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Firetoys has a large range of high quality fire staffs for sale. Even our basic range uses T6 6061 aluminium, fibreglass plugs a unique wicking system and huge wicks. Our Fibre 3 contact fire staff models are industry leaders. They will never bend and come with silicone grip. We also have juggling fire staffs Each wick is made from 7.5cm wide aramid tape which is rolled around the ends of the staff. Double or triple wicks can be placed together (to create a single, wide flame) or spaced out (to create multiple trails of fire). 19mm x 1.6mm aluminium tubing. 100m of wick = 6cm wide roll. 75cm of wick = 5cm wide roll. 50cm of wick = 4cm wide roll Contrast with Firetoys' cheapest staff: £33.95 for a 1 metre staff with 70cm of 50mm wick! You'll also need a screwdriver (or electric screwdriver for the lazy), power drill and (optionally) a soldering iron. A hacksaw will also come in useful if you can't persuade shop staff to cut things up for you Fire Breakdown Spinning Staff, 5ft with Wick Made of Kevlar, Quart Dip Can, Fire Blanket, by:Trick Concepts. 5.0 out of 5 stars 11. $124.97 $ 124. 97. $120.20 shipping. Firetoys S Staff - Aluminium FIRE Staffs Large Size - Pair + Bag! Specialist Fire Wick S-Staffs for Fire Spinning

Replacement fire staff wicks from Dube Juggling. Each wick is precut to length from 1/16 thick Kevlar® woven fabric. Also available by the foot or roll.. Note: Wicking material is constructed with fibers which include, but are not limited to Kevlar® and Twaron® How to make a fire staff / how to make a fire stick with https://razedinflames.com Adam Lobo shows you how to put wick on a fire stick. This simple Fire Stic.. Buy fire staffs online. Cheap but high quality practice and fire staffs with big wicks. Find fire contact staffs here as well as juggling firestaffs, s-staffs (similar to Buugeng) as well as LED glow staffs. Need to learn some new staff tricks and moves? Check out our books and DVDs that teach basic, intermediate and advanced techniques

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  1. Because a contact staff is typically rolled over the shoulders, your body will be closer to the end of the staff meaning that you need more distance from the center of the staff to the wicks. Typically when someone wants more fire on a contact staff, they will opt for one large wick on each, as opposed to several smaller wicks along the length
  2. Our Fire Staffs are available with our signature Moonblaze wick for optimal flame size and burn times, or our basic Rolled Wick design, in your preference of wick length. Our wicks are woven by hand directly onto the staff, secured with hardware stress-tested for extreme environments, to ensure the safety of you and your audience
  3. Fire Stick/Baton Staff, 2ft with Wick Made of Kevlar, Cushion Grip (Sold Individually), by:Trick Concepts. 4.8 out of 5 stars 18. $39.97 $ 39. 97. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Fyrefli fire Juggling Balls (68mm) Pro Fire Juggling Ball Set of 3 and Fuel Bottle + Flames N Games Travel Bag
  4. This is good for making a folded poi wick; when placed side by side, one can also make a 4-inch staff wick. Short pieces are good for fire fans and other small props. A 20% discount is given when you buy the wick as a 100-ft roll. If you are unsure what size to try, this is a good starting point to make many kinds of props..
  5. I have written this article to explain all the pros and cons for each material that you can use as a wick on your fire equipment. Warning: Be very careful how others describe their Wicks.Using words like Professional grade is just a marketing ploy

Contact Fire Staff: 3 Inch Wick TheFireGecko. 5 out of 5 stars (80) $ 40.00. Add to Favorites Fire Staff Turbo. FuriaStudioFireProps. 5 out of 5 stars (79) $ 85.00. Add to Favorites Long Big Contact Fire Staff + FREE SHIPPING TheWorldOfFire. 5 out of 5 stars (246) $ 89.00 FREE shipping. This Fire Contact Staff is perfectly balanced for contact moves. Twister wicks makes for long burn time and big flames. This fire staff comes with drip catchers placed on each end between the grip and the wick which helps absorb excess fuel before it reaches your grip. small wick size : 6 cm. Large wick size : 10 cm

