How tight should a cam chain be

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  2. Release the screwdriver, check the tensioner rod to make sure it has come out (extended to put tension on the chain) and tighten the gasket and cap bolt to the specified torque. (7Nm or 5.1ft.lbs). Hope this gets ya goin!!
  3. AFAIK there is no real spec on the tension of the chain, at least I have never seen one. To tight would be not being able to get the gear onto the cam dowel, to loose would be having slack on the gear before the engine is run. Like I said as soon as the engine starts the chain will be a little looser
  4. This arrangement allows the Cam Chain to wear (Stretch) and still remain at the proper tension. It also allows the Cam Chain to be a bit loose for easier instillation on the Camshaft sprocket(s). This is good because even with the adjuster not installed, the fitting of the Cam Chain can be a bit tight on some engines
  5. With your index finger and thumb, give the bottom section of the chain loop a light tug. It should snap right back with ease. Do this with the middle of the chain loop, don't tug around the nose or clutch cover because the chain will be too tight around those spots. Another indicator used by people is the three quarters rule
  6. Lastly, a basic feel of the tension of the chain between the cam gears can be performed if the engine is of twin cam design. Here, with the old chain installed there is roughly 6-8mm of slack when I pull up on the chain. Pushing down I get around the same 6-8mm of slack. With the new chain installed I get around 3mm of slack when I pull up

Posts: 4,262. Well apparently you can have them too tight. I pulled the timing chain covers off again (for the second time) to check for clearance on the tensioners. The left side tensioner had over 1/8 clearance between the tensioner and idler arm and 1/4 clearance after I removed the safety cap and the right side tensioner had .10 thou. 72ragtop. Assembling my 454 short block, installed the timing chain and it just seems like it is too short. Supposed to be a high end true double roller, steel gears, torrington bearing, 9 keyway, etc. It went on, but it is super tight, no slack whatsoever between the cam and crank, to the point where if it got any tighter at all as it warmed.

Loose can be way worse the tight. A loose primary chain can cause surging, chain slap, and primary case damage due to the chain being whipped around in the primary. Also, the bearing issue is an urban legend IMO, otherwise why would HD now ship all new bikes with their auto-chain tensioner which makes the chain tighter then the service manuals. The choker should be tight enough to fit and sit at the center of your neck without falling, but not too tight to make breathing difficult or make you want to pull it off the neck. Generally, you should be able to stick one or even two fingers through the choker and still be able to breathe I've got an 06 FLHT I, with Power Commander V and hot setup kit that brings the motor up 124 twin geared cams. I checked my primary chain adjustment, and at the loosest point I only had 16 to 1/8 in slack in the chain. According to my manual, I should have 5/8 to 7/8 in slack in the tightest spot of the chain The chain can be adjusted to control the amount of water flushed in a toilet. The chain should preferably be moderately loose. However, the flapper may not come up all the way when the handle is pushed if the chain is too loose. In addition, a loose chain may not allow the flapper to rest all the way down

Correct length chain to the left - in a small-small combination. Chain to the right is still a bit too long for the RD wrap capacity, just not as extreme as in the two pictures above. RD cage is parallel to the ground, making it hard for the RD to tighten the chain strongly enough. This problem can be solved in three ways A degree wheel should always be used to check cam timing as well as chain play. Rotating the crank back and forth to see how much movement it takes before the cam starts to move will tell you how much play is in the timing chain. If it is more than 3 degrees, the chain is too loose. Ideally, it should be half that or less I know they are suppose to go on really tight tho. The slack prob. goes in over a lil 1/4 of an inch. There is actually a plate that is on the inside of the timing cover between the crank and camshaft gears and it has been slightly eaten away from slack in the timing chain

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  1. Need a cam chain adjustment? Here is a short tutorial that will help you get it done yourself. Enjoy!https://www.mikesxs.net
  2. How Tight Should the Chain Be On A New Bike? | ANSWERS. MC reader Greg Springfield takes delivery of a new FZ-09 with a tight chain from the dealer
  3. g, but .006 isn't enough to cause an issue. The 3/8 I had with my 250 is enough to possibly cause issues
  4. A derailleur is the gear changer towards the back of a cycle. Your bike chain should be tight to move its ups and downs only one inch. But, if it's looser than that measurement then you need to tighten the chain so quickly. Let's know the proper technique for tightening a bike chain
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Tighten the pivot-spring bolt, which has a precise torque setting. Tighten the locking bolt, then use the splined tool in a torque wrench to tighten the pivot-spring bolt. It has to be tightened to a precise torque setting; check the figure with a dealer or the car service manual. Refit the drive-belt cover and fan belt process of finding the correct chain link. 2. When you are done, there should be at least four chain links (and preferably 5) between the tip of the springbar and the hook on the lift bracket. If there are fewer than four, the hitch will groan and pop as you make turns - particularly tight turns such as backing into a campsite When the chain has too much slack, it cannot lift the flapper high enough to allow the full amount of water to flow down through the flush valve; it closes prematurely, thereby stopping the flush. To fix this problem, simply adjust the chain length so there is about 1/2 inch of slack. Click to see full answer

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Similarly, in your MINI, when the timing chain loosens enough or stretches enough to snap, a chain reaction of devastating events can occur, including critical engine damage that will likely result in expensive repair costs. Timing chain degeneration is normal and natural to the part—it must eventually be replaced Setting a motorcycle chain can be difficult for beginners, time-consuming for experienced riders and can make the difference in optimum power output for track riders and road racers. So how do you know when your chain is too tight? Well, there are a few tell-tale signs that your chain tension isn't set correctly, such as: A Check out http://www.bmxhub.com for all your BMX Racing Parts and Gear.This Video will show the adjusting of the chain tension on BMX Bike. The rear wheel on.. Fitting a new timing chain (cam chain) to a Yamaha TTR250. Over time the cam chain on TTR250s will wear or stretch. They are relatively cheap to buy and easy to fit. As usual when going inside the engine it is essential that you have the workshop manual to hand for full details of the procedures, torque settings, etc

timing chain problem crf 250. I was trying to finis the reassembly of my bike following a change of piston and timing chain on my 250 crf 2013. But I can not put the timing chain back on the camshaft sprocket, chain is way too tight. Or if I get there (on the sprocket), I can not push back the bearing into its housing to put the camshaft in his. Rotate the channel locks towards the back of the ATV. This will tighten the chain. Stop rotating the axle carrier when you can press down on the top center of the chain approximately 1 ½-inches. Tighten all four of the Allen bolts to lock the axle in place Grasp the lower portion of the chain at the midway point between the motor and the rear hub. Hold a ruler against the back of the chain and lift the chain until it is tight. Take note of the distance the chain has moved. Ideally, the chain should not move more than 1 1/2 inches

If the chain is too tight, the drivetrain will bind, perhaps only at one angle of the pedals (chainwheels are not usually perfectly concentric). It should be tight as it can be without binding As far as whether the chain is too tight, consider the load being applied to the cam bearings via the 16 valvesprings acting on the lifters and cam through a rocker mechanism that multiplys the springs' pressure by the rocker ratio. The chain being a bit snug isn't really adding much more IMO

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A timing chain runs inside the engine, as it needs to be lubricated by the engine oil. A timing belt typically needs to be replaced between 40,000 and 100,000 miles depending on the vehicle. It's a few hundred dollar repair. A timing chain doesn't need to be replaced unless there is a problem with it Turn the pliers counterclockwise fairly tight (I am right handed, and used my left hand and a 6 pliers). Release plunger and slightly turn clockwise to engage back the locking plunger. Tight locking nut. 7. Check chain slack as described above. Depending on the source, the slack should be about almost nothing to 3/8 cold How Tight Should a Chainsaw Chain Be. by: prohome. September 10, 2019 . Repair & Maintenance. If you're new to chainsaw maintenance (Read TOP 16 inch Chainsaw), tightening a chainsaw chain can be a daunting task. Still, chains often become loose after cutting. As such, it's important that you can achieve an ideal tension time and time again Tension bars, chain with shackles, come-along winch, wire cutters, aluminum wire ties pliers, bolt cutters, etc. The procession of tighten: The first step, pick up a thin metal tension bar is used to attach the fences to posts. Turning vertically and walking to a location 5 feet away from the fence end at it's the loosest The days of the three piece kit (cam sprocket, crank sprocket and chain) are rapidly coming to a close, he explains. Our North American OEM's are making very few cam in block engines anymore. A typical cam drive system now needs sprockets, chain guides, chain tensioners and multiple chains (cam bank one, cam bank 2, balance shafts .

