crochet a foundation chain with an odd number of chains. Row 1: Place a marker in the first ch from your hook. sc in 3rd ch from hook. [ch 1, skip next ch, sc in next ch.] Rep across entire row. Aug 21, 2020 - Explore Just Be Crafty | Free Crochet 's board Crochet Stitch Library, followed by 39298 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about crochet, crochet tutorial, crochet patterns

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The stitch pattern was found on MyPicot - Crochet Textured Wave Stitch. I put together the numbers, wrote the instructions for making the blanket and put a step by step photo tutorial at the end of the pattern to get you through the first three rows. This blanket was very easy and interesting to make My Stitch Library - Textured crochet edition D.I.Y. Projects 06/04/2017 14/01/2020 I've been thinking about making a big and warm triangle scarf for a while now, I just haven't been able to decide how to make it Crochet Puff, Bobble, Popcorn, and Horizontal Puff Stitches. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer Primrose Crochet Stitch. This stitch is perfect for crochet baby blankets, scarves, and bags. It's a very pretty crochet stitch with a lovely texture. It's a 2-row repeat stitch pattern, that you'll be able to get the hang of very quickly. The first row creates the bottom part of the shell and the second row creates the fan part of the shell Besides crochet blankets this collections of crochet stitches would be perfect for a scarf, hat, sweater, bag, toss pillow or pretty much anything. It might even be fun to make a square or two of each stitch and join them together in a sampler afghan

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Textured crochet floral motifs make up this intermediate-level pattern. Red Heart Super Saver Ombre. This is the Ombre Floral Beauty Throw. Originally updated with a new colourline as the Red . Read Ful Step 9. Crochet 5 dc post stitches around the next dc post in your row working from bottom to top. You will insert your hook from the left side to the right (if you are right-handed) and dc around the post. This creates the second half of the first crocodile scale. Step 8 should be a mirror image of Step 7

Find Your Next Project! crochet • tunisian • knit Browse Free Crochet Patterns Learn Tunisian Crochet Tunisian Crochet Stitch Library Lace Crochet Stitch Library Popular patterns Pattern Type Crochet Scarf Patterns Crochet Blanket Patterns Crochet Crochet Patterns. What better way to find ideas for your next crochet project than exploring thousands of patterns! Our huge range of crochet patterns includes thousands of different designs for textured crochet sweaters and cardigan patterns, home textiles, baby clothes and a whole lot more. From a simple granny square and beginner crochet projects to intricate crochet amigurumi and intarsia Stitch Patterns. Various knitting stitch patterns supported by detailed instructions and charts . Knit & Purl. Lace. Cables. Slip-Stitch. Colourwork. Knitspiration News Sign up to get fun projects, knitting and crochet ideas, product updates and special deals delivered to your inbox every other week Canadian online yarn store with a selection.

Turn your work. Chain 2 and single crochet in to the first chain 1 space skipping the single crochet stitch. Then, chain one, skip the next single crochet stitch, and work a single crochet into the next chain one space. Repeat this pattern (chain 1, skip 1 stitch, single crochet in the next chain 1 space) until you reach the end of the row 20. Red Heart Crochet Shell Stitch Top. Bring the summer personality of you into prominence by crocheting this shell stitch top appearing in the cherry red color. You have to work in the shell stitch to hook it up, and it will be the best crochet accessory for both warm and colder kinds of weather

Crochet patterns from Annie's come in helpful books and easy downloads, featuring a range of seasonal and apparel projects. Buy crochet supplies from Annie's, too Categorized Directory of Free, Online Crochet Patterns. Note: Patterns links are added twice a week. Crochet Pattern Central only features patterns with pictures. If you have a free pattern on your site or somebody else's site to suggest, drop me a note through the Contact Me page Box Stitch Free Crochet Pattern. The Box Stitch is very original and so beautiful! It certainly deserves to be even more popular among crocheters than it is right now. Therefore, we have decided to share these precious instructions with you. They will let you learn a whole new technique you will use for so many future projects

