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Lectins: Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin I (UEA I), Biotinylate

Ulex europaeus agglutinin I binds to many glycoproteins and glycolipids containing α-linked fucose residues, such as ABO blood group glycoconjugates. This lectin preferentially binds blood group O cells and has been used to determine secretor status. It has been established as an excellent marker for human endothelial cells.Biotinylated Ulex europaeus agglutinin has an appropriate number of. Ulex europaeus agglutinin I binds to many glycoproteins and glycolipids containing α-linked fucose residues, such as ABO blood group glycoconjugates. This lectin preferentially binds blood group O cells and has been used to determine secretor status. It has been established as an excellent marker for human endothelial cells. Fluorescein labeled Ulex europaeus agglutinin I has an appropriate. No UEA I lectin labeling fiber was observed in the diseases examined. We then studied UEA I binding behavior on 70 biopsies of inflammatory myopathy to characterize the clinical features of UEA I binding positive patients. UEA I binding fibers were observed in 3 of 28 patients (11%) with other collagen diseases, 11 of 36 (31%) without these.

Lectins: Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin I (UEA I), Fluorescein

In a study by Dwek, Jenks & Leathem (2010), the specificity of UEA-1 lectin to α1,2-linked fucose sites was capitalized for detection of fucosylated serum free PSA in a direct enzyme-linked lectin assay. Their results demonstrated higher levels of fucosylated serum free PSA in patients with prostate cancer compared to those with benign. Anti-Lectin, Ulex europaeus-I antibody produced in rabbit whole antiserum, delipidized; Synonyms: Anti-Gorse or Furze Lectin,Anti-UEA-I; find Sigma-Aldrich-U4754 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldric UEA-I is unable to bind internal fucose structures 7 and the presence of an internal α(1,3)-linked fucose on the H type 2 oligosaccharide decreases lectin affinity for this blood group antigen 3-fold 8 . The carbohydrate binding site of the lectin is somewhat extended

bioWORLD Ulex europaeus Lectin (UEA I) - Cy3 - Cy3 can be used to visualize the binding pattern of Ulex europaeus Lectin (UEA I) in cellular imaging and flow cytometry. Cy3 is more photostable than many other fluorophores and can be seen with TRITC filter sets. It is commonly combined with green-fluorescent dyes for dual-labeling This lectin preferentially binds blood group O cells.There are two types of lectin: UEA I has an affinity for L-fucose and UEA II has an affinity for N,N'-diacetylchitobiose. The mol. wt. of UEA I was initially found to be 170,000 daltons. Later reports indicate that UEA I may form aggregates at neutral and basic pH and that the correct mol. wt. UEA-II thus forms the first example of a legume lectin with a promiscuous binding site and illustrates the importance of hydrophobic interactions in protein-carbohydrate complexes. Together with other known legume lectin crystal structures, it shows how different specificities can be grafted upon a conserved structural framework

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Ulex Europaeus-I Lectin is a 46 kDa glycoprotein known to interact with -L fucosyl residues in oligosaccharides present on the membranes of human blood group O erythrocytes, human endothelial cells and a variety of human and animal epithelial cells. This antibody reacts with Ulex Europaeus Lectin 1 bound to human endothelial cells of normal and. Article Snippet: After incubation with one of the six different FITC-conjugated lectins (PNA, MAA, DBA, UEA-I, GSAII and ConA) at the concentration of 20 μg/ml or the three different biotinylated lectins (MAA, PNA, and SNA) at the concentration of 15 μg/ml for 12-14 h at room temperature (all lectins were purchased from Vector Laboratories. UEA I has been sequenced and shown to exhibit extensive homology with many other legume lectins, but not with Lotus tetragonolobus, another l-fucose-binding lectin. Carbohydrate-binding studies indicate strong preference for 2-O-linked α- l -fucosyl units, the best trisaccharide inhibitor of the lectin being l -Fuc(α1-2)Gal(β1-4)Glc William C. Boyd alone and then together with Elizabeth Shapleigh introduced the term lectin in 1954 from the Latin word lego-, chosen (from the verb legere, to choose or pick out).. Biological functions. Lectins occur ubiquitously in nature. They may bind to a soluble carbohydrate or to a carbohydrate moiety that is a part of a glycoprotein or glycolipid

