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4 CLASSROOM PROCEDURES FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL. 1. Handling bathroom and locker requests. I think one of the most common questions, as well as possibly the most irritating is the bathroom/locker request. Inevitably, you call on a student who you think is going to answer the question or ask a content question, and they ask to go to the bathroom Back to School is the perfect time to rethink your classroom procedures, and if you're not, you should. I'm always searching for ideas to organize, streamline, and create a better learning environment. I've tried a lot of strategies, and I've ditched most of them. However, a special few have proven to be actual lifesavers in my classroom Procedures for the Classroom Middle School and High School English By Sheila Young 1. Entering the room - Enter quietly and politely; remove your hat if you're wearing one; don't interrupt other students; follow the appropriate procedures for each time of day (e.g., morning, after lunch, after a special class). 2 AHHHH! Middle school is a crazy time, right? Those fun mini-teenagers can be difficult to control sometimes, especially if they're in a classroom that does not have a clear set of routines and procedures set in place

Classroom Management Routines and Procedures For Middle and High School Classrooms September 7, 2016 September 6, 2019 / Back to School , Classroom Management and Organization For classroom management success, it is essential for teachers to establish effective classroom management routines, procedures and learning structures in their. Of course, choosing the right rules and procedures for your classroom is an individual decision. But be sure to define what you expect of students from the very beginning. Remember to take time to teach procedures during the first days and weeks of school. Here is a list of general procedures to teach If classroom management is top of mind for you as we begin another school year, you're not alone. So many educators in our WeAreTeachers community tell us they struggle with classroom management and are looking for support. These 12 classroom procedures, recommended in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook, are a great place to start

Teachers must develop classroom procedures in order to make the most of each school day. A classroom built on procedures and routines is more likely to foster positive relationships, experience daily productivity, and enjoy a relaxed environment—even in the face of challenges—than an unstructured and unpredictable classroom.. Well-defined procedures are essential A smoothly running classroom is the result of a teacher's ability to effectively teach procedures for just about everything in their classroom. From the time students enter your classroom, they must know your expectations. Classroom management strategies like procedures dictate what students are to do and how they will work Classroom Procedures and Expectations Mr. Hennessee Lexington Middle School WELCOME We're going to have a Wonderful year together. Have Positive Expectations! The Procedures we learn today will help us create a Highly Efficient and Orderly Classroom. Why Procedures? Without procedures, students do not know what is expected of them Mrs. Luttrell's Class Northwood Middle School. 6th Grade Social Studies Classroom Procedures and Norms. Classroom Procedures 1. Students will line up quietly in front of the classroom door in a single file line and wait until the teacher allows them in. 2. Upon entering the room students will pick up journals from the back shelf, be seated, and. CLASS PROCEDURES . 1. Turn in homework to the proper bin - Homework is due at the beginning of the hour when you come to class. I will not accept work completed once class begins. Turn in your homework to your hour bin. Turn absent/late work into the absent/late work bin

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Classroom Policies and Procedures Classroom Rules. Enter and exit the room in a quiet and orderly manner with the required materials. Always be attentive and ready to work. Keep the desk areas and classroom clean. Raise a hand to be recognized. Treat others in the same kind and respectful manner that we would like to be treated. Classroom. Salem Middle School 5333 Salem Road Lithonia, Georgia 30038 Phone 678.676.9402 HOME district home parent portal school nutrition bus routes. Salem Middle School The expectations, rules, procedures and consequences of my classroom are intended to keep the classroom environment safe, orderly, and productive. Please respect the rules so that.

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  2. Management & Procedures - Quick Tips & Tricks for your Math Classroom Managing a classroom for middle & high school students can be a little challenging. You only have so much time to get their heads out of the halls and into the classroom for the lesson you have planned
  3. End of Class. The teacher will signal the end of class each day and give students permission to re-enter the locker room for changing clothes. Once the students have changed into their school clothes, they may wait quietly inside the locker room in front of the lockers until the dismissal bell has rung. Questions