Just like the Marshmallow Crochet Blanket we will be using the Textured Stitch pattern. (see video below) Textured Stitch: sc, 2dc in the same space, ch1. Begin at a corner without a yarn tail. Start with a slip knot on your hook and work a Textured Stitch in the space along the top edge just before the corner Use these free crochet stitch patterns to get you started. If a crochet stitch pattern uses a multiple of 4 + 1. First you need to chain a multiple of 4 stitches. Example: 4 (8, 12, 16). Then add just one stitch for a total of 5, (9, 13, 17). Other times you might see a stitch pattern that says. (Multiple of 4 sts +1 st) + 1 love. life. yarn. - Modern Knit & Crochet for the Whole Family. I bet you remember some of the stuffed animals and dolls you played with as a child. The bond between a child and their toy is just so special! Of course, every child's favorite toy is different depending on their personalities

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Each panel is worked over half of the stitches. See schematics at the end of the pattern for help with visualizing how it will look. Rows 1 - 14 (16, 18, 20) Repeat rows 5 - 6 working across 38 (42, 46, 50) stitches only (place stitch marker if necessary) Next, repeat row 2 until front panel is as long as back panel. Tie off and weave in ends Crochet Box Stitch is the stitch of the week. This stitch is pretty in a single color yarn. It really comes into its own when worked in rows of graduating colors, or in alternating colors. This Crochet Box Stitch pattern uses both US and British terms so you can't get confused, and comes with step-by-step written instructions

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  1. g Flowers Collection, I originally.
  2. The Cabled Columns dishcloth features deeply textured accent columns produced by double crochet post stitches alternating with regular double crochet stitches on right side rows, while working single crochet stitches only on wrong side rows. This repetitive two-row pattern creates a single straight cable that runs the length of the dishcloth.
  3. Stitch library. Learn new stitches every issue as you create squares for your throw and stripes for your cushions. Start from basic knitting and crochet stitches and progressing to more advanced stitches as your knowledge grows! Use this library for the projects in the magazine. Everything you need to create a beautiful textured throw plu
  4. Pocket Crochet is a crocheting app to keep track of all your crochet projects no matter where you go. You can easily add a new project to the app or explore the app by clicking on one of the preloaded free projects. It can also be set to several different languages, including German, French, English and Spanish
  5. Knitting Stitch Patterns. List of beautiful stitch patterns to use in everyday projects, including knit-purl stitches, rib, cable and twist, lace, leaves for beginners and experienced knitters. You can combine two or more different stitch patterns to produce your own designs
  6. The knitting stitch patterns appear on the left side of each page and the crochet stitch patterns are on the right side of each page. The photos of the stitch patterns are very well done, and each stitch pattern shows 2 different yarn and color examples, so you get a good idea of the possibilities for each one

Sleepy Hollow Sock Blocker Set Ready to Ship. Sleepy Hollow Sock Blocker Set Ready to Ship. was $34.00. Save 10%. $30.60. Sheep Mitten Blocker Set Ready to Ship. Sheep Mitten Blocker Set Ready to Ship. $34.00. Countryside Pumpkin Crochet Kit Stash-Busting Project to Crochet includes more than 40 crochet patterns you can make with small amounts of yarn. Title: Stash-Busting Projects to Crochet!Available at: Annie's Craft StoreCurrent Price: $12.99* You can help me choose the next Annie's Craft Store Book I review! Browse the available books here and leave me a comment to let m

The Seeded Rib Stitch Pattern creates thick, textured rows. This 2-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is an easy-level project created with a simple combination of knits and purls. It is stretchy but holds its shape with the seed stitches between the rows of ribbing. Also called the English Mock Rib, this is an easy-level project. Crochet! subscribers, please sign in below. CGOA active members, sign in here with your membership ID. Try one of these three options, then click Login. Line on your magazine label directly above the city name

Our Stitch Finder topics provide detailed instructions and images of popular knitting and crochet stitches. 5 Tips for Using the StichFinder: A Starter Guide Crochet Topics Crochet Block: All in a Row Crochet Block: Cat's Head Crochet Block: Check Crochet Block: Circles and Bobbles Crochet Block: Concentric Circles Cr Crochet Stitch Guide A to Z. UK vs US Crochet Conversion Chart. There is something magical when a single strand of yarn and a single hook unite to form a complete piece of fabric. Crocheters really enjoy making that magic happen, as we create everything from dolls to blankets to sweaters and more STITCH DIRECTORY. Step by step photo tutorials for all the main crochet stitches. Great when you're learning and a helpful reference point to jog the memory for beginner and the experienced crocheter alike. You can click on any of the tutorial pictures to enlarge them for a closer look. BASIC STITCHES Antique Pattern Library is a project of New Media Arts, Inc., a nonprofit corporation tax exempt under IRC (501) (c) (3). EIN 27-2500171. Your donations may be tax deductible, depending on your tax status and tax jurisdiction. Please consult a tax professional in your country. Click HERE to donate Knitting Stitch Patterns Grouped and Sorted by Number of Stitches in a Pattern Repeat. Row Stitch Count Listing. Stitch Appearance Listing. Knitting Stitch Patterns Grouped and Sorted by the Appearance of the Stitch. Stitch Gallery. Thumbnail Images of All the Stitch Patterns. The Google ads are gone