Lectins have been used as histological markers since the 1960s to evaluate renal capillaries (Yonezawa et al., 1983) or determine tumor origins (Tatematsu et al., 1982). Ulex europaeus agglutinin 1 (UEA-I), one of the lectins, has already been known to bind with human vascular endothelium (Mazzuca et al., 1982). Recently, the blood Crude Ulex europaeus Lectin (Gorse, Furze) -UEA-I-, 100m Ulex europaeus (Gorse) Lectin (UEA II) - Alkaline phosphatase. Login to see prices Add to Compare Add to Wishlist. Read mor In normal skin UEA I binds to epidermal cells which are at a certain state of differentiation. The results with psoriatic epidermis confirm that both uninvolved and lesional epidermis have a defect in epidermal maturation, as shown by the altered binding of UEA I lectin. PMID: 6357263 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Publication Types

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  1. C.D.B. Bridges, S.-L. Fong, in Neurochemistry of the Retina, 1980 MATERIALS AND METHODS. Lectins and FITC-lectins were obtained from a variety of sources: Miles-Yeda (Con A, LTA, WGA, SBA) 1, L'Industrie Biologique Francaise (UeA, PNA, WGA, HPA), Sigma (DBA, RCA-120, RCA-60, WGA), P. L. Biochemicals (RCA-120, SBA, WGA), Pharmacia (HPA).Haptene sugar inhibitors used were as follows: methyl-α.
  2. UEA I has a carbohydrate specificity for L-fucose and elutes with the sugar L-fucose. The lectin reacts strongly with alpha(1,2) linked fucose residues but poorly or not at all with alpha(1,3) or alpha(1,6)-linked fucose
  3. The UEA lectin specifically binds α-L-fucose; however, it is regarded an unspecific marker (Ordofiez and Batsakis 1984). In the current study, no significant difference was observed between the canine mammary tumor types
  4. bioWORLD Ulex europaeus Lectin (UEA I+II) - Macrobeads [21511222] - Separopore® macrobeads are larger size (160-250 micron) than average agarose beads that facilitate coupling of cells and organelles and enzymes. Affinity-purified Ulex europaeus Lectin (UEA I+II) was immobilized on 4% agarose macrobeads with proper configuration and stability of the lectin
  5. We have used (1) a lectin that comes from gorse, the Ulex europaeus agglutinin (UEA), α-l-fucose specific, (2) the α-galactose-specific BSI-B 4 that comes from Bandeiraea simplicifolia, and (3.
  6. The method used involved sequential binding of UeA lectin to the root and coupling of the bound UeA with fucosyl ferritin. Superficial dense ferritin labelling was found in the slime droplet ensheathing the root cap and in the external layer of the three-layered epidermal root surface. This pattern of binding of the fucose-specific lectin UeA.
  7. oglycans in the cerebellar development (Viejo Tirado et al., 1994). WGA lectin reaction in molecular layer and granule cell layer of cerebellum in Pb group showed lower staining.

First, a rodamine-labeled lectin was applied to the apical surface at 4°C for 1 h. Unbound lectin was then removed, and the temperature was increased to 37°C for 1 or 4 h to allow endocytosis to. Ulex Europaeus-I Lectin is a 46 kDa glycoprotein known to interact with -L fucosyl residues in oligosaccharides present on the membranes of human blood group O erythrocytes, human endothelial cells and a variety of human and animal epithelial cells. This antibody reacts with Ulex Europaeus Lectin 1 bound to human endothelial cells of normal and. Biotin Conjugated Ulex europaeus Lectin (Gorse, Furze) -UEA-I-, 2mg . Product volume may vary. With the exception of Diagnostic Microbiology Products all biochemicals described are for research use only. The biochemical reagents are not designed for use in therapeutic or diagnostic applications. We are unable to ship to individuals

