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To add a text watermark over your picture, you should use the Text tool. To use the Text tool, select it from the toolbar. Click to select Text tool Then click the place of your picture where you want to place a text watermark Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub), HoloLens. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Photo Watermark - Add Watermark to Photos, Add Timestamps Place your cursor at the beginning of the text where you want to add a shape. 2. Type the text that you want in your new shape, press Enter. To indent the new shape, press Tab How to print a picture photo or text to the exact size you want using microsoft office word. How to print a picture photo or text to the exact size you want using microsoft office word On the Reference tab, click Insert Citation and then do one of the following: To add the source information, click Add New Source, and then, in the Create Source dialog box, click the arrow next to Type of Source, and select the type of source you want to use (for example, a book section or a website)

Insert or paste the image on the slide of Powerpoint. To blur specific part, first, snip that area using the Windows Snipping tool. Now paste that over the picture and select it. Go to Format Tab -> Select Artistic effects -> Select the Blur effect. Now go to the Picture effects option given under the Format Tab and select the Soft Edges effect Step 3. With the basic layout in place, it's time to insert the images into your Word collage template. Select the collage panel/slot where you want to insert the image, click Insert, and choose. On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click the arrow under Photo Album, and then click New Photo Album. In the Photo Album dialog box, under Insert picture from, click File/Disk. In the Insert New Pictures dialog box, locate the folder that contains the picture that you want to insert, and then click Insert In this video, MS Office Tutorial- How to Add blur Effect into Image in Microsoft Word 2017. Insert your image and Click the format and Click the Correction... If you want to add a brand new image, just click the Insert menu at the top of the screen, select Pictures, and then skip to step 6. Click the Format tab. This tab appears in the panel at the top when you select an image. Click Change Picture. It's in the Adjust section in the panel at the top of the screen

On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Header & Footer. This should take you to the Header & Footer tab. To insert a picture in the header, click a left, right or center header box. To insert a picture in the footer, first click the text Add footer, and then click within one of the three boxes that will appear This post details how you can sharpen an image in MS Word in Office 2016. First, insert a picture via the Insert tab on the ribbon. Next, right-click the image and select 'Format picture' from the context menu. A panel will open on the side with several tabs. Select the Format Picture tab; it's the one on the far right

The complete procedure along with screenshots is given below to add a caption to an image in Word 2007 - STEP 1 : Open Microsoft Office Word 2007. STEP 2 : Suppose you have inserted an image or clip art by navigating Insert > Picture/Clip Art. STEP 3 : Right Click on Picture and Click on Insert Caption. STEP 4 : A caption dialog box will open. Now, You need to enter information in caption. Adding captions in Web pages involves using HTML and CSS. However, to easily add a caption that will stick with your image wherever you place it on the Web page, you can add the caption directly onto the JPEG picture. All editions of Windows 7 include a tool that you can use to add a caption in a JPEG file The Office 2003 works great. It open the picture and ready to edit no matter where the picture is located. But with Picture Manager 2007, it default to open in My Pictures folder. No more File>Open or Ctrl + O. I could add the Shortcut picture folder but I never know where the pic I'll be opening next time Click on the circle and you'll see the 'Drawing Tools' tab appear at the top. Click the tiny arrow to open up the 'Format Picture' dialogue. In that dialogue under FILL, click PICTURE OR TEXTURE FILL and then click the FILE button underneath. Choose your CV pic and click INSERT. Your pic will now appear in the circle

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In Word or other Office applications, click File > Info. Within the Properties section, click in the Tags field, then enter the appropriate tags. PDF files do not include the option to add tags. Remember, if you can't create a multi-picture selection, check the text wrapping options--they should all be With Text Wrapping. With all of the pictures selected, click the contextual Format tab If you want to add a brand new image, just click the Insert menu at the top of the screen, select Pictures, and then skip to step 6. Click the Format tab. This tab appears in the panel at the top when you select an image. Click Change Picture. It's in the Adjust section in the panel at the top of the screen Click any item to insert it into your current document and copy it to the clipboard again. Office Clipboard only works inside Microsoft Office apps (and while it's great for formatted text and images, it doesn't work with other files). But if you have Office open all day already, it can be a handy way to keep track of everything you copy