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seated against the cam before torquing the bolt tight. Always use a 1 wrench on the cam hex to back up your torque wrench (never use the chain for resistance)! Torque the cam sprocket bolts to 101 to 116 ft-lb. Remove the zip ties from the chain and pull the chain block from the chain cover. Reinstall the upper chain rail. 11 765. 48. 28. 96 ci Cam chain: I checked out a cam chain thread, lots of good info for the older bikes. Has there been any reports or issues of the cam chain tentioner in a 96 ci engine going bad? The reason I'm asking, the noise seems to have gotten a bit louder. On the other hand, I've eliminated some other noises and it could be that the cam.

The total distance from the center of the chain link at the top most point, the the center of the link at the bottom most point, should be between 38mm and 48mm (40mm - 50mm on the WR250X). If it is too tight or too loose, you should adjust your chain by following the instructions below. Caution: A drive chain that is too tight will overload. 2,999 Posts. #2 · 12 mo ago. Well, if the chain is properly adjusted, when you first start it up and shut it off most especially, if you hear a rattle that sounds like rocks rolling around, that's the compensator banging (could be loose comp nut or comp assembly went bad). If the chain is too tight, you'll feel it (might feel jerky, especially. The cam chain on xr250's are adjusted automaticly by a mechanism inside the engine, so there is no way to manually tighten it. If your engine is making a rattling sound, then your cam chain may. Chain Tension Adjustment on Vintage Honda Motorcycles: The chain on my motorcycle was super loose, and should probably be replaced. I ordered a new one, but then found out that I should also replace the sprockets at the same time, so today I'm just adjusting the chain tension on my 1975 Honda CB200. I a The timing chain normally needs to be replaced between 40,000 and 100,000 miles unless there is a problem. Issues with the chain are pretty common in high mileage vehicles, so if you are driving an older vehicle, or one with a lot of miles, it is best to be on the lookout for symptoms of the timing chain going bad or failing

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If the chain brake is locked in the forward position, it is on, just like a hand brake in a car. If the chain brake is back and loose, it means it is off. Always start your chainsaw with the chain break forward (on), the chain brake should only be disengage just before starting a cut. 2. Clear the wa Once you adjust the chain, the bottom of the chain should rest 1/4 inch above the bottom of the rail at your chalk mark. 2 Open the garage door and find the trolley on the opener rail

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One amongst them is the amount of tension, the chain carries. The point here is the that a tight chain or a loose chain, both would cause serious trouble to the motorcycle. So the sole reason for this article is to elucidate about the right chain tension and the effects of a loose/tight chain Timing cards supplied with asymmetric cams should have specific instructions for setting timing, but normally valve clearance is set to zero and cam positions are recorded at specific lift heights. Based on the measured opening and closing positions, adjustments are made to the timing until the timing matches the specified values Just sorta tight is fine -- no need for gorilla torque. The locknut normally holds the setscrew about 1/4 to 1/2 turn away from the pushrod, which allows it to move enough to maintain tension on the cam chain, which is the whole point of having a spring loaded cam chain tensioner in the first place. Notice grungy oil and grotty red sealer. Bleagh From the upper chain, measure from the bottom of it while pushing up. If it moves more than 5/8, time to make the adjustment. If it is too tight, such as 1/4 free-play, you can damage your clutch; too loose, and it will make a terrible racket. Figure 5. Free-play on a cold chain should not exceed more than 5/8. Step 6 - Adjust the chain No. You should tighten the bolts or screws in a part to about half of the torque spec first. For example, if the final torque should be 100 foot-pounds, then tighten to 50 foot-pounds first, and then repeat the process until you've tightened to 100 foot-pounds. This is called torque-to-yield, where you tighten a bolt to a certain point and then.

At some point, the tight fit will require taping with a plastic hammer. Light taps alternate between the crank and cam gears and avoid hitting the chain. If the gear is too tight a fit to start, heat the gears and chain in the oven. Raising the temperature to 130 degrees will make a big difference Try to prevent the cam from banging against the bearings as you slide it in; this will keep as much cam break-in lube on the lobes as possible. Step-37: Install Cam Drive. Both crank keys and the lower sprocket should already have been installed (if not, see Chapter 5, The Machine Shop, Step 7, page 84)

Step 4:Tighten the pivot bolt in the other side of the alternator. Torque the bolt to manufacturer's specifications. Part 3 of 3: Final checks. Step 1: Check the belt tightness. With all the bolts secure, check the belt deflection at the longest point again. It should be less than ½ inch if pushed downwards Step 1 Read the owner's manual for the correct amount of drive-chain slack. Most streetbikes also have a sticker on the swingarm. Step 2 With the engine off, put the bike on its sidestand or.

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  1. g chain on my 06 town and country 3.8l 100k miles because its making a loud ticking noise so I pulled the oil pan and frim what I can feel the cgain is extremely loose. I need to know if im missing anything I should replace while doing this-ti
  2. g chain engines, the most common complaint is noise from the stretched chain or variable valve ti
  3. g chain gets loose it can slip and cause the teeth on the cam sprockets to jump. The ti
  4. On most pedals, a cam (Fig. 6) marries the beater assembly to the footboard using a linkage such as a chain or strap. The shape of the cam, along with pedal tension, has the greatest impact on a pedal's action. A perfectly round-shaped cam yields a fairly predictable response - what you give is pretty much what you get
  5. d your cam ti

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Slowly tighten the right chain adjuster while spinning the wheel until the sprocket centers in the chain (the sprocket will center in the chain when it is aligned and the chain slack will also be taken up a little more) Check chain slack; If chain is too loose, work in alternating 1/4 turn increments starting on the left side (this should keep. On a weight distribution system that has spring bars hanging from chains, once you engage the spring bars and lower the jack the chains will be tight. It does sound like some adjustments need to be made though since you should have about 5 chain links from the hanger to the spring bar. You should be able to back up without remove the bars on a. Tie down rules to consider before buying chain binders. According to the FMCSA, vehicles with wheels or tracks that weigh 10,000 Lbs. or more are required to be tied down and secured on all 4 corners (at a minimum). This weight of vehicle also requires a minimum of 4 anchor tie-downs (connections between the load and your trailer) and 4. If you want a textbook answer, and I presume that you do, a watch should be tight enough so as to not slide more than two inches down your wrist when your arm is perpendicular to the ground, but loose enough so as to not leave an imprint. Usually with steel bracelets, you can make smaller adjustments via pins in the clasp, so make sure your. Step 3. Check to see that the lift chain hasn't bent or become caught on the toilet's float arm or float ball. Also look to see that the chain is not keeping the flapper from resting on the valve seat. If the chain is too long, it might be caught under the flapper and if it's too short, it won't allow the flapper to seat

But first check the timing chain adjustment and make sure it turns freely without binding and has the typical .5 or .75 inch deflection in the tight spot via fingertip pressure. Next, watch the timing chain under real life conditions which require a bit of power such as the aforementioned 16.5 or greater average speeds on the flat, hill. Cam Chain Tensioners. Often referred to as the 'Achilles Heel' of the Twin Cam engine are the spring loaded cam chain tensioners on pre-2007 models. At one time, Harley had used gear driven cams, but to cut down on noise, reverted to a silent timing chain setup as used in many car engines Symptoms of a Bad Tensioner or Badly Adjusted Cam Chain: Cam chain slap; Noisy ticking sound; Bike stalling; Inspecting your chain tensioner should be part of routine maintenance on your Triumph bike. This is an important part, and it sees a lot of action. A worn-out cam chain can lead not only to noises, but it could end up jumping a tooth and. Product Information. APE Adjustable Cam Sprockets. APE Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Application Chart. APE Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Pro Series Application Chart. Ballistic Battery Technical Information. Brocks Front End Lowering Strap Kit Application Chart. Dynatek Direct Coil On Plug Stick Coils With a tight crank arm bolt or pedal, as pictured, always place the chain onto the big ring first to cover the teeth, which can inflict very nasty injuries if struck at full force

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Now the cam chain tensioner is almost all the way IN. And No, I did not check how does it work, because the engine is still on the bench, waiting for a proper paper work for the bike where it will go. 20 ftlbs on the header, muffler nuts tight. All from memmory so check your bibles for the actual range... Just for the record: On my bike. 3.Install the camshaft bearing caps and hand tighten the retaining bolts to 2 N.m (18 in. lbs.). NOTE: Caps are identified numerically (1 through 4), intake or exhaust (I or E) and should be installed from the front to the rear of the engine. All caps should be installed with the notch forward so that the stamped arrows (<) on the cap Feb 25, 2015. 97. 93. Nottinghamshire. #3. Creaky, Mar 8, 2015. I was always led to believe that any chain slack should be adjusted whilst the bike is on the side stand and absorbing load and any adjustment made at the tightest spot with the bike being wheeled to check adjustment at varying points along its length

Usually chain wear is not a linear function that can be measured and calculated. If one link starts to wear and stretch chain wear is accelerated throughout the chain and follows an exponential curve. Hence sprockets should also always be replaced when a new chain is installed, even if the sprocket seemingly shows no signs of wear A fresh chain provides cheap insurance; a seasoned chain has a tendency to stretch and can alter timing by as much as 2 degrees. if the budget is tight you can work the cam out of the engine. the bolt tight. Always use a 24 m.m. or 15/16 wrench on the cam hex to back up your torque wrench (never use the chain for resistance)! Torque the cam sprocket bolts to 94 to 115 ft-lb. Check that your original chain marks still align with the marks on the sprockets and the lobes still point away from the center of the engine How should boys / men wear their bracelets - tight or loose? Based on the dress type above, you can see that there is a direct correlation between how formal the dress style is and whether you wear the bracelets tight or loose. If an occasion is formal, best to wear the bracelets tight to keep the look clean

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Replaced the exhaust cam, put the chain over (marks lined up nicely), tightened the cam caps. I then installed the intake cam, and fitted the chain over. I started to tighten the caps from right to left. When I was about half tight, the intake sprocket jumped one tooth. Out came the cam again, and this time I moved it back one tooth from the mark Loose lawnmower blades are unsafe and cause damage to your mower. Mower blades must be securely fastened to the mower shaft. The best way to tighten your lawnmower blades is with a torque wrench. Torque wrenches have a gauge showing how many foot pounds of pressure you use to tighten the securing nut If any defects are found, the drive chain must be replaced. NOTE: When replacing the drive chain, replace the drive chain and sprockets as a set. CHECKING • Tense the drive chain fully by turning both chain adjuster bolts • Count out 21 pins (20 pitches) on the chain and measure the distance between the two points Tighten the straps so they are snug but not excessively tight. The boot should hinder movement but not cut off your circulation. If your boot comes with one or more air chambers, pump them up as your healthcare provider has instructed. Stand up and take a step or two to practice walking. Deflate the air chambers before you remove the boot

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1. Check by sighting up the backside of the mast to see how straight your spar is side to side. You can take a masthead halyard from side to side to ensure that the masthead is on center. Do this by placing a wrap of tape 3′ up from the upper chainplate pin hole on each upper shroud. Cleat the halyard and pull it to the tape mark on one side. screws. Note that unlike chain drive cam installa-tions, there is NO thrust washer installed behind the rear 62T camshaft drive gear. 15. When reinstalling drive gear cap screws, use Loctite retaining compound to secure the bolt threads. Bolt torque should not exceed 25 ft-lbs for 5/16 x 18 and for rear camshafts (3/8 x 24 bolt) should not. The old chain was indeed stretched. The old chain is stretched. The replacement part was soon installed and everything put back together. We repeated the cranking process until all marks lined up. This was the final result with the new timing chain: Camshaft gears TDC marks line up. As you can see in the photo, the markers lined up as they. The cam tensioner should now adjust itself and any cam chain noise die away. 3. If the cam chain remains noisy, remove the 14mm sealing bolt (on the underside of the transmission crank cases, near adjusting screw). Slowly tighten the second tension adjusting screw, which is located under this sealing bolt, until the chain is no longer noisy Install new guides and chain. It will be tight getting it on. turn the cam, and the cam stops, turn the cam the opposite direction, as a valve must be contacting a piston. You can bend a valve if you put too much force on it. Note stamping on each cam! must turn cams so this side faces away from head

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This resistance should start getting harder at about the 2/3s way closed, and really hard up to the 3/4 point (still 1/4) open. Then it may get easier the rest of the way. Your lever has climbed over the top of its cam and is sort of rolling down the back side of its little wheel chock The ring should break off. Easy, peasy. Clean the ends of the rods with brake cleaner. The extenders I had were a loose fit on the rods I had. If I recall the last time the extenders fit my rods very tight and didn't need loctite. The goal of the loctite is to hold the extenders to the rods during installation The cam puts tension on the shaft and pulls both the cam and the adjusting nut tight against the dropouts. This tension is what holds the wheel securely to the frame. The adjusting nut determines the amount of tension on the quick-release lever and cam. Lubricate the cam mechanism if it appears sticky or dry When making the final adjustment for the Reese Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control, part # RP26002, the 2 nuts should be loose before making the left and right turns. Having the nuts loose will allow them to move and settle into the correct position. Then you will want to drive straight approximately 100 yards and then tighten the 2 nuts down Yeah I think it should be 35mm that the chain can travel up and down when pulling on it, that's what I did and it worked out fine, did a huge ride afterwards and no problems. Reminds me I should probably check mine again. It needed it at 500mi. Probably needs another slight adjustment at 1,700mi

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Crankshaft end-play should be .004 to .008 inch, checked with a dial-indicator (not shown here). Step-22: Install the Timing Set. The timing set is installed by sliding both sprockets and the chain on as a set. Timing marks in each of the sprockets are aligned at 12 and 6 o'clock to confirm proper valve timing With the alternator pried back and the drive belt tight, use your free hand to tighten the alternator bolts in their new position in the slot on the bracket. Once the bolts are tight enough, you should be able to release the wood you were using to pry the alternator away from the motor, leaving the alternator in its new position. [4 Slack check should be done with the bike on the side stand. Slack will vary with the rear wheel in different positions, so rotate the wheel and be sure to check the chain slack where it is the tightest. Slack at the tightest spot (A) should be between 25mm-35mm (1-1.4 Re: cam chain rattle... For a little more detail, on the 69 - 78 SOHC models, rotate the crankshaft clockwise to 15 degrees after top dead center on #1 cylinder. With the point cover off, this will be the 1/4 set of points at the timing mark. 15 degrees is at the top center of the little spring peg below the T mark If the chain is making noise or rubbing the next cog, loosen the H screw a quarter turn until the noise/rub disappears. If the chain is jumping, it may be trying to move off the cassette meaning the high limit is too far out. Tighten the H screw a quarter turn until chain movement disappears. B Tension Scre

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I recently purchased a 2003 Range Rover HSE 4.4 which as you all know uses BMWs M62 Engine. It was a mechanics special. When it started the chain made all sorts of constant rattle and then it would idle down to about 400rpm. Also the code p0011 was displayed. So i decided to drop te lower oil pan to find broken timing chain guide pieces everywhere This video provides and easy to follow guide for you to check your Harley belt tension and guides you through what to look for when completing this repair. - Rider weight on motorcycle. - Tightest spot (*Refer to your year / model manual for the spec on tightest spot vs. loosest spot.) - 10 lbs on belt tension gauge - check your model. Allow the chain to drape across the top of your index finger to check the chain adjustment. The chain should be taut against your fingers. If it's loose or too tight you need to adjust your chain. Use three-finger method to check chain length . If the chain is tightened properly, you're good to go after going over your other pre riding. My 2008 Triumph Bonneville just turned 26,000 miles. One of the factory recommended items for maintenance is the drive chain inspection and potential replacement. I had been increasingly experiencing the following symptoms for the last 2,000 miles, especially in stop-and-go-traffic situations. Frequent adjustments to chain tension