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  1. Firstperiodstories.com is a place for all women and menstruators to share their unique first period stories, whether they be funny, cringe-worthy or just plain awkward. Help start the conversation and end the stigma around menstruation by submitting your first period story
  2. My first story about my period is beyond crazy and an adventure! Do you have yours yet? SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/1Kxhe2b to join my World! Thumbs up this vid..
  3. So I took my underwear and went downstairs to show my grandmother. She FREAKED and called my dad telling him how I got my period and he needed to come home. I panicked and texted my mom. She said Yeah probably your period. Don't freak out. Text your dad to get you some pads, you're fine.. And that's the story of my first period!


  1. When my mom came to make sure I was up the next morning for school, I stated very plainly, I got my period last night. Really? she said. And that was that. It seems whether you got it early, late, or right on time, the story of your first period is one of shame, excitement, confusion, and horror all wrapped into one giant sanitary.
  2. I was 12, and I could talk with my mum so easily about it. We already had an open conversation a few years before. She told me about when she had her first period and how her grandma was so cute and caring toward her. My mum bought all different products, bought all the chocolate and made tea when the pain was so bad
  3. On the Rag: My First Tampon. We're celebrating shame-free periods and all of the messy mishaps and new tech tools that prove our menses nothing to be embarrassed about. Scaachi Koul April 1, 2016. I got my first period in the middle of the day, shrouded in shame, like any good entrance into puberty should be. I was in the fifth grade, 10.
  4. Ah! It was quite a revelatory day for me. I got to know that women can bleed without getting hurt. I was 14 when I had my first period. I was playing with my siblings outside my house and I felt a strong pain in my lower abdomen. Since I wasn't..
  5. My embarrassing period story: was when I was walking around at my freind's house and her brother saw the blood on my pants!! It was embarrassing because a boy saw the blood, and he was 16 years old! -Tayla, 13-18. I was in health class and I felt all crampy and weird. I asked to use the bathroom
  6. I got my first period the day of my 14th birthday party, but I didn't even realize it until the morning after, which was my actual birthday. I remember yelling out, 'Mom, it happened!' When I got.
  7. Explaining that to my dad was up there with one of the worst moments of my life. Every woman has a period horror story. Image: Carrie, United Artists. There is some comfort in knowing I am not alone in having a whole host of period horror stories. So I spoke to 12 women about their worst period related story. And damn, they're bloody good. Luc

8 first-period stories that will make yours seem like a cakewalk. I was 16 years old (late bloomer for the win!) and in the middle of a gymnastics meet. All evening my lower back had been killing. The first time I got my period, I was in ShopRite. I knew something was odd when I went in the bathroom (it was the kind with more than one stall, so my mom was waiting by the sinks) Real girls share their period horror stories. For us girls, periods are just a part of life. Once the initial shock of dealing with your first period is over, the monthly routine and its side effects become somewhat second nature. And yet, we all have our fair share of embarrassing period moments. Even the best of us can't escape Mother. FIRST PERIOD, FIRST BRA by Lorien Loveshade I didnt even remember I had written this but I found what I wrote on the day of my first period and when I got my first bra! I was 11 1/2. I found more things in the box with it that I thought I had lost forever

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GIVING ADVICE AS PARENTS & Share PERIOD stories. We have open conversations with our kids so they can feel prepared for the future. Check out our friends - T.. My mother held a special gathering for me with important women I looked up to. The group of women joined hands around me: I was anointed with oils, adorned with jewelry, and blessed with wishes for a joyful and abundant womanhood. Recently I've been asking women about their first period stories As a 13-year-old, my expectation was to have another woman beside me to help me out, whether it be my mom, a close family member, or a friend. All the stories that I had heard so far about my friends' first period were with their moms or they were on their own

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  1. Menstruation. Let's talk about it. Nadya Okamoto, Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization PERIOD and one of Teen Vogue's 21 Under 21 Class of 2017, explains her first.
  2. By Mal | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth | Comment, like, share this story. Stand up against people who judge others and use your voice - WEAR IT.
  3. STORYTIME: MY FIRST PERIOD (Rushed To The Hospital)#gettingmyperiod #storytime So today's I share with you my experience of getting my period. I know this i..
  4. It's normal to get your first period as young as age 9 or as old as age 16, but the average age that most people start their periods is around age 12. Your age has a lot less to do with your first period than the way your body is changing during puberty

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My first period was embarrassingly late in life. I remember going to the doctor, asking why TF I was old as heck (15) without my period, coming home, going pee and being like, 'OH, THERE IT. Getting your first period is an important milestone in a young woman's life. It signals the beginning of a long phase of life (around 40 years!) that you may be fertile. This means that if you have sexual contact, you might get pregnant. While you may have learned about menstruation in school, you probably have questions about what to expect Menstruating for the first time can be shocking, confusing, and sometimes kinda scary. But first-period stories are something that binds all women together: We all have one, even the mega-famous.