2. Select the cells containing the picture name, here I select cell A2:A4, then click Kutools Plus > Import & Export > Match Import Pictures. See screenshot: 3. In the Match Import Pictures dialog box, select Fill vertically cell after cell in the Import order drop-down list, then click Add > File or folder as you need Knowledge base manager: add SharePoint data source in QnA Maker portal. When the QnA Maker manager adds a secured SharePoint document to a knowledge base, the knowledge base manager initiates a request for permission that the Active Directory manager needs to complete. The request begins with a pop-up to authenticate to an Active Directory account To tag any file, right-click it in Explorer, and then click the Properties command. In the image's properties window, switch over to the Details tab. You'll see the Tags entry in the Description section. (If you don't see a Tags entry here, that file type doesn't support tags.) Advertisement Step 8: Run the App. Output 1: Main Screen. Output 2: Enter the Text Box and click on the Add button. Output 3: Data added on the Text Gallery. Conclusion: I hope you understood how to add the Text Input Control in Microsoft PowerApps and how to run it. Apps. Microsoft

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Following this, simply left-click on the picture and a tab at the top of your Microsoft Word program that says FORMAT should appear. Click on the Format tab and then a new set of options should appear. On the top right area, there is a portion where you could adjust the width and the height of the photo. Simply edit it and make it 2. Currently owned by Google, Picasa is a free software. It is a perfect aid to import, organize, edit and share pictures. Select a picture to add text to and open it in Picasa. On the home page, you will see option to add text. Type whatever is desired, change the picture font & color, add outline and set transparency On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts. Right-click anywhere in the gallery pane and choose Organize and Delete from the context menu. In the dialog box that appears, select the entry you want to modify and click Edit Properties . Make the changes and click OK to save them In the File tab, click the Text tool (big A) to draw a box and type the caption. When you click the A and draw the box to hold the text, the Text tab opens. There you can change the Font and Font Size, control the color of the text, and more. When done adding the caption, click File > Save or Ctrl+S to save the picture with its caption


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  1. Step #2 - Create a New Video Project. When you open the Microsoft Photos app, you will see the photo management interface organized with either Collection, Albums, People, and Folders, or (if you have the most updated version) Collection, Creations, and Folders.. Collection includes all your media organized by date.; Albums / Creations shows your albums and video projects
  2. Microsoft Office Picture Manager (formerly Microsoft Picture Library) is a raster graphics editor introduced in Microsoft Office 2003 and included up to Office 2010. It is the replacement to Microsoft Photo Editor introduced in Office 97 and included up to Office XP.. Basic image editing features include color correct, crop, flip, resize, and rotate.To facilitate image organization, Picture.
  3. Fortunately, you can modify built-ins in one of two ways. First, the long way: Click the Home tab, right-click the style you want to modify in the Style Gallery, and then choose Modify. In the.
  4. Inserting Text in a Document. To insert a text in a document such as a heading for the chart, click the Text Box dropdown menu in the Insert tab on the Ribbon and select either horizontal or vertical text box. Then place the cursor on the document and draw a text box to start typing. Microsoft Visio - Inserting Background
  5. Once your changes are done >> Save the form and do a test to add a new record as shown below >> It will show Sarvesh user as selected by default. You can make any user seleted by default, it can be current user, current user's manager or HR manager etc
  6. ding your of the actions the Quick Step takes is helpful)
  7. For more information about adding a background image, see Add a Background Image (Report Builder and SSRS).. Data-bound Images. You can add images that are stored in a database to your report. You use the same image report item as the one used for static images, but with a set of properties that indicate that the image is stored in a database

Drag the existing notes that you want to add in the section group. To create a new section directly under the section group, right-click on the section and select New section. Use the small arrow. Perform a calculation in table, create a chart, add an excel table. Inserting content using quick parts. Create and modify, Insert Building Blocks. Manage lists. Sort a list, format a list. Tables. Insert, modify, format table, convert text to a table. Inserting graphic objects. Insert symbols and special characters, add images. Controlling. To insert a container, go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon and click the Container dropdown menu in the Diagram Parts section. You will see that there are many designs to choose from for the container. Once you select a design, you can drag the container around the grouped shapes. Release the mouse to lock the container When you insert an image in a Microsoft Word document, resize and position it to customize the document layout and choose how the text appears around the image, for example, have it seamlessly wrap around the photo. An image with a large file size can be compressed so that the document downloads quickly from a web page or is suitable for an email attachment