Fire Mecca is the premier manufacturer of fire props, circus gear, and aerial equipment. Our expertise includes the fire staff, fire poi, rope dart, kevlar wick, juggling balls, aerial silks, and rigging equipment No problem, we sell detachable fire wicks a la carte. Choose the correct diameter below to match your hoop's tubing size, and don't forget a fire wick tool so you can conveniently tighten and loosen your wicks as needed. on sale right now. Ember - 29 hoop in 3/4 tubing $ 79.00 $ 69.00. Bohemia - 36 hoop in 3/4 tubing $ 89.00 $ 69.00 Fire Staff. Product filter. Price $ 64 - 270. Purpose Practice 3 Fire 12. Staff style Contact 6 Dragon 2 Double staff 4. Wick Type ISIS 6 Rolled Wick 6. Staff type Collapsible 8 Solid 4. Wick Material Kevlar 5 Ceramic Fiber 7. FREE SHIPPING. Free global shipping on all orders above $200

High quality para-aramid fire wick and rope (like Kevlar) for use in making fire poi, fire staff, fire fans, other fire props and fire sculptures. Our wick has no dangerous copper mesh and has a very low fibreglass content. Our fire wick and rope is available in a range of sizes from 7mm (1/4) wide to 120mm (4 3/4) What this particular wick arrangement, due to the rotational momentum, allows is a whole set of new moves built atop the contact staff spinning style. It really is something! Nowadays, fire staff spinning is more diverse than ever before, and there has never been more opportune moment to share in to this fascinating art form Fire Staff - Fire Spinning Staff with Kevlar Wick, 5ft - Trick Concepts. DreadfulDesignsShop. From shop DreadfulDesignsShop. 5 out of 5 stars. (199) 199 reviews. $64.97

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This video will show you how to make a wick for your fire staff. This video will show you how to make a wick for your fire staff > Fire & Knives > Nybras Spinning & Isolation Fire Staff 100cm 70mm wick . View larger. Previous Next Nybras Spinning & Isolation Fire Staff 100cm 70mm wick . Reference: #1861. NYBRAS is a slim and light spinning staff with an extremely comfortable grip that can never get damaged. Really nice prop for finger spinning and isolations Flexible dragon staff wicks - don't be afraid to drop your staff. Fire ends with 2 (50 mm) wide big rolled wicks made from Kevlar tape. Burn time 3-5 min. depends on fuel type. ↕️ TECH SPECS: Tube diameter: 22 mm (7/8) Grip length: 2.6 ft - 4 ft (80 - 120 cm) depends on staff length Fire Dancing Staff Wick Protection . Admin • January 20th, 2017 • 0 Comments. In this video we show you a few of the common methods fire dancers use to protect their wicks. Practicing safe spinning by protecting your wicks can save you money and time in the long run. 1) Bottle Koozies ~ use an extra sock in the bottom to give an extra layer.

Staff of the Gods! Connect to the gods with the Furia Trident Fire Staff. This staff was designed with the fire spinner in mind, giving you an even balance on both sides for top performance. Wicks are removable from staff ends for wick care and replacement. Choose from 2 sizes and discover the possibilities with most unique staff on the market Customize your Fire Staff! The ultimate custom fire staff options. Choose size, wicks, and much more! We donate 10% of profits to rainforest preservation Gora Contact Fire Staff use as fire staff or a contact fire staff The big woven wick staff is the same lenths but has a higher total weight 948 grams. With the weight added to the end of the staff so it does handle a bit better, with the heavier ends. A soft grip is very suitable but it wears out after about a year Poi, Fire Fans, Juggling Balls, KEVLAR® Wick, Hula Hoops, Staff / Poles, Juggling Clubs, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, Performance and Fire performance arts equipment. Catering for true beginners to leading professionals. Secure shopping with instant shipping quotes We're fire spinners too and know what a great staff feels like. We've been making fire staffs for over 15 years and have been continually improving our design to bring you the highest quality fire twirling equipment on the market. Kevlar Wicks® = 100 Burns. Fitted with 75mm (3″) Kevlar Wicks® that are fire resistant and can withstand.

These different shapes allow for smooth movement and momentum, providing the best play for a contact staff. Never settle for sushi-roll wrapped wicks again! Flowers will add ~90g. Lite Baller: Our smallest spherical wick. Great for shorter staffs (~4ft) or for multi-staff manipulation, where slightly smaller flame size is desired Fire Equipment. Fire Dancing; Fire Devil Sticks; Fire Diabolos; Fire Juggling Balls ; Fire Hula Hoops; Fire Performance; Fire Poi; Fire Staffs; Fire Swords; Fire Torches; Fire Wicks and Ropes. Flat Fire Wick by the Metre; Fire Rope, String and Thread; 30m Rolls of Fire Wick (Cheaper Choosing Fire Staff Length. At the age of 9, I learned an Indian Martial Arts style of staff spinning. In this tradition, appropriate staff length is eye-level. Following suit, I spun with staffs (both single and double) at my eye level (162cm/5'4) for 10+ years (from age 19-30). When I quit the Cirque du Soleil and began freelancing, it.