This is the funny story of my first period! I was 12 years old and It was Halloween. I go to this boys and girls club after school and we were aloud to dress out so, I dressed up as Slenderman. I was so short though. My crush went to the boys and girls club too and we went to the hill to wait for the bus Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty. Cyrus shared her first period story with Marie Claire, revealing that the crimson tide rolled in at the Hannah Montana studio while she was wearing white pants. The My First Period Kit fits conveniently in your purse or backpack and is even cute & discreet enough that you can carry it alone. Filled with exactly what girls need such as pads, undies and more in case that 'OH EM GEE' moment happens unexpectedly. Makes a great gift for your daughter, niece, friend or family My best friend and I were bored, so we decided to jump into the pool. When we got out, everybody was laughing at me, It turns out I had gotten my period, and you could see in the water the blood I.

Nadya Okamoto, Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization PERIOD and one of Teen Vogue's 21 Under 21 Class of 2017, explains her first experience with menstruation from her new. My First Period Story: I thought I broke my butt! November 18, 2016. My Period Diary: I got my period in Tokyo! November 12, 2016. Embarrassing Period Story: The whole class saw my period stain! November 10, 2016. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name My First Period Story: I thought I broke my butt! November 18, 2016 Leave a comment. Reader submission. Upbeat Teen's first period story. Upbeat Teen writes: I was playing outside with my best guy friend's little brother (and btw I had a major crush on my best guy friend) This When Will I Get My First Period Quiz is here for you. A period is a natural phenomenon. It can be a little scary, though, if it's your first one. It depicts that your body is healthy and growing just fine... 2. Junior prom was the first and last time I ever used a tampon — well, tried to. I ended up getting my period and my best friend offered me a tampon. I didn't know how to use it, so she tried.

My First Period Story: I thought I broke my butt! November 18, 2016. My Period Diary: I got my period in Tokyo! November 12, 2016. Embarrassing Period Story: The whole class saw my period stain! November 10, 2016. Worst Period Story: Sleepover Nightmare! October 18, 2016. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Hello Sunshines Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only. I started my first period in school!! First period horror story.This is my fir.. A Period of Change, 2001. The first period I got in my entire life was when I was 10 years old. The date was September 11th, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked. It was a Tuesday and I had just gotten to school, and about an hour into first-block math class the telephone on the wall rang and the teacher's aid picked it up My dad asked what all the fuss was over so I told him I got my period and he just said 'oh' (he assumed I already had my period and had no idea it was my first time) Illustrated by Abbie Winters. I was the first of my friends to have my period, and I didn't really know what to expect. When I got the tampon in [on] the first try, I was so proud of myself.

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Social story: how I feel when I'm getting my period. For the first two weeks after my period, I feel fine. In the third week, I start getting headaches, feel tired, have trouble concentrating and get annoyed more often. I know this means I will probably get my period in a few days. I know these feelings will go away and that I will feel. Photo story: My first period. Confined indoors for seven days. Banned from using salt in food. Forced to miss classes at school. Nine girls from around the world bravely open up about the stigmas and difficulties they faced when they got their first period. Find out how we're helping girls and women tackle period taboos around the world > When I got my period for the first time, I had no idea what was going on and somehow convinced everyone that I was sitting in red paint. But I had started my period and went ALL day with it. Watch five women share their first period stories: There's nothing like embarrassing yourself as a freshman in high school. I stayed after my last class to get ahead on an assignment, and a few.

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HOW TO USE THE ALL GIRLS GET THEIR PERIOD SOCIAL STORY AND TIPS? July 26, 2016 May 2, 2020 Able2Learn period, puberty. Girls with special needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder, receive their periods just like. typically developing girls. Your daughter will require a lot of support to help her through this time Make a period kit. Many girls fear they'll get their first period at school or when they're away from home. To help your daughter feel ready, buy a small zippered pouch and stock it with a.

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At first, it felt weird — not painful, but just a completely different feeling. My advice is to make sure you trust this person so you can enjoy it even if it is awkward at first. — Carina. Either way, I tried period sex and this is what happened. 1. It Was The Most Slippery Sex Of My Life. Although I love the benefits of using lube during sex, I don't always have it on hand. But.

This is My First Pregnancy Story. I am twenty two years old, and this is my story. when i was seventeen i was in a bad placei had moved out of my parent's house and was living in a different house every week. i was heavy into meth, selling and using. after about nine months my periods stopped and i thought i was pregnantit was then that. 135. $3.00. PDF. Social stories are the BEST way to teach new experiences or expectations for your children! This social story walks a young woman through the steps of caring for herself and hygiene during her period. This 15 half-page social story comes with a sequencing page for the steps of how to change a pad. T i think im 12-8 months away from my first period idk . Ella (81015) 24 days ago . It can take up to a month for it to work but you should do it 6 to 10 times a day for faster results I guess! It didn't work for me and I stopped doing it because I want my period to come when it is ready and plus I don't have time to watch a video 6 to.

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My First Bikini. Hi my name is Kelly and I am 15 years old. I grew up in Portland Oregon living with my mom and my twin sister Tracy. Our Dad left when we were both small leaving our Mom to take care of us. She worked two jobs most of her life to make sure we always had a roof over our heads and food to eat and most of all love freebirdgirl1988. Xper 4. +1 y. I was 15. In the backseat of a car in a parking lot at night I let my boyfriend go down on me for the first time. A little manual stimulation plus a tongue swirling the clit did me just right. First time I realized my legs would tremble like crazy for the next half hour after I orgasm Sharing this here allows me to tell the story the way I remember it, and lets me add things as they come back to me. There are things that stand out in my mind clear as day, but smaller details will emerge, I'm sure, as I write out these memories. This is a very personal story, one that I am actually a little afraid(and a little excited) to tell I got up to get a flashlight in my closet, and when I got back, I tripped over one of my (many) shoes and landed on the bed right next to him! So we start kissing, you know, just the innocent.

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Period Stories by jesusislife. Period Stories Table of contents - I N T R O - So my brother had come home from college for the week and unfortunately I was on my period. There was a Mythbusters marathon so we were both lying on the couch watching Mythbusters all day. I made the mistake of wearing light pink sweatpants and a big sweatshirt My sister 8 hours ago had her first period, she is sleeping now but I can't. My mom and two older sisters left California to go to Australia about a week ago and I have not heard back from them. I have been trying to get hold of them but so far nothing

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8 first-period stories that will make yours seem like a

1. With my new, loving boyfriend, I was nervous to have the period sex talk. But once he saw the period blood, it for some reason turned him on and we had the best lubricated sex ever! Afterward. 1. One time I was playing an outdoor show and I was wearing a short skirt. My period came early, and unfortunately, in the middle of the set. I had to ask for a chair because I couldn't leave.

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The first period I got in my entire life was when I was 10 years old. The date was September 11th, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked. It was a Tuesday and I had just gotten to school, and about an hour into first-block math class the telephone on the wall rang and the teacher's aid picked it up My first time is the sort of story that mothers have nightmares about their only daughter having. I was two months shy of my 16th birthday and instead of the sweet seduction of an R. Kelly song in the background, I had [the horror movie] When A Stranger Calls First Period Symptoms Puberty in itself is a big sign that your first period's on its way. Here are a few to look out for, too: Developing breast buds: It can take three to four years for your breasts to then fully develop, but you can expect your period about two years after your breasts start developing

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The occasion of an adolescent girl's first period is often a very embarrassing and scary time, even if they have been prepared for it by their mother. One way to lighten the mood and celebrate. Not long after my first period, there was a school field trip I remember vividly. When I went to the bathroom, I realized that I had started a new cycle. I had to ask my teacher for a pad 8. Mother Daughter Bonding. I stayed at my dad and step-mums' house and shared a bed with my 10-year-old daughter. In the morning, I stood up on the bed to climb over my daughter, and my period. My first period was traumatic because I lived with just my dad who had no idea what to do, and also because I was a baby trans guy and it made me hate my body. I wear a pad in a pair of old woman.

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When will I start my first period? Quiz. 13 Questions - Developed by: Brooklynn - Developed on: 2020-11-21 - 9,404 taken - 16 people like it This is not so much advice as it is a story of my own personal experience. When I was in 8th grade I got my first period. My mother had told me it was going to happen eventually, but obviously I was nervous. When I got it (in class mind you), I came home pretty shaken up. I told my mum and she pulled a bottle of red wine out of the kitchen My First Time Having Sex at College. About. In intimate detail, one woman describes the first time she *almost* had sex during her freshman year at NYU. For more Glamour videos, click here. Many women are often surprised to learn that after having a baby, you can become pregnant again without actually menstruating first. This is because about 60% of women will ovulate before their first period postpartum. However, only about half of these women will have a long enough luteal phase to sustain a pregnancy after this first ovulation. The other 40% will have some sort of bleeding to. My First Period April 7, 2019 · #worldhealthday this is first time when a woman talked openly about periods and her experience of taking sessions with us on Mhm in front of man, women, children

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I made this quiz to help girls figure out when they will get their period. Be prepared, and remember no matter how much you want it or are dreading the day, it will come at its own time. But it's not all bad, you can sit out of gym class, and you have an excuse to overreact. Upgrade and get a lot more done! 1 There comes a time in every person with a vagina's life that they must start seeing an ob-gyn.I went for my first gynecologist visit after I got my first period, and she just acted like the. Unsatisfied with her own first period, the author of On The Day I Got My Period sent a request to her friends around the world to share stories about their first periods. She asked them to focus on the emotions of menstruation and not sexuality MY FIRST PERIOD STORIES. EXTAR FUN!!!! COUPONDS; HAIR PRODUCT; LAUGH OUT LOUND MOMENTS; Name * First. Last. Email * Comment * Submit. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates Why it helps: First off, if you want to write a memoir, this three-sentence description will form the structure of your book.In effect, it's a supershort story of your life—a beginning, a middle and the now, if you will. Even if you have zero impulse to write another word, however, the exercise can show you how you view yourself, your past and your present, all of which can inform your future M y first Covid-19 ICU duty was on 17 May in Rohtak, a day I will never forget. It was the first day I looked after patients of the pandemic, while bleeding through my personal protective equipment or PPE. I bled freely that day, though not out of compulsion but by choice