Open Word, go to the picture or the content you wan't to bookmark, and click it/edit it. Go up to the magnifying glass, just under the name of the document on top of Word. Search bookmark, click on Insert a Bookmark, give the bookmark a name, click Add, and OK. Thanks Word 2016 can also wrap paragraphs around a picture, charts and graphs as in the example below. To wrap text around a picture or art object, double click on the image. The Format tab will appear in the Ribbon. Go to the Arrange group. In the Arrange group, click Position to view the dropdown menu How to Merge Images or Pictures in Microsoft Office Word When using Word, you may need to merge some image to one so that you can make the Word document more readable. Want to learn how to merge images in Word? just follow my words 1. Insert a text box. Insert a text box in Excel from the Insert tab by selecting Text, Text Box, and then use your mouse to drag to a region on your worksheet. 2. Insert a formula in the text box. With the Text Box still selected, press the F2 key. This will activate the formula bar (indicated by a blinking cursor in the formula bar)

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  1. From the page you want to add text to, go to Insert > Draw Text Box. The cursor will change to a cross/plus sign. Select and drag anywhere on the page to draw a text box. After releasing the mouse button, the text box will become editable so that you can type into it. The Format tab also becomes available from the menu, which you can use to.
  2. Changing Image Color in Microsoft Office. Open the Microsoft Office program as well as a document with images inserted. If you do not yet have images inserted, go to Insert > Illustrations, select either Pictures or Online Pictures . To change the color, you can use the pre-made correction presets or use Picture Color Options for fine tuning
  3. Step 7: A Picture Content Control (image Placeholder) is added inside the table. Resize the Picture Content based on your requirement. Step 8: To insert the image in placeholder, click on the center of the image icon. Browse the image that you want to insert and click on the Insert button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Launch your Microsoft Excel program. Click on File and then Open to browse and find your Workbook. Open the worksheet that you want to insert your Word document into. From the Ribbon, locate and click on ' Insert. '. As in the above image, Locate Text and then choose
  5. You may need to expand your org chart. In the example, you need to insert a new employee under Finance. For example, you need to hire an assistant. Click on the existing shape, in this case, Finance. Select the SmartArt Tools Design tab and click on the 'Add Shape' button. Enter the name of the new position using the Text Pane. That is all! 5
  6. Drag the text box control from Insert -> Text. Drop the text box control in the Screen to display the the User FullName. Add the coding to the text box control. Coding : User().FullName. Step 8 Drag & Drop the Text Box Control. Drag the another text box control from Insert -> Text. Add the coding to the text box control for displaying user Email
  7. The first thing you need to do is to import the PNG file. Go to Insert -> Picture and select the image you wish to import. Step 2. Right-click on the imported picture to reveal the available editing options. You can crop the image, change its position on the document's page, add a frame to the picture, etc. Editing PNG Image In Microsoft Wor

Placeholder text can be dropped into the spot until you receive the real text for your project. To add lorem ipsum text in Word: Place the cursor where you would like the text. Keep in mind that placeholder text can go anywhere you would normally type text (text boxes, columns, sidebars, tables, etc.). Type =lorem() Press Enter Photo to Text OCR. Extract text from your images with OCR (optical image recognition). Easily get images into the app: - Take a picture - Open from folder - Drag & drop an image on the app Text extraction is quick, automatic, and accurate. Send the text to your other apps or copy & paste it wherever you want Change Name in Teams app on Mobile. First, open your Microsoft Teams app on your phone and tap on the 3 horizontal lines (the hamburger icon) at the top-most left corner. Tap on your name right below your profile picture (or initials) in the Teams app menu. Next, tap on the 'Pencil' icon on the top-right corner of the screen to edit your name Type the text as you usually do in a Word document or copy/paste from an external source. Add placeholders. Now you need to add placeholders for the Address Block and Greeting Line for Mail Merge to know exactly where to add the data. To add a placeholder, click the corresponding button on the ribbon Mailing > Write & Insert Fields Build a Static Website on IIS using Windows Server 2012. Open Server Manager, and select IIS, right click your server and select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. In the Connections pane, right-click the Sites node in the tree, and then click Add Website. In the Add Website dialog box, enter a friendly name for your website in the.