Fire staffs can vary in length, weight, balance, and wick arrangements. A staff can range anywhere from a half-metre in length to two or more metres. Fire staffs contrast from fire knives in that their centre of balance rests in the middle of their length. The most common wick arrangement for a fire staff is two wicks of equal size and. Fire Staff (15) Practice Staff (7) Buugeng (S-staff) (1) Hoops. Hoops. Fire Hoops (4) Fans. Fans. Practice Fans (9) Fire Fans (7) Fire Dancing. Fire Dancing Purpose Practice 5 Fire 12. Staff style Contact 7 Dragon 2 Double staff 5. Wick Type ISIS 6 Rolled Wick 6. Staff type Collapsible 9 Solid 5. Wick Material Kevlar 5 Ceramic Fiber 7. FREE. The Carbon Fiber Fire Staff is made of a light-weight Carbon Fiber core with a forgiving and high-traction Gamma grip, so they feel great in the hand and on the body. Our heralded Crown Knot wick heads leave no exposed metal on the wick, and make for the most luscious weight ratio found anywhere

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Breakdown fire staff.Collapsible staff for traveling. Details Breaks down into 3 pieces.The center-piece is 36 inches and end-pieces are 16 inches.Assembled length is 60 inches. Built on unbendable carbon fiber and wicked with 100% pure Kevlar. Multiple styles of unique weaves for the wicking.Our proprietary macrame' The Fire Dragon Staff is a long rod with Kevlar wicks attached to each end, with additional wicked spokes or spines set at a perpendicular angle which are soaked in liquid fuel and lit on fire as a performance art form. This staff is a cross between a contact staff and a martial arts weapon in Kung Fu known as the Fei Chi or flying forked. Collapsible Fire Contact Staff, Isis Ceramic wicks. The advanced model of our Collapsible fire staff. With big and heavy ISIS wicks made from 3/8 (10 mm) ceramic fiber rope. With a fast connection system, you'll need only 2-3 turns to connect all pieces together. After assembly, this staff becomes solid, with no backlash Furia Comet Fire Staff. The Furia Comet Fire Staff features huge 8.5 inch comet wicks on each side of the staff. Built for those who want the most epic burns, the Furia Comet Fire Staff will take your fire spinning performance to the next level. Standing at just under 6 feet, this fire staff fits most adults well and is weighted to make contact. A great full length staff with large flames. This is what most people consider a standard full length fire staff. It is well balanced, has a good sized fire wick and is a pleasure to spin. As with all our rolled wicks, you can always add bigger wicks later or order it with a fatter wick for a longer burn time

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Description. •Made in USA! - This kit includes a staff, a quart dip can and a small fire blanket (27x36) •Made from 1 inch aircraft grade #6061-T6 black anodized Aluminum Tubing for strength & durability. •Single Wick on each end with 4' ft of 3 wide x 1/16 thick Kevlar for strength and burn time Fire Twirling Staff - 50mm wick / 140cm length. Australian Made - Quality Engineering - Professional Standard. The Fire Staff or Fire Stick is the most popular toy of choice if wanting to truly fire dance. One of the most versatile and expressive fire toys, the Fire Staff has a seemingly endless number of tricks and moves

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The Contact Staff or Contact Sword is fire prop, in which many of the tricks have the shaft in contact with the body, neck, or arms. The Contact Sword is a counter-balanced staff, with a heavy weight on the end. Generally, they are under 48 inches long and have a smaller wick, making them more lightweight. Batons or juggling staffs are made. 9. You can't burn a liquid. When a prop is on fire, you are actually burning the vapor that is evaporating from the fuel. As the liquid evaporates off the surface of a prop, the vapor has to come from the liquid that is deeper inside the wick. Because of this, the flame moves closer to the wick as the fuel burns I promised some time ago that I'd show you how to make a fire staff - and here it is. This method works for fire staffs and poi used for fire twirling/ fire dancing. Materials: 2 x kevlar wick 5cm (3 inches) wide by 40cm (14 inches) long (you can use cotton but kevlar lasts longer) This conditions the wick and helps to maintain capillary.