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Crochet Juniper Sweater. Learn to crochet this quick and easy crochet textured sweater. The Juniper Sweater is designed to be oversized, light and airy making it perfect for cool summer evenings or even as a throw on as Fall starts to creep in later in the year. This free crochet sweater pattern is accompanied with a step by Stitch Fiddle is an online crochet, knitting and cross stitch pattern maker

Free Knitting Stitch for textured Crossed Cables. Abbreviations: C4F: Slip 2 stitches to CN in front of work, k2 from LH needle, k2 from CN C4B: Slip 2 stitches to I am creating the ultimate knitting stitch library. We collate as many free stitches as we can find, as a result some can be in written format while others are charts. This site. Jonna. Post published: April 9, 2021. Post category: All Crochet. This amazing blanket is a favorite of mine to cosy up with. You can use ANY hook, ANY yarn and make your blanket ANY size using this pattern! To print. Continue Reading Namaste friends . Calendar pages are turning but not much is being achieved. We are already in the second half of 2021! When the lockdown was announced I thought with so much time on hand and nowhere to go, I will crochet heaps of items and write a ton of patterns Crunchy Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern. This crunchy stitch dishcloth pattern features a fun and easy crochet stitch that gives a great textured design. The crochet pattern uses only two basics stitches, slip stitches and half double crochets, but when used in an alternating sequence the effect looks much more complex Crochet Paris Stitch Tutorial- Step by Step instructions. Using front and back post crochet stitches is a great way to add an elastic, stretchy ribbed edging to your crochet project. This post looks at all the different ways you can use single crochet, half double and double crochet stitches worked round the posts to create a ribbed stitch

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  1. Crochet Patterns. See our collection of crochet patterns and get inspired for your next project! Each pattern is available as a free digital download and all the necessary components are available for purchase at the click of a button! Date: New to Old. Close
  2. The Alpine Stitch adds such texture and visual appeal in crochet. Use this beautiful crochet stitch for your next blanket, cowl, wrap, or anything else your heart desires! Alpine Crochet Stitch Tutorial. The Alpine Stitch is a great textured crochet stitch. This stitch is great for blankets, or washcloths, or cowls, leg warmers, and more
  3. Blanket Stitch Crochet. This stitch, worked from left to right, is great for edging a knitted garment or blanket. Bring threaded needle out from back to front at the center of a knitted stitch. *Insert needle at center of next stitch to the right and two rows up, and out at the center of the stitch two rows below. Repeat from *

So, number three is the textured Crochet Stitches. So, let me show you a few of em. Okay, we have the waffle stitch right here. lo. Most people know the waffle stitch. It's a very very uh commonly known Stitches and it's extremely textured. It does look like a waffle in my opinion. It's a really pretty Stitches HookinCrochet Crochet Symbols Font Software Crochet Symbols Font Software for creating your own crochet symbol charts and diagrams. The HookinCrochet ® Crochet Symbol Font Software is designed, so that as much as possible, the crochet symbols can be typed line by line and are all inline and in proportion with each other, making creating crochet symbols charts and diagrams an easy task Amigurumi Treasures 2 includes 15 Adorable Amigurumi Patterns for huggable crochet animals. Title: Amigurumi Treasures 2Available from AmazonDesigned by: Erinna LeePublisher: Meteoor BooksISBN: 978-949164-337-8Current List Price: $18.95* PDF Edition Amigurumi Treasures 2 includes 15 huggable crochet projects to cherish. 15 Adorable Amigurumi Patterns Amigurumi Treasures 2 includes some very. Here you'll find all of the free Sweet Everly B modern crochet patterns. I know you love printing patterns so you can take them anywhere. Car crocheting anyone? :) Under each pattern, you can find the exact supplies I used and yarn substitutes