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  1. If you wish to add a default text to each outgoing email, like a text signature or a default greeting message, then add the text below the letterhead image, on the signature text edit area. You can also add a link to your site, by selecting the text above which the link will apply, then right click and choose Edit Hyperlink
  2. By Microsoft Corporation. Excel. PowerPoint. Word. Create, run, and share your Office Add-in code snippets from within Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. 3.9 out of 5 stars. ( 74) 26 out of 60. Get it now
  3. How to format chart and plot area istant manager at premiere move and align chart les labels shape picture chart smartart graphic make your excel spreheet accessibleAdd Alternative Text To A Shape Picture Chart Smartart Graphic Or Other ObjectAdd Alternative Text To A Shape Picture Chart Smartart Graphic Or Other ObjectAdd Alternative Text To

Then take a look at the old buddy, Microsoft Office. Using one of its parts, MS Word, you can quickly add captions to your photos on Windows 10. So, want to add text to you pics in a Word document? Here are the steps: Select the picture. Go to References and click Insert Caption How to Add Text to Photos in 4 Steps. Our Text Editor makes it easy to add text to photos. 01. Add Text. In the Text tab (the T icon) click the Add Text button and begin typing. 02. Customize Text. Choose a font, change your font color, add a background, an outline, and more. 03

Mark words of a scanned or photographed text, easily explain the way on a map or highlight and share the things that are important for you. Using Photo Marker, these tasks are going to be very easy! In addition, the app allows you to insert text or various kinds of shapes. Using pinch-to-zoom and panning, everything becomes fast and very easy Easy-to-use tool for adding text and captions to your photos. Create memes, posters, photo captions and much more! Text on your photos! Log In Premium Sign Up. ADD TEXT TO PHOTOS AddText is the quickest way to put text on photos. Start now - it's free! Choose photo. from Web. from Computer Device Follow these steps to add an inline image to your email: Start a New Email. Your message will need to be in HTML format. Then select the Format Text tab in the new email message window. In the Format section, select HTML . Select the Insert tab. Position the cursor in your message body where you want to place the image However, Microsoft has discontinued the Picture Manager with the release of Office 2013. The equivalent functionality is now provided in the Windows 10's Photos app, which has the image crop, resize, red-eye removal, video trimming, and other features.Alternatively, you can also enable the classic Windows Photo Viewer using the registry, or install the Windows Live Photo Gallery (which is.

Insert picture by dragging and dropping with the help of Word document. Microsoft Word document supports dragging and dropping picture from window explorer. 1. Select the picture, drag and drop it in a word document. 2. Select the picture in the word document, and then drag and drop it in the Excel worksheet. See the below demo Preview is the mac app to read and edit image files, though the editing features are limited, we have a trick to add a date stamp to your photos. Open photo with Preview. Click on Show Markup Tool. Then click on Text button. Manually input the date and time to the text box, you can also adjust the font settings

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The Insert key on a laptop is often part of another key around the Backspace as shown in the picture. If a laptop uses two keys as one key, you must press the Fn with the second key you want to use. In our example picture, the Scr Lk, Pause, and Break are all blue and a different color than the other keys To insert a new box, click the existing box that is located closest to where you want to add the new box. On the Design tab, click Add Shape. Type your new text directly into the new box or via the text pane. And that's all there is to creating an organizational chart in Microsoft PowerPoint How to add text to a picture. For authors, adding a little text to a picture in your book or ebook is an easy way to include credits or add useful annotations. For whatever reason, when you need to add a line of text to your images, you want to do it quickly and easily and preferably with a free app. I have tried using a photo editor • Add emojis to all your Teams channels and use matching images to illustrate the purpose better. Our brain can interpret images faster than text characters, so this will add another little bit of user-friendliness to your Microsoft Teams environment

Clipboard Manager. Pretty much your standard copy and paste management app. Manager looks great and keeps copies of your images, text, and other storable files. Just as with the previous two, it can be used to copy between programmes, plus it allows the editing of images, although the options to do that are basic at best It's really easy to do that with Fotor's text editor because it has such a feature: text transparency. Below is a tutorial for you. 1. Browse Fotor.com and click Edit a Photo. 2. Upload your image, and click Text and insert the text pane into your photo. 3. Type the words you want to add, and reduce the Transparency above the dashboard

