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So I just had my second top jaw surgery and I was told I had to wait to eat until after it was done and the bones grew to fit the position of where my jaw is now. How long does it normally take until I can chew again like a cheeseburger or chicken. I've been told I can eat soft pasta and that was 2 weeks ago I am a 38 year old guy. Waking up after surgery was a bit unsettling. I was nauseous and in pain and they said stuff like I can't give you anymore morfine and you have lost a lot of blood (850cc).. In the end they didn't pay any extra attention to the blood loss though

My tip for braces would be to get a Waterpik and use it any time you eat. My tip for surgery recovery would be to use a lot of ice, sleep upright, and be as active as you can after surgery (talking and walking throughout the day). My go-to drink was Ensure blended with protein powder, peanut butter and bananas The transformation post surgery was life-changing both cosmetically and medically. I gained a new sense of self-esteem and confidence I wouldn't have had without the operations! Breathing, eating and talking all became exponentially easier only a few months post-op So many of us uniting! I only had one jaw surgery. Just my lower jaw broken, cut, and screwed back together about 1 cm back. Almost like 2 jigsaw puzzle pieces. 6 screws total. Changed my face, straightened out my nose! Made me smile more since my bottom teeth weren't sticking out further than my top. I did mine over thanksgiving too. So miserable Cheers mate. The bottom line is that it usually takes about 6-8 weeks after jaw surgery recovery before you can eat normally. For fairly solid foods, it's important to wait until your surgeon gives the go-ahead. I was unfamiliar with what Eamon mentioned about wires in his mouth that were different than braces

After being on a liquid diet for 6 weeks, chewing is no longer a natural task. I had consciously think about the up-down motions, roll the tongue, push the food to the sides, etc, etc. Chewing now will also take effort -- keep in mind the jaws muscles are very weak. Even then, as I chewed, food fell out of my mouth because of my awkward tongue. She obliged with a wealth of useful information about her jaw surgery and recovery that's very useful in preparing for such an extensive treatment: @tinsleys_doublejaw_surgery. 1. GET MOVING. I wish that I knew how important it was to get up and move as soon as possible, really as soon as day 2, after surgery

Dr. Sultan did my upper jaw revision surgery after a different surgeon's operation left me with an upper jaw slant among other issues. I had reservations yet Dr. Sultan answered the plethora of questions and made me feel reassured of his capabilities and wisdom. I am currently a little over 2.. 5) Oatmeal. If you simply can't stomach another serving of eggs, instant oatmeal can be a good option for breakfast. Don't make steel-cut oats—they're too tough to swallow whole. I've relied on this basic oatmeal recipe, and you can add in some soft fruit such as bananas or mashed blueberries

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  1. For the first week after your surgery, your doctors and nurses will monitor the blood supply to your jaw and nearby tissue. They'll use a machine called a Doppler ®. It's noisy, but painless. It will be used every hour for the first 2 days after your surgery. After 2 days, your doctor will decide how often the Doppler will be used
  2. What To Eat After Jaw Surgery. For the first six to eight weeks after surgery, your diet should consist of liquids only. This includes soups, smoothies, mashed potatoes, and ice cream, among others. After your jaw heals completely, normal eating patterns can return
  3. Jaw wiring occurs after some types of jaw surgery or following a traumatic injury to your jaw. You may have your jaw wired for up to six weeks while recovering and need to plan, prepare, and.
  4. Usually a single jaw surgery lasts from 3 hours to 5 hours. While a double jaw surgery can go easily up to 6 hours (called bimax surgery). Corrective Jaw Surgery Risks. Like every surgical procedure, there are risks associated with corrective jaw surgery too, be it upper jaw surgery, lower jaw surgery or both jaws surgery (bimax surgery)
  5. Day 240: Before & After Open Bite. Posted on October 28, 2013 by R. 17. Here are a few images of my open bite before I started the orthodontic treatment and the ones to the right show after I had my braces removed last month. It's quite a difference. My arches are wider, my bite is fully closed. Dr
  6. Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic (or-thog-NATH-ik) surgery, corrects irregularities of the jaw bones and realigns the jaws and teeth to improve the way they work. Making these corrections may also improve your facial appearance. Jaw surgery may be a corrective option if you have jaw problems that can't be resolved with orthodontics alone
  7. Jaw surgery is typically performed to help readjust or correct the alignment of your jaw. It can involve your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Learn about the many types of jaw surgery, along with.

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A thumb-sucking case would be a great candidate for a non-surgical procedure. The problem is only the teeth and not the jaw. Someone who has an inherited issue is likely to have had a protruding jaw. Again, if it's severe, the surgical option may be necessary. but doing so may need a jaw surgery procedure to achieve the greatest straightening Few people know that the first plastic surgery was done in 800 B.C. At that time, smart Indian surgeons conducted the first so-called rhinoplasty — a surgical intervention that was destined to become of the most popular types of plastic surgeries in the world. Today's medicine is ready to offer people not only new noses, lips, breasts, and eye shapes, but also eternal youth

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After 45 minutes to an hour, you can remove the gauze to eat or drink. After wisdom teeth removal, you can eat soft, easy-to-chew foods that are room temperature or cold but not icy. Try to think less about the consistency of the food and more about how much chewing it involves Hi I recently had jaw surgery on the 17th because I had to get a hockpuck sized cyst removed that was growing in and eating it's way out of my jaw bone and had a bone grafting done to replace the loss bone mass. I needed time off, had left over vacation days exactly 22 hours Re: jaw clicking/popping after surgery. I just had this surgery August 27, 2012. This discussion was so helpful as technically I was supposed to be on a liquid diet for 6 weeks, but by week 4/5 I was starving, and had restorted to eating some pudding or things I could slurp down. At week 5 on the dot I got lazy and really desperate, and smashed.

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After impressions, measurements and x-rays, the orthodontist told me I actually had an underdeveloped lower jaw that could be corrected with surgery along with braces to fix my overbite. I was quite shocked and totally chickened out at the thought of surgery so nothing was done My Journey Through Orthognathic Surgery While preparing for my surgery, I found it extremely helpful to read about others' experiences. What I've found, however, is that almost every blog is about double jaw surgery, whereas I only had an upper jaw advancement - known as a Le Fort I. Long story short, the surgeon cut my upper jaw completely off of my skull and pulled it forward 5mm 1/15/2007 Alberta, Canada Sheryl Ubelacker CBC News (www.cbcnews.ca) Doctors at the University of Alberta have pioneered a technique that gives most patients treated surgically for tongue cancer the one thing they want most besides survival - the ability to swallow and speak. Most tongue and other oral cancers are caused by smoking and drinking alcohol - a combination tha

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  1. It's vital to keep the jaws aligned after surgery, so patients usually wake up with fixation devices or braces inside their mouths. In some cases, especially fractures, the patient's jaw is wired shut. Patients may find it difficult to swallow and talk for a few days. Chewing will be more difficult due to pain, swelling and immobilization
  2. The 10 Best Foods to Eat After Surgery to Promote Healing. There are 10 foods that will provide your body with the energy and nutrition it needs to fight off infections, accelerate healing, increase your strength and energy and maintain your nutrient stores. The best part is these top 10 foods are delicious
  3. The time spent in surgery varies depending on the nature of the exact procedure performed, but normally takes from 1-4 hours to complete, and the average length of stay for a corrective jaw surgery before and after is 2 nights
  4. On the third day after surgery, try foods like eggs, toast, or oatmeal. Gradually continue to increase solid foods as chewing doesn't cause any pain. If you experience pain when chewing, go back.
  5. Recommended Food List Following Oral Surgery. Prepare for your oral surgery procedure with New York City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Klausner.. Call us in Midtown NYC at ☎ Central Park Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery NYC Phone Number 212-888-8889 with any questions about Recommended Foods before Oral Surgery or for more information about Oral Surgery services or to schedule a.

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  1. How soon you can start eating or drinking after your tooth extraction can depend on extent of your surgery. Your surgeon can provide you with specific guidelines. Most recommendations allow starting liquids within a few hours of the surgery, along with soft foods that require little if any chewing -- such as ice cream or pudding
  2. Warm heat applied to the jaw muscles may also help with comfort after surgery, such as heating pads or microwaving a damp cloth. Cover up your bandage before bathing or showering so it's watertight
  3. A or C, for the first two days. Avoid any crunchy or hard foods, such as popcorn or pretzel sticks, for six to eight weeks. You also should eat foods that are room temperature immediately following your surgery. Avoid hot foods and drinks while still.
  4. It is not unusual for patients to feel down after the surgery. It can take time for patients to get use to their new bite and facial appearance. We can arrange for you to have the appropriate psychological support if required. Care after the surgery We encourage you to start drinking and eating soft foods after the surgery
  5. Post-surgery headaches occur for a combination of reasons. Most often, it is a side effect of the sedation medications exiting the patient's system. Headaches are also caused by dehydration or low blood sugar, since patients cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night prior to surgery. Image Source