Teach 4 the Heart. #12 (Classroom Management): 10 Classroom Procedures that Will Save Your Sanity. 30. 00:00:00. / 00:16:07. 30. Click here to find out more about the Teach 4 the Heart podcast. The difference between a good procedure and a bad procedure is the difference between everything is running fairly smoothly and this is driving. The bottom line is: Plan on spending a lot of time teaching your classroom procedures, practicing them with your students, and reinforcing them during the first few weeks of school. And if you teach middle school students, remember that your students have several other teachers whose procedures may be different from yours. You may want to get. Classroom Rules and Procedures. Classroom Rules: Be on time to class! I will take attendance at the start of every class. Being late to my class should not be an option and you will be marked absent/tardy. Which may cause your grade to suffer. It will then be returned to the student per school policy. Food and Drink Here are some classroom management ideas I'd give to any educator looking to take control of the middle school classroom: Classroom Greetings. To combat the chaos that can ensue from student transitions into the classroom from busy hallways and playgrounds, I began greeting each student at the door with a handshake

Sequim Middle School » Our School » Our Staff » Teacher Pages » Capps, Joshua » Classroom Procedures. Students taking art classes review the following set of classroom procedures durring the first week of school. In addition they are given a condensed version to take home to share with their parents 2. $3.00. PPTX. A comprehensive checklist of Classroom Rules and Procedures in an editable PowerPoint to show your students on Day One! This is very helpful for new teachers to help introduce students to the Rules and Procedures of your classroom! This is more geared towards Middle School classroom but since it is Classroom Procedures | Middle School | Editable Start the beginning of the school year strong with these editable classroom procedures for middle school.This product is designed to introduce your classroom procedures, in an engaging way! Beginning the school year can be hard for students, so this product also includes brain breaks to help your students stay focused while they are learning the.

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One fun way to begin teaching procedures while also reviewing learning standards is with pretend letters and notes through task cards. Click image for these fun Classroom Procedures Task Cards. Students get letters and notes about back to school procedures written with tons of grammatical errors Check your school's policies on students leaving the classroom unattended to use the restroom. In general, students should refrain from exiting in the middle of a lesson and need to make sure that a teacher or teaching aid knows where they are going. Many teachers do not allow more than one student at a time to leave the class to use the restroom Jun 5, 2016 - 4 Classroom Procedures for Middle School - Easy tips and tricks you can begin implementing tomorrow, including a free printable

classroom procedures for middle school day one wants to use the technology gets distributed and put it. Serve as a few examples of classroom procedures for school, they must have bathroom. Must be a few examples classroom procedures for middle school day in the school, but one routine has to instruction. Folders to the importance o Create a routine for other classroom procedures including disaster drills, using equipment (i.e., lab materials), and walking to school assemblies. q 5. Keep routines consistent and predictable so students know what is expected of them at all times. Discuss procedures with the class and create a list of routine expectations. Post this list. Mrs. Mill's and Mr. Totman's Classroom Management Plan. 7 th grade Science. 2017-2018 Classroom Behavior Policies: At the beginning of the year, each class period will create a classroom social contract regarding conduct, work ethic, etc. Students are expected to follow and adhere to this contract daily, for the duration of the school year. The less unnecessary distractions we have in the. students in an area outside your classroom. This is ideal for teaching students a how-to-enter-the-classroom procedure while welcoming them to class. You can begin teaching procedures and routines the moment you meet students at the door on the first day of school. Begin by telling them how happy you are to have them as your students this year The beginning of class procedures is SO important to setting up a productive day in the classroom.So I created a procedures checklist that stays on students' desk Brand new students who are added in the middle of the year quickly catch on to our class routines. Model and practice transition procedures during the first weeks of school

students' entering and leaving the classroom, starting class, and getting student attention are the primary procedures to start with. We can add the others systematically in the first few weeks. Check Chapter 10, Getting Ready, for a Before-School-Checklist thatcan help with organi-zation before school starts Classroom management typically falls at or between the two extremes of high teacher control and low teacher control. The high-control methodology carries with it the belief that students' growth and development are the result of external conditions. This methodology aligns with rigid procedures that are typically school-wide policies Classroom Procedures. Tardy Policy. You are considered tardy if you are not in the classroom at posted class times (the door will be closed). Consequences. You will loose your break( PM class) or spend 4 minutes of your lunch time in the classroom(AM class). Detention after school for every 3 tardies. Parent contact will be made for 6 tardies.