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  1. Step 1: To create a reference, head over to the References tab in MS Word and select a referencing style. By default Microsoft Word provides a variety of referencing styles, including the most commonly used styles like the Chicago and Harvard style of referencing. Step 2: To add a citation click Insert Citation and select Add New Source
  2. How to Add a Watermark in Microsoft Picture It. Microsoft Picture It is a photo-editing program that was released in various versions and editions over the course of several years, up until the.
  3. Highlight all three paragraphs of text. (Don't highlight the title.) In the Quick Style gallery, click the Normal style. All of the text changes to the default font with the default paragraph spacing. Step 5: Apply text formatting. The text looks a bit boring, so let's add emphasis to certain words by applying a character style

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Using text boxes created from the Layout pane. In Normal view: Click in the text box that reads Click to add text, Click to add an outline, or a similar notation. Type or paste your text in the text box. These text boxes are known as AutoLayout text boxes. See also Creating bulleted and numbered lists. Using text boxes created from the text box. 2. Use the Symbol dialog box. To access the check mark character from the Symbol dialog box, follow these steps:. In PowerPoint, click within any text container object to place your insertion point, as shown in Figure 5, below.; Figure 5: Place your insertion point Now access the Insert tab of the Ribbon, and click the Symbol button, as shown in Figure 6, below Give the shortcut a hotkey as discussed above. Right-click it, select Properties and click the Shortcut tab, and then enter a letter in the Shortcut key text box.; Select OK to exit the window. From the DisplayFields text box, remove Picture as shown below. Save and Publish the Form. If you will preview the app (F5) and search any user name from the person field Dropdown, then you can see the User Display Name with the specific Email of that user (As in the DisplayFields , only Display Name and Email is there) How to add a source in Microsoft Word Sources can be any kind of published work, from books to articles on the web. The information you include for a source will depend on you or the publisher

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Microsoft Photos, the free photo viewer and editor included with Windows 10, offers competent image editing and photo enhancements along with tools for organizing and editing videos, all in a. Guiding Tech publishes in-depth consumer tech content that includes explainers, buying guides, analysis, cool lists and information Step 5: Load manager picture using GraphClient. Open the .ts webpart file. Add this import statement . import { MSGraphClient } from '@microsoft/sp-http'; import { sp } from @pnp/sp; then add this onInit() method inside default clas

Share Point Online :- How to insert image with link in the table.. For example :- First we insert Section then insert Web part. Inside Web Part we want to insert Table with 2 columns and 3 rows on top and 2 rows at bottom... Within each cell we want to insert the image with a link... In conclusion we want to add images in Section with links. That's a good question to ask Microsoft, since they designed Word to work this way. I cannot think of any logical reason for it. Obviously if you made a caption for a picture, the caption should move with the picture. But it doesn't. But here's the fix. Before inserting the picture, you just insert a 1×1 table: Then, you put the cursor. Step 1: Open your document in Word 2010. Step 2: Click the Insert tab at the top of the window. Step 3: Click Text Box in the Text section of the ribbon at the top of the window, then select the style of text box that you want to add to the picture. Step 4: The next step is to use the assorted tools at the top of the window to customize the. As you can see in the above picture, the organization chart consists of 2 panes, a text pane on the left and a SmartArt graphics pane on the right. The text pane is a well-aligned bullet list of the data that acts as an input to the SmartArt graphics. You can type the desired text inside [Text] The signature can be either plain text or HTML code. To add your signature, click the Enter text link and add the text or HTML code of your organization-wide email signature in the specify disclaimer text window. check out CodeTwo Out of Office Manager: and then insert the link text or the name of the picture you add

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With the Windows 10 November 2019 Update, Microsoft has integrated Windows Search into File Explorer. This means you can click or type a keyword in the search field, and File Explorer will suggest. Expression Web Tutorial: How to Design a Website with Microsoft Expression Web by Christopher Heng, thesitewizard.com Expression Web is the latest of Microsoft's brief foray into the world of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web editors, succeeding its obsolete FrontPage software Add-in A-Tools allows sharing and managing Excel files on LAN, internet. Someone can open the Excel file in the server at the same time for editing and saving. The client connects to the server by TCP/IP protocol (does not share the full directory - the way Excel does), the server manages the connection by restricting users, setting permissions for each user group: read-only, edit, limit the. 1. Add the Gantt Chart Wizard to Microsoft Project ribbon. Click on File -> click on Options-> click on Customize Ribbon. In the right column beneath Main Tabs, right-click the tab where the Gantt Chart Wizard button will be added and select Add New Group. This adds a new section to that tab of your Microsoft Project ribbon Step 2: Add a Website. This step tells you how to add a website to IIS by using the IIS Manager UI, or by running Appcmd.exe commands in a command-line window. To add a website by using the UI. Open IIS Manager. For Windows Server 2012, on the Start page click the Server Manager tile, and then click OK