With the use of various lectin-NPs, we investigated what kind of glycovariants of ITGA3 could be used to increase the cancer specificity of the assay. Among the lectins, we found UEA in combination with ITGA3 (ITGA3-UEA) to have significantly higher S/B ratio of pooled BlCa samples compared to pooled BPH samples In the present study, in order to establish a simple and reliable method for distinguishing between TLC and SCC, we examined the lectin Ulex europaeus agglutinin‐I (UEA‐I)‐binding patterns of TLC (4 cases), SCC (10 cases), malignant proliferating trichilemmal cyst (MPTC) (3 cases), Bowen's disease (4 cases), Bowen's carcinoma (4 cases. Colloidal Gold Conjugated Ulex europaeus Lectin (Gorse, Furze) -UEA-I-, 1mL 30nm quantity. Add to cart. GP-2201-40 : Colloidal Gold Conjugated Ulex europaeus Lectin (Gorse, Furze) -UEA-I-, 1mL 40nm. Add to Wishlist $ 152.75 Check the news of uea 1 lectin. Find top topics, trends and opinion of uea 1 lectin you need on echemi.com. Related Tags. megasphaera 1 madcam 1 1 bromopropane 1 methoxybutane 1 heptanol 1 propanamine 1 1 2 2 tetrachloroethane epinephrine 1 1000 vs 1 10 000 What does Medical & Science UEA-1 stand for? Hop on to get the meaning of UEA-1. The Medical & Science Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang UEA-1 means Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin. by AcronymAndSlang.co

Sections were treated for 1 h at room temperature with UEA-I lectin (Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA) at a concentration of 0.8 μg/ml in phosphate buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.2).. Incubation: Article Title: Characterization of a Propionibacterium acnes Surface Protein as a Fibrinogen-Binding Protei Lectins are a class of sugar-binding proteins of interest to pharmaceutical research due to their varied roles in diseases and specific presentation on different tissue types. Compounds that bind strongly to specific lectins may have potential both as drugs and targeting agents. The synthesis of multivalent scaffolds designed as lectin ligand mimics are presented in this work therapy efficacy using antibody or lectin conjugated phthalocyanine-PEG gold nanoparticles Girgis Obaid, Isabelle Chambrier, Michael J. Cook and David A. Russell* School of Chemistry, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ, UK *E-mail: d.russell@uea.ac.uk Abstrac Aspergillus species are saprophytic molds causing life-threatening invasive fungal infections in the immunocompromised host. Innate immune recognition, in particular, the mechanisms of opsonization and complement activation, has been reported to be an integral part of the defense against fungi. We have shown that the complement component ficolin-A significantly binds to Aspergillus conidia and. results suggest that UEA-I lectin is a specific and sensitive adjunct tool in demonstrating endothelial cells and endothelial derivation of human tumors. (Key words: Endothelial neo­.

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Lectin is a general term for carbohydrate-binding proteins, and UEA-1, a type of lectin that binds to α-fucose, does label the membrane of rodent taste bud cells (Kano et al. 2001; Wakisaka 2005; Taniguchi et al. 2008). However, the taste cell types that are labeled by UEA-1, and whether it could be employed as a taste bud marker in. Ulex europaeus (Gorse) Lectin (UEA II) - HRP. Category: UEA II Tags: GlycoMatrix, HRP. Affinity-purified UEA II is conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP) enzyme. HRP is most commonly used for blotting, immunoassays and immunohistochemistry methods. It is a 40 kDa protein that catalyzes the oxidation of substrates by hydrogen peroxide. New technologies based on microarray methods have begun to feature widely in carbohydrate chemistry and biology. These 'glycoarray' techniques, which in a number of cases emulate what has been achieved with DNA microarrays, allow for high throughput, quantitative analysis of protein-carbohydrate interactions. Lectin, antibody and enzyme specificity have been evaluated with these new.