The bottom line is: Plan on spending a lot of time teaching your classroom procedures, practicing them with your students, and reinforcing them during the first few weeks of school. And if you teach middle school students, remember that your students have several other teachers whose procedures may be different from yours. You may want to get. Step 4: Create procedures that reflect your own policies and vision for the classroom. Creative and successful ideas for how tasks can be accomplished in the classroom are everywhere. Keep in mind, though, that you must decide what will work best for you. I have implemented ideas I've seen elsewhere before that I thought were really great 6 classroom management strategies for middle school Melissa Williams April 2, 2019 When training as a teacher, and then starting out in my career, I was often asked what grade level I wanted to teach Common procedures that teachers need to plan and teach to students include one for entering the classroom, leaving the classroom, working independently, working in groups, going to the restroom, and sharpening pencils. Procedures need to be taught at the beginning of the year, but students will need reminders throughout the year Midlothian Middle School Teaching Classroom Procedures Most behavior problems in the classroom are caused by the teacher's failure to teach students how to follow procedures. Teachers must learn how to effectively convey the procedures just as students must learn how to follow the procedures

Middle School: This graphic is an example of Middle School procedures for when a student is late. The procedures are bulleted over a picture of a clock. The procedures are bulleted under the title, Late? as follows: go to the office and get a tardy slip, get any needed materials from your locker quickly and quietly, enter the classroom. USING SOUND TO CALL STUDENTS' ATTENTION STUDENT INVOLVEMENT Students can choose the sound they hear. Students can choose their call and reponse. Teachers can use a bell, a whistle, a ring tone, or just verbal or clapping call and response for students to bring their attentio Students will expect a warning, a second warning, and then a consequence. A rule cannot be treated like a routine ever. If being on time is a classroom rule, for example, when a student walks in 22 seconds late, we can't say, I reminded you yesterday about being tardy—we have to say, This is a warning and a consequence will follow. 11 Classroom Management Strategies for Middle School. For middle school students, it's all about building skills that they can use in high school (and life). These strategies and procedures help maintain a learning atmosphere in the classroom. They also foster positive relationships between teachers and students. 1. Set clear rule Hokes Bluff Middle School » Faculty & Staff Directory » 6th Grade Teachers » STANLEY, PAM - English 6th » Classroom Rules and Procedures Classroom Rules and Procedures 1

You didn't say whether you were teaching in an elementary of middle school setting. I teach 6th grade in a Middle School, and our administration stresses procedures from the very beginning of school (in fact, I've been told that if I do nothing. I truly had my students practice going to the locker and the bathroom in less than 4 minutes. 2 The Ultimate Writing Workshop Routines Guide. Every teacher on the planet knows that the first weeks of school are all about routines, routines, routines and more routines. There are the super obvious routines to discuss like what to do when you have to go to the bathroom or get water, what to do when you want to speak, how to turn work in and.

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Middle School Grading Procedures 2018-2019 . 2 updated 8/14/2018 Nacogdoches ISD classroom instruction. NISD Curriculum Guides have been developed using TEKS Resource by professional All middle school students will receive a progress report at the end of the third week of a six-week grading period. 2. It is the student's responsibility. Lab Safety Rules and Procedures: Shivela Middle School Science Department Students read, print out, sign, and attach into their science notebook. 1. Absolutely no horseplay in the room: pushing, pulling, shoving, running. tripping, chasing, etc. 2a. No open food or drinks are allowed in the classroom and Science Building (Food an Sign in - Google Accounts - Google Classroom The New Norm: Setting Expectations and Procedures in a Virtual Classroom. By. Team TpT. If you're a teacher who's supporting remote instruction, you've likely needed a whole new set of procedures and expectations for a virtual learning environment. Standard classroom management procedures — from how students submit homework to how they.