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  1. g headband pattern that features a trendy twist at the front. The headband itself is very quick to make as it's made up of basic crochet stitches and just worked back-and-forth in rows. The magic of this pattern is in how the ends are seamed together.. Read more
  2. Work a nine-stitch shell cluster over the next nine stitches, following the same procedure used to make the nine-stitch shell clusters in your second row. Chain four. Work one half double crochet into the next stitch. At the very end of the row, chain one and turn the work over
  3. Crochet Blanket Patterns, Free Crochet Patterns · Jul 22. How to Make a Granny Stripe Crochet Pattern. This Granny Stripe Crochet Blanket is one of the first patterns that was every posted to the Daisy Cottage Designs blog. If you look at my newest patterns (like this Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket or this Textured Throw Blanket), you'll
  4. Use free crochet afghan patterns to help you create handmade heirlooms that will keep you warm this winter. Our patterns range from beginner to advanced levels
  5. Let's start! Today I decided that I want to share a tutorial to help you to learn how to crochet the Elizabeth stitch. I found a step-by-step tutorial along with a free video! Step by Step I will go through the process together! Basically everything you need to get the best of this tutorial as you could've possibly found
  6. Over 75 Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns. All the free patterns in Tunisian crochet from CrochetKim.com. This includes Tunisian worked flat, Tunisian worked in the round and Tunisian worked with a double-ended hook. I have written over a dozen books on Tunisian crochet and have had more Tunisian crochet projects published than anyone

The Garter Stitch Check Pattern is an easy knit-purl stitch with a lot of texture.The stitch is timeless and often used to knit baby blankets.But that is not all it can be used for.Whatever you use the pattern for, enjoy knitting it!garter stitch check PATTERNMORE ABOUT garter check STITCH. Crochet Baby Photo Angel Wings. via Viktoria Gogolak. Get Angel Wings Free Pattern Here; Crochet Baby Turban. via This Mama Makes Stuff. This very popular pattern is made by 'Mama Makes Stuff' - Whilst we have included a link to the site however notice that the page with the actual pattern is not showing content Seed stitch is typically the first textured stitch that knitters will learn. It can add some lovely visual appeal to simple knits as well, which makes it great for things like scarves and hats. Pattern: CO an even number of sts Row 1 (RS): K1, p1 Row 2 (WS): P1, k Multiply gauge by inches waist. CO that many stitches, join. K for 1.5 in, do a p row, k for 1.5 in again. Seal the elastic waistband inside (in circle, sewed to an inch under waist size). Pattern is a 6CF, with a st or two st in between. In the picture it's something like 16 6CF 1 st or 2 st repeats

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Crochet this little 3-stitch baby hat in a flash! Single crochet, a textured cross stitch, and a tiny little rib stitch combine for a sweet topper for your little one THANK YOU FOR VISITING STUDIO KNIT. I hope you are inspired to give these knit and purl stitch patterns a try in your next knitting project. Check out my entire library of free stitch patterns!All of the above patterns are now available to purchase in my new ad-free Knit Stitch: 50 Knit + Purl Patterns Book to create your favorite basic knit stitch patterns with free shipping worldwide Spring Crochet (8) Apply Spring Crochet filter ; Classic 4ply Moments (6) This pretty cardigan is knitted in stocking stitch with a textured edging and finished with an I-cord. Language. £ 1.50. Add to cart. Intermediate. Knitting. Baby Jacket Blossoms and Lace Filet Afghan Crochet Pattern. June 21, 2021 by Shellie Wilson Leave a Comment. The filet crochet mesh creates a lovely backdrop for the petite dimensional flowers scattered over its lacy surface. The delicate flower fringe is the perfect finishing touch. Made using Sport-weight yarn and an H/8/5mm crochet hook