Fire Staff SHORT - 65mm (2.5inch) wicks. SUPER CHEAP delivery! Short enough to be posted with Australia Post to ANYWHERE, Worldwide. Choose any length up to 105cm (41.5 inches) $50.00. Delivery weight: 300 g Fire Twirling Staff - 50mm wick / 100cm length. Australian Made - Quality Engineering - Professional Standard. The Fire Staff or Fire Stick is one of the most popular toys of choice if wanting to truly fire dance. One of the most versatile and expressive fire toys, the Fire Staff has a seemingly endless number of tricks and moves

Gora Contact Fire Sword - Tapered Handle - 1.2m. Rating: 100%. 2 Reviews. Special Price £102.00 £120.00. Out of stock Breakdown Contact Fire Dance Staff. The new Gora breakdown contact fire staff is now in stock. It is by far the best contact staff on the market. The center section is made of 7075 Aluminum, a very light and super strong alloy. The wick end tubing is covered in high temperature silicone to keep the end of the staff cool Each Double Fire Staff weighs approximately 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg) and comes in length of 3.0 ft. (0.91 m) The Fire Mecca Double Fire Staff Set comes t opped with our signature 2 inch MoonBlaze wick for good flame size and burn times.Also available in Sushi Roll, rolled instead of braided design

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Kevlar Wick. The Fusion Contact Fire Staff is fitted with 100mm Fire resistant Kevlar® wicks to withstand 100's of burns, offering super long-lasting flames. The Kevlar® absorbs the fuel, then once lit the fuel is burnt, leaving the Kevlar® intact Adjustable Fire Staff - Fire Toys Supply - Higgins Brothers Fine Juggling Equipment. Fire Torches & Fire Wick for Flow ! Sign in Currency : USD. Canadian Dollar (CAD) US Dollar (USD) Contact us. Call us now: 1-905-627-8489. Shopping cart 0 (0) Fire & Knives. This was my second time spinning fire staff. If you haven't been following my journey, I've been spinning staff since 2007, and recently was injured in not o.. With big and heavy ISIS wicks made from 3/8 (10 mm) Kevlar rope. With a fast connection system, you'll need only 2-3 turns to connect all pieces together. 5 (125 mm) Wicks are perfect for burnouts

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Six Wick Leviwand More Fire = More Fun. Silk Leash Fire Dart RDA Silk leash + DM Fire = WIN. How to Sew Wicks How to correctly sew wicks. Nova - Fire Poi The beautiful new Nova Poi. 4:30-6:00 burn, large flame size, tip weighted. Carbon Fire Leviwand Carbon Fiber, Double. Each end of the staff is finished with generous lengths of 100mm Kevlar® wick. Please note that this staff should not be held vertically whilst on fire. Fire Staff Spinning is obviously extremely dangerous - this prop should only be sold to responsible adults. Dimensions. Length: 1.5m / Wick: 100mm General Questions: (707) 565-1900 Use the Employee Directory list below only if you have been assigned that employee as a contact. Otherwise, please call the main phone number at (707) 565-1900 or find out which Permit Sonoma Division to contact.. Please contact only one staff member and allow adequate response time. Contacting multiple staff members with the same inquiry will delay your response The secured wick can be burned at least three times more than a normal tube rolled wick (similar to the end of a fire staff) fire breathing torch before the wick needs to be replaced. Burning Passion Fire Breathing Torch is made with a comfortable 5/8 (15.9 mm) aluminum tubing, making it easy to do finger spins to add flair to your fire.

We have the best fire staffs for sale including dragon staff, carbon fiber staff, double wick staff, colored fire staff, monkey fist fire staff, and all sizes of double staffs. All our top quality products are hand made. Fire Groove Gear is your one stop shop for discount juggling equipment. We are the world's number one juggling supplier This fire staff comes with drip catchers placed on each end between the grip and the wick (s) which help to absorb excess fuel before it reaches your grip. Tassels are an optional extra that will slow down the roll of a contact staff therefore making contact moves must easier. Small wicks: 6 cm. Large wicks: 10 cm. PLEASE NOTE