Smith knows that classroom rules and procedures for middle school students need to strike a balance between closely guiding student behavior and fostering student independence. With strategies and. Picture book library:WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL! HERE ARE SOME OTHER WAYS WE CAN CONNECT!*TPT STORE http://bit.ly/toocoolstore*BLOG www.toocoolformiddleschool.com.. a collection of classroom management research, conversations, and advice by elementary, middle, and high school art teachers. This website is a not for profit educational blog, designed to serve art teachers by providing relevant information about classroom management, art advocacy, and teaching art in Alabama Choir Class Procedures. Philosophy The primary purpose of the choral program at Ripon Middle School is to provide students with an educational experience in music. The program emphasizes those skills and concepts that will provide a foundation for life long learning and a unique way of knowing and understanding the world

Classroom Rules and Procedures. This powerpoint has the rules and procedures for Samurai Science. Comments (-1) Samurai t-shirt order form. Comments (-1) Scientific Method Powerpoint. This includes the information we discussed concerning the steps of the Scientific Method and parts of an experiment. Thomas Jefferson Middle School. 3500. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email

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Lunchtime used to be chaotic at Garfield Elementary, where students eat in shifts, with up to 180 students in the cafeteria at any given time. Disrespectful behavior was common, and a steady stream of discipline referrals flowed from the cafeteria to the office.That changed after school leaders prioritized improving lunchtime behavior during the 2006/2007 school year. Their approach: involving. 5. Try collaborative team classroom jobs. The learning benefits of classroom jobs make them a key part of fifth grade classroom management. Kids gain so much from having assigned duties and being able to meet (or exceed) expectations. For fifth graders, move away from detailed jobs like Line Leader or Pencil Sharpener

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Choir Policies & Procedures 1. Choral Attire Pants-kacki pants, black socks & black shoes. (Pants are available at Target, Meijer & Walmart) Choir T-shirt - we will be ordering a choir t-shirt to wear with the Khaki pants for all performances. Details to come soon! 2. Teacher Availability: I teach at Middle School North and Middle School South Goughenour, C. Classroom Procedures. Welcome to 7th-8th grade Autistic Support. In our class, we working on increasing both receptive and expressive language skills, literacy skills, mathematics skills, social skills, and daily living skills 10 Procedures You Need to Establish the First Day of School. Whether it's your first day or first month, teaching new students the procedures of your classroom will ensure a smooth start to the school year. Here are ten procedures that teacher, Tara Dusko, teaches to her class on day one. Is mindful just one of those buzzwords that we are.

Classroom Processes, Sex of Students, and Confidence in Learning Mathematics. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 20:242-260. HUANG, SHWU-YONG L., and WAXMAN, HERSH C. 1996. Classroom Observations of Middle School Students' Technology Use in Mathematics. School Science and Mathematics 96 (1):28-34 Rules & Procedures: * Hang your backpack on the hooks outside the classroom. *Bring your planner with you every day. * Bring your chromebook with you everyday unless it is posted to keep it in your backpack for that day. *Have all assignments ready, pencils sharpened, materials on your desk and you in your seat within the first 2 minutes of class Setting up Elementary Classroom Dismissal Procedures. By starting strict and practicing regularly, your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will learn that you take the procedures seriously. The first day of school, I would have my students practice our dismissal procedures right after lunch. I would try to allot at least 30 minutes to practice Participation points based on: class participation. respect for others and equipment. proper and appropriate behavior and attitude. willingness to give and receive help. following classroom & school rules and procedures A Foolproof PBS and Classroom Management Plan for Middle School. Like many teachers, I tried many classroom management plans that incorporated Positive Behavior Support (PBS), sometimes also called Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS). My school is big on creating and keeping PBS plans throughout the year, so I tried a few different.

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  1. Giving classroom jobs to middle school and high school students allows them to feel useful and creates a sense of belonging in the classroom. In applying for and carrying out classroom jobs, students will practice real world skills plus it takes a few tasks off your plate, allowing you to focus more on instruction. Read on for how to get started and ideas for jobs
  2. Creating rules and procedures is easy—getting students to follow them is an-other matter. Remembering 3 = 33 will help the process flow smoothly and create a more orderly classroom both at the beginning and at the end of the school year! By Madeline Kovarik 10 • KDP New Teacher Advocate • Fall 2016 ManageMent Mento
  3. Classroom Management is the actions and strategies teachers use to solve the problem of order in classrooms (Doyle, 1986, p. 397). Effective teachers also use rules, procedures, and routines to ensure that students are actively involved in learning (Marzano, Marzano, & Pickering, 2003)
  4. Fire Drill Evacuation Instructions. In the event of a Fire or Fire Drill do the following: The school signal to EVACUATE shall be a series of bells, (3) three short rings, followed by a (2) two-second pause (repeated several times). At this signal, teachers direct students in an orderly departure from the room to the field ASSEMBLY AREA (PE.
  5. Once you and your class are in place on the field Take attendance; use the class list for that period from the packet, if available. A runner will collect this attendance sheet. Check off all students present—next to the ( ) student's name. Cross out the names of students who were known to be absent from class at the time of the drill or.
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  7. Sample procedures for going to the restroom (Middle school) Use the restroom during class changes. In case of an emergency: Your planner is your pass to the restroom. Hold up your planner to signal a restroom request. If permission is given, take your planner and proceed directly to the restroom. Use the restroom number indicated on your pass
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  1. Ten Activities for Establishing Classroom Rules | Lesson Plan When it comes to setting rules in the classroom, in some ways the old adage hope for the best, but prepare for the worst rings true.. Starting the school year on the right foot includes establishing classroom rules that will last the whole year through
  2. Classroom Rules & Procedures - Mrs. Roberson's 9th Grade English. Mrs. Roberson's 9th Grade English. ENGLISH 9 COURSE DESCRIPTION SCHOOL YEAR: 2013-2014. Mrs. Crystal Roberson. E-mail : croberson@evvmaterdei.org School Phone: 426-2258 Room: 205. English 9 is a two-semester course designed in compliance with Indiana standards to: 1
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  4. Procedures for Classroom Talk. The best way to get a good idea is to get lots of ideas. For example, Zwiers's (2007) study of the practices of middle school teachers found that in too many cases the questions they posed to English language learners differed in complexity (concrete versus abstract) and the teachers accepted more superficial.
  5. A well-crafted morning message draws children into the classroom and welcomes them as learners. Don't use the morning message as a to-do list! Use signals and language to create space and time to pause and reflect. When it's time for Morning Meeting to begin, use a signal such as a soft ring of the chime. Teach children to respond by.
  6. your success as a classroom teacher will depend on your adequacy in making sound deci - sions in both of these areas. Effective elementary and middle school teachers create optimal learning environments by establishing and enforcing rules, creating caring teacher-student relationships, address-ing problem behaviors, and using quality.
  7. Dealing with homework can be the source of great stress for teachers; it's a rare week that I don't receive at least one email asking for advice. So for the next two weeks I'm going to outline a homework plan--four strategies this week, four the next--aimed at making homework a simple yet effective process. Let'
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for Kentucky Middle School ensures and establishes a process for curriculum development, implementation, evaluation and communication of the school's curriculum while involving all stakeholder groups. Procedures: Kentucky Middle School defines curriculum as what students are taught and the connections they make to the . real world School lockdown procedures require the cooperation of the faculty, staff and students. While every school will have their own unique set of rules in their lockdown procedure, the following are general guidelines and best practices for having an effective lockdown. Faculty & staff should do the following if a lockdown is ordered 2. Organization. Covid-19 policies and procedures are only going to increase distractions for students, further threatening to undermine one of the biggest keys to effective teaching. The happiest, most successful teachers are obsessed with organization and maintaining a pin-neat classroom. The reason, backed by science, is because fewer. Start with the policies and procedures of the school. The school usually has these in place, even the consequences and rewards. Use the school system as a basis of your own, infusing your own policies, procedures, and rules to be able to create a positive classroom environment for your students. Try to use positive reinforcement Procedures Part 1: Prior to the students starting the activity on their own, I read the scenarios out loud for the class. As I read the text, students independently made a light pencil mark in each paragraph to indicate broken safety rules - anything that they thought might be an infraction

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  1. Classroom Procedures and Expectations. Be on time. Enter the Classroom, Get your folder, and begin your work. Do not go into the kitchen area of the classroom unless the teacher gives you permission. Raise your hand. Do not blurt out. Keep your hands, feet, objects and mean spirited comments to yourself. Do not eat, drink, chew gum , eat candy.
  2. The class earns points to trigger drawings at the end of each class period. The drawing prizes go to individual students who earned a ticket from getting 80% or above on an assessment. The second part of the reward system also involves getting class points, but the whole group works together to earn 150 points and trigger a whole class reward
  3. An inside look at COVID-19 procedures in an Upstate Middle School. Glenview Middle School Principal Leonard Galloway shows the extra steps the school is taking to protect students from COVID-1
  4. In the lesson, Classroom Rules and Procedures for Middle School, you will understand the following objectives: Explaining classroom management plans Understand the importance of fostering independenc
  5. Classroom Rules and Consequences . Classroom Rules . Listen when your teacher is talking. Follow directions quickly. Respect others. Respect yourself. Respect your school. Raise your hand to speak to the class. Be safe. Be kind. Be honest. Consequences. After a verbal warning, A student can move to yellow on the behavior chart

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II. Procedures Procedures give an understanding to the student of how they are expected to go through the routines of a day. They allow for order in the classroom, and ensure that everything is done in the proper manner. After teaching the students the procedures during the first few weeks of school, they become a natural routine Check out these new CME Bulldogs rapping about Ms. Daniels' classroom procedures/expectations!!! Check out these new CME Bulldogs rapping about Ms. Daniels' classroom procedures/expectations!!! Jump to. Sections of this page. Wellcome Middle School. 821 Followers · Middle School Routines—also known as classroom procedures—rid students of distractions that waste time and interfere with learning. Guesswork is minimized. Minor frustrations and inconveniences are fewer, as are opportunities for misbehavior. Sara Davis Powell, author of Introduction to Middle School POSITIVE FRAMING AND GOOD RELATIONSHIPS 9 Whether you're a technology teacher, or a classroom teacher whose class spends time in the computer lab, your strategies for computer lab management can make or break time spent teaching and learning. Managing instruction, student s, device checkouts, additional procedures, and behavior can be a lot A graphic organizer for brainstorming, for creative writing, and for grammar can help young writers. Some students sit and write a paper.. How to Build a Grammar Lesson: This post aims to help you from start to finish with planning a grammar lesson. My first book, The English Grammar Workbook, was published

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  1. Creating an Effective Physical Classroom Environment. Every teacher knows that a safe, clean, comfortable and attractive classroom can stimulate learning and help build a classroom community. But for many teachers, setting up the physical environment of their classrooms can be quite daunting, especially when faced with older buildings, crowded.
  2. NSTA Minimum Safety Practices and Regulations for Demonstrations, Experiments, and Workshops. NSTA establishes safety practices and regulations for all hands-on demonstrations, experiments, and workshops given at NSTA-sponsored events in rooms, other on-site locations, and on the floor of the NSTA exhibit hall
  3. e what procedures are needed if they are able to utilize their classroom for virtual instruction. FHSD employee, mother of one student.
  4. 33339 Downloads 49004 Views Updated: 6 months ago. This classroom management resource will help you consider the classroom rules you establish to govern student behavior and the classroom procedures students will need follow. This is an excellent resource especially for new teachers and can be adapted for any grade level

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In addition to the school-wide discipline procedures, the following 4 rules are defined for the art classroom: 1. BE RESPONSIBLE. a. Be prepared for class. b. Be to class on time and ready to learn. c. Work area and materials must be properly cleaned and put away before class is dismissed. d emotional competence in terms of school readiness and the prevention of challeng- • Activities and procedures that occur regularly • Often involve a series of responses • Children who are familiar with classroom schedules and routines are more likely to be engaged, attentive, and learn new knowledge

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Classroom Routines Must Change. Here's What Teaching Looks Like Under COVID-19. Teacher Lee Gang-in gives an online class to her high school students amid the coronavirus outbreak in Seoul. Promoting Safety in the Science Classroom. Notable science classroom accidents, such as a sudden fire that severely burned four middle school students in Maple Grove, Minnesota in 2011, are rare, but they do occur. Minor injuries are more common, but there isn't an official count of these events Class Procedures Bingo - Free Printable - Teaching Sam and Scout says: August 23, 2016 at 9:58 AM Our first day of school has abbreviated classes because there is an assembly and extended homeroom time for distributing paperwork, etc NSTA supports the decision of science teachers and their school or school district to integrate live animals and dissection in the K-12 classroom. Student interaction with organisms is one of the most effective methods of achieving many of the goals outlined in the National Science Education Standards ( NSES ) Inclement Weather Procedures. When bad weather occurs, it may be necessary for Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) to cancel, delay, or close schools early. As winter approaches, below are some key things to remember: The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority when making decisions The school's administration is responsible for creating a school and student handbook that are both pre-approved by the district before distributing to teachers and all other members of the school community. Teachers use these documents to guide the final decisions for classroom rules, procedures, consequences, and positive acknowledgments