lectins, with specificity for the various sugar moieties as shown in Table I. The most significant differences were noted with studies employing UEA I lectin. The results have been summarized in Figs 1-6. Scalp Biopsies In biopsies from uninvolved (occipital) scalp, the UEA I lectin, which has L-fucose specificity, was observed to bin UEA-1 is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. UEA-1 - What does UEA-1 stand for? Choanocytes displayed a particular affinity for Con A and less so for other lectins, but mesohyl cell stained intensely with most of the lectins. Cell localization of lectin binding in. Uea 1 Hrp, supplied by Millipore, used in various techniques. Bioz Stars score: 99/100, based on 1 PubMed citations. ZERO BIAS - scores, article reviews, protocol conditions and mor Imaging with Lectin Fluorescent Conjugates. Lectins are carbohydrate binding proteins that are highly specific to sugar groups attached to other molecules. Lectins, because of their specificity to their target, can serve to identify cell types or cellular components when used in conjunction with various labeling approaches, including.

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A family of seven topologically isomeric calix[4]arene glycoconjugates was prepared through the synthesis of a series of alkyne-derivatised calix[4]arene precursors that are suitable for the attachment of sugar moieties by microwave-assisted copper(I)-catalysed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC). The glycoconjugates thus synthesised comprised one mono-functionalised derivative, two 1,2- or 1. Summary. The staining reactions of the monoclonal antibodies anti-EMA, AGF 4:48 and the lectin UEA-1 from Ulex europaeus were investigated in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded sections of 36 primary ovarian carcinomas. The staining patterns wer UEA-1 is a plant lectin isolated fromUlex europaeus seeds (gorse seeds) by affinity chromatography. The lectin is homogeneous, containing 4.2% neutral sugar and 1.4% glucosamine (Horejsi, 1979). Its molecular weight is approximately 110 kD, comprising two covalently bound basic subunits (LS-C76695) Anti-UEA I Lectin Antibody (Biotin) LS-C76695 Antibody info; Supplier LSBio. Host Rabbit Clonality Polyclonal Conjugate Biotin View Product On Supplier's Website. Supplier suggested. Validations. None available. Applications. Diffusion based assays (Diffusion) Reactivity

Neoplasic cells in intermediate grade were moderately stained and in low grade, the cell membrane was intensely stained with UEA-I. Stroma presented a direct relation between malignancy and staining intensity for UEA-I. The results indicated that lectin histochemistry distinguished the cell biology among histological grades of MEC UEA-I is identified to have specific binding affinity with SW480 cells by interactions of four kinds of colorectal organ/tumor-derived living cells with 27 lectins. After conjugation of UEA-I with UCNP@SiO 2 COOH, the UCNP@SiO 2 -UEA-I provides high specificity toward mouse-bearing SW480 tumor, and displays reasonable tumor contrasts as. It is concluded that UEA-1 lectin is a more reliable endothelial marker in this setting than F VlII-RAg and may assist the demonstration of vascular invasion in these tumours. Keywords: follicular carcinoma, thyroid, vascular endothelium, lectins, factor VIII-related antigen Introduction The histological demonstration of invasive growth is. The non cytotoxic lectins GSL II, NPn, UEA I (indicated in bold letters in Table 1) showed an increased binding to apoptotic cells (Fig. 2). AxV served as a control. AxV served as a control. The MFI for the binding of the respective lectin to viable and apoptotic cells is indicated in Table 2

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Mouse ileum sections were stained with biotinylated lectins for fucosylated glycans and visualized using Alexa Fluor 555-conjugated streptavidin. The signals derived from lectin binding are shown in gray, and TO-PRO-3 nuclei staining is shown in blue. The lectins used were BC2LCN (A-C), UEA-I (D), PhoSL (E) and AAL (F) fucose-specific lectins, UEA-I and AAA. M. racemosus A B C Bright field FITC-AAL Fig. 1. Micrographs of M. racemosus Hyphae Treated with AAL. M. racemosus hyphae, grown in PDB for 12h, were incubated with FITC-AAL for 1h in the absence (A) and the presence of L-fucose (B) and of D-fucose (C). The hyphae were observed with Lectin binding to cutaneous keratinocytes 301 lectins. Then, fluorescein (FITC)-labeled GS I-B4 (Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO) and rhoda- mine-labeled UEA (Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA), each at a final concentration of 25 kg/ml in BSA/PBS, were added. Sample blanks received BSA/PBS How is Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin abbreviated? UEA-1 stands for Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin. UEA-1 is defined as Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin very rarely