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  1. Here is the solution. 1. first add the picture in its own size. 2. Store the name of this image (uniquely generated one) in a variable. So that you can refer this picture uniquely later on. 3. Using this variable, select that Shape and set the aspect ratio to false. 4. Then set the height and width of the picture
  2. The Bells & Whistles add-in for Outlook can save 40% - 60% of the time you spend composing an email, literally freeing up several hours of your time, every month! 100% Outlook Productivity. Bells & Whistles is an Outlook add-in that includes more than 40 different features designed to help you manage and compose emails better and quicker
  3. (1) Insert your cursor where you'd like to insert the place holder. Then, click the Insert Citation button on the Reference tab and select the Add New Placeholder drop-down menu option. That will display the Placeholder Name dialog box: (2) Type in any name you like (no spaces) and the click OK to insert the placeholder into the text
  4. Open the picture you want to edit with Photos. Photos is the default app for viewing photos in Windows 10, so your picture will open in Photos when you double-click on it in File Explorer. Alternatively, open the Photos app from the Start menu, and scroll through your collection or albums to find your picture
  5. Then click the Insert Citation drop-down button in the Citations & Bibliography button group. From the menu that appears, choose the Add New Placeholder command. The Placeholder Name dialog box then opens. Enter a name for the placeholder in the text field that appears. Then click OK to insert the citation.
  6. Now the next step is to add the desired command (Switchboard Manager) under the newly created custom tab. So with the desired command still selected in the middle section of the dialogue box, highlight the new custom group in the third section of the dialogue box and click the Add >> button. MS Access adds the desired command under the new.

Select the shape or text that you want to create a hyperlink for and click the Link button in the Insert tab of the Ribbon. In the Hyperlinks dialog box, click Browse adjacent to the Address field and click Local File to browse to the location of the file. Make sure that the Use relative path for hyperlink box is selected to ensure that. Inserting data into Word requires that you 1) retrieve the data from the data source and 2) insert into Word. In this sample, I inserted the data into a table by looping through the data and adding rows to the table. A similar strategy can be utilized with other Word objects Select the text you want to turn into a link. Right click on the selected text, point to the Link option, and then click the Insert Link command. In the Insert Hyperlink window, click the Place In This Document option on the left. On the right, you'll see a list of bookmarks in the document. Select the one you want

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It could be a location on a Microsoft Exchange Server, a local text, CSV or Excel file, or an ODBC-compliant data source. Select the second option and click Next. Now, enter the location or path to the Excel file and click Next The sharing feature in Windows 10's Microsoft Edge makes it easy to share web content via email, social media, and through other apps and services. If you're new to Edge, here's a look at.

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Here are some general tips to follow: Look for a text box. Some sites will let you copy/paste the text of your resume into a box on their job application form. If you choose to do this, make sure the formatting looks professional and correct within the text box. Search for a button that says Upload or Upload a resume 3) Copy the text from the text editor. 4) Paste back into Flow . The above steps did not work as flow did not detect the dynamic content. Can you confirm you did step 3, as it is necessry in order to make edits to the code. I belive the clipboard contains some meta data for the dynamic content that does not appear in the text editor

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CodeTwo Exchange Rules is a server application designed to help administrators centralize the management of email signatures and disclaimers on Microsoft Exchange Server. This Exchange signature manager will help you quickly set up professional signatures for all employees in your company, without configuring anything on their computers or. Add a button to your app for the user to click on it to upload the file by going to Insert > Button. For the OnSelect property of the button add : AzureBlobStorage.CreateFile (myfiles,TextInput1.Text,UploadedImage1.Image) myfiles will need to be updated to the directory you want your files to be uploaded to