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  1. Pink Crochet Petal Stitch Blanket. 25 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns by Daisy Farm Crafts. Crochet Beginner Popsicle Stripes Blanket. Crochet Modern Granny Blanket in Peach and Grey. Crochet Herringbone Chevron Arrows Blanket. Crochet Modern Stripe Beginner Throw. Summertime Stripes Crochet Blanket
  2. Newest Free Crochet Patterns + Tutorials. Crochet / Holiday Projects / Crochet Garments / Cardigans. The Mezzo Cardigan - Part 4 June 9, 2021. Crochet / Fall / Holiday Projects / Spring / Summer / Crochet Garments / Cardigans. The Mezzo Cardigan - Part 3 June 2, 2021
  3. From easy crochet afghan patterns to complex Tunisian crochet patterns, we find and deliver the best free crochet patterns from all over the web. Plus, we feature free product reviews and giveaways of all the latest and greatest products including yarn, crochet books, totes, and more. Subscribe to the Stitch and Unwind Newsletter
  4. This is an easy and fun pattern that makes great use of the traditional V-stitch. It's great for busting through leftover yarn in your stash. Beginner friendly! A free crochet pattern using worsted-weight yarn. Pattern attributes and techniques include: Mesh, Scrap yarn, Seamless, Top-Down, Worked as One Piece

Learn to crochet with beginner friendly step by step tutorials. Bella Coco Crochet brings you modern crochet designs and free patterns This beautiful, flower-inspired circle blanket makes a gorgeous gift to crochet for a baby or toddler. The pattern instructions are also include directions to crochet a larger round throw as well. Find the free crochet pattern instructions below, or purchase a print-optimized, ad-free PDF by clicking here. Click here to add this to your Ravelry. 11. Basket Weave Stitch. This stitch pattern can be worked on an even number of stitches, working in multiples of 6, then adding 1 edge st at each end. For symmetry, cast multiples of 6 + 1 edge st on each side. 1st row (right side of work) and 7th rows: Knit all sts. 2nd and 8th rows: Purl all sts Crochet Patterns For Beginners Features. Ideal for the absolute crochet beginner this PDF guide shows you how exactly to get started. It has a table of those mystifying crocheting abbreviations to help you progress with your first written pattern.. We Love the 'pretzel method' for showing how to create a slip knot, and the step by step photos to show how to hold and tension your yarn Method 1of 3:Method One: Triangle Stitch. 1. Create a foundation chain. You will need to work chain stitches in multiples of three, then add one to complete the chain. For instance, your foundation chain could consist of 19 (18 + 1), 22 (21 + 1), or 31 (30 + 1) chain stitches. You will need to start your work by tying a slipknot onto the hook

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The double crochet (abbreviated dc) is one of the most common crochet stitches and is about twice as tall as a single crochet. A double-crochet fabric is fairly solid but not stiff and is great for sweaters, shawls, afghans, placemats, or any number of other home decor items Explore a variety of knitting & crochet yarns at JOANN. Shop our selection of super soft yarns for any project type, including cotton yarn, chunky yarn, wool & more Virus Blanket Crochet Pattern, Original Virus Blanket PDF, Virus Afghan Pattern, Virus stitch or German shells stitch blanket. Bestseller. This item has had a high sales volume over the past 6 months. $5.00 TUTORIALS. Each of these video series take you through a pattern from soup to nuts, start to finish. The videos are available to help you with any pattern you're working on, or the patterns used in the videos are available for purchase and immediate download. All videos produced by TinyCourage.com

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Winter Opulence Crochet Granny Square Pattern (US Terms): Click here to purchase an ad-free, print-optimized PDF of this pattern on LoveCrafts. Round 1: 6 sc in magic circle, join with sl st to first sc. (6 sc) Round 2: ch 1, working in BLO, 2 sc in each st around, join with sl st to first st. (12 sc) Round 3: ch 1, *small puff st, ch 1, move. Collection of free knitting patterns and free crochet patterns online. Knitting instructions on how to knit hat, cowl, gloves and other knitting for beginners But if your pattern isn't specifying, I'll guess that it is the second skipped stitch, since the ch 3 at the beginning of the pattern may be acting as the first stitch. You can find an example of skipping stitches and working into the skipped stitch in this tutorial (see the crossed cable section): How to Crochet: Cable Stitche If you'd like to make this blanket bigger, the multiple for the starting chain is 14+2. Special Stitches: Explained in the video, too. dc2tog (double crochet two together): Yarn over, pull up a loop. Pull through the first two loops. Yarn over, insert hook into the next stitch and pull up a loop. Pull through the first two loops

MyPicot | Crochet PatternsTextured Stripes Throw | AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatternsBeeStitch3Bernat Velvet Waffle Crochet Pillow | YarnspirationsKnit and Purl Stitch Relief - Knitting Kingdom