Specific lectin-binding patterns are summarized in Tables 2 and 3. In any instance where reactivity is indicated, the reader should not assume every cell was reactive. The majority of lectin procedures, with the exception of UEA-1, showed some background staining UEA-1 - Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin. Looking for abbreviations of UEA-1? It is Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin. Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin listed as UEA-1. Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin - How is Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin 1 Lectin abbreviated Except for UEA-Iand SBA, each lectin displayed a specific binding pattern in all squamous cell carcino­ mas. Thelectin binding patternson squamous cell car­ cinoma are summarized in Table 3. Con-A,LCA, RCA-I,and WGA bound moderately to intensely to the cytoplasm and to the intercellular area ofall the tumorcells. PNAandPWM moderatel

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Lectin Array 95. RayBio ® Lectin Array 95. Detects glycan profiles using 95 lectins. Suitable for all liquid sample types. $1,460.58. CODE: GA-Lectin-95-12. Sizes: 12 Sample Kit 24 Sample Kit 48 Sample Kit. Quantity SUMMARY Lectin peroxidase histochemical analysis was carried out on pancreatic tissue from UEA-I binding to acinar cells, ductal cells, and intraductal mucus. UEA-I was bound to the cell surface and cytoplasm in normal and chronically inflamedpancreas, aswell as in pancreaticcancer Europe PMC is an archive of life sciences journal literature. A unique and sensitive ELISA technique for typing ABH antigens in bloodstains using UEA-I lectin--the removal of detergent with a Sephadex G-25 mini-column improves sensitivity UEA I Lectin (FITC) Cat No. G T X 0 1 5 1 2. Reference 3 Application: ICC/IF, IHC Product Note: Fucose blood group H. Package: 500 μg Peanut Lectin (PE) Cat No. G T X 0 1 5 0 9. Reference. Lectin identification of carbohydrate differences}, author = {Pang, K Y and Bresson, J L and Walker, W A}, abstractNote = {Binding of microvillus membranes (MVM) from newborn and adult rats by concanavalin A (Con A), Ulex europaeus (UEA I), Dolichos bifluorus (DBA), and Triticum vulgaris (WGA) was examined to determine the availability of.

Lectin Histochemistry of the Thyroid Gland RICARDO GONZALEZ-CAMPORA,MD, FELICIA SANCHEZ GALLEGO, MD, I N ~ SMARTIN LACAVE, PHD, JESUS MORA MARIN, MD, CLAUD10 MONTERO LINARES, MD, AND HUGO GALERA-DAVIDSON, MD The authors carried out a histochemical study with lectins (Ulex europueus agglutinin-I [UEA-I], Triticum vulgaris [WGA], Glycine max [SBA], Doiichos bifrorus [DBA], and Aruchis hypogueu. mousepheno.ucsd.ed Quick instructions. 1 : Choose a family of interest on the left frame or enter the advanced search menu. 2 : Lectins of this family are displayed, choose one available structure. 3 : The new frame will display the information on the molecule

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  1. e and biotin double-labeled dextran was a product of Molecular Probes (Leiden, Netherlands)
  2. al-fucosylated glycan structure generated by FUT1 and FUT2 and recognized by UEA-I, TJA-II, and SNA-II lectins. (G) Representative images of LcH and UEA-I lectin multiplex fluorescence microscopy of primary and metastatic melanomas (n = 18 for LcH, n = 19 for UEA-I)
  3. To QC CFG slides, single lectins or a combination of several lectins can be used to ensure that signals and binding patterns are matching previous assays, as binding patterns are known and publicly available. On QA/QC slides, lectins were tested at 10 μg/ml and if additional concentrations were tested, they are noted in the data files. Data files
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Comparative study of lectin reactivity in the vomeronasalLectin binding sites in the testis of the Japanese lesser(PDF) Lectin-Based Food Poisoning: A New Mechanism ofNitric oxide and superoxide dismutase modulate endothelialA Stem-Cell-Derived Platform Enables Complete