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The important thing to note, I guess, is to hold a rag around the staff under the first wick while you soak the second, to stop any fuel running down the staff itself making it slippery and/or flammabl Fire Groove Gear is the best leading place to purchase fire staff products. We offer all sorts of staffing products ranging from fire staff, fiber fire staff, contact fire staff, Dragon Staff & much more. Contact us today or visit browse our online store to view all our high quality, staff products. We are a unique shop and manufacturer FNG CONTACT Fire Staff 1.6m / 4x 65mm wicks + FREE Bag! £57.99. Click & Collect. Fire Staff 1.4m 100mm wick + FREE Bag! Fire Juggling. £45.99. Click & Collect Fire Poi / Fire Staff Wick Material. Condition is listed as'new' as the material is unused - item is not brand new but it is unused Measurements- 2.6 inches thick. Not sure on length but there's a fair bit. Measurements 5 inches across from end to end of reel. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Tracked >International Postage is expensive- international postage quoted is for Europe only. The art of fire staff spinning has really got to be the most visually impressive of all the fire juggling product range. Our staffs range from 100cm to 160cm, and you can choose a variety of different wick combinations to suit your needs. These are great for spinning both single and double staffs due to their lightweight, yet durable design

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Description Contact Fire Staff - Single Burner - 2x 65mm Wick by Flames N Games . Based on a thick and very tough top quality T6 aluminium shaft, these contact fire staffs are specifically designed for the more experienced and aggressive fire staff spinners as well as for those who like performing contact moves and body rolling staff manipulation Lightweight yet tough aluminium shaft, these fire staffs are great for the more aggressive fire staff spinners as they are much stronger than wooden fire staffs and will not snap but can get bent if they get kicked or stood on. Fitted with 2 x 100mm of top quality Para-Aramid fire wick, each burner will produce a good size flame which should not need re-wicking for years! The ends of the shaft. Fire Hoop Wicks Our attachable fire hoop wicks are made from all stainless steel parts, high-performance kevlar wick and only take a few minutes to attach. They attach to just about any type of tubing up to 1.1 O.D. The folded wick design allows for maximum burn time without the added weight of too much wick Store your fire toys in a dry place as this will stop your fire wick absorbing moisture (wet wicks won't light or will quickly go out). Do not use a fire staff to support the weight of your body when doing flips and airborne tricks as the weight will, over time, bend your fire staff, especially when the staff has been heated by fire. Do not.

Your Elitist Collapsible Fire Staff employs highly effective yet simply designed technology in the mechanism used to join and disconnect the different sections of the staff. Each end of the staff consists of a spring loaded push button that protrudes through the wick end and into the handle piece to lock it into place Spinning Staff Contact Staff Double Staff LED Staff Accessories DIY Staff FIRE FUEL KEVLAR WICK. FLOW 3 Inch Kevlar Wick per meter. $16.00 AUD. 4 Inch Kevlar Wick - Per Metre. $25.00 AUD. Kevlar Rope Per Metre. from $4.50 AUD. Sold Out Kevlar Thread 20m Spool $10.95 AUD. Instagram. Flames 'N Games Fyrefli 3-Piece 'Cougar' Travel Fire Staff - Professional Collapsible Fire Spinning Staffs Bag (Size:1.4m and 2x100mm Wick) 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 £63.99 £ 63 . 9

- More wick will mean a bigger flame and more weight at the ends - I'd advise building a non-fire staff first using inner tube rubber or something for the ends, get that how you like and then make a fire one wieghted the same. Hope this helps . Working hard to be a wandering hippie layabout. Ten years down, five to go Fire Staffs; Dragon staff; Fire Dancing Equipment. Fire Sword; Fire Fans; Fire Fingers & Fire Palms; Fire Eating & Breathing; Kevlar Fire Wick ; Kevlar Fire Rope & Thread; Fire Accessories; Fire Palms; Fire Whips; Hula Hoops. Standard Hula Hoops; Travel Hula Hoops; LED Hula Hoop; Fire Hula Hoops; Isolation Hoop; Tape; Devil sticks & flower.

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So, a fire staff is a flow toy you can light on fire. It's usually made of wood or metal, and has a kevlar wick on each end. Once the staff's set ablaze, you can begin your flow session Practice Fire / Contact Staff - Cheap and Easy: Hello there. So I wanted to learn how to spin a Fire Staff and/or do Contact manipulation of a staff. But I did not want to invest a lot of money until I knew I was going to like it. Searching the internet and instructables yielded many res A quality contact fire staff should provide ample momentum even at slow speeds and this model does just that. This size is arguably the most versatile and comes equipped with 2 x 100mm sections of high quality Para-Aramid fire wick.The ends of the shaft are blocked with 2 wooden plugs covered in thick heat-resistant aluminium to stop the flames. Staff can range anywhere from a half-meter in length to two or more meters. Fire staffs contrast from fire knives in that their center of balance rests in the middle of their length. The most common wick arrangement for a fire staff is two wicks of equal size and thickness on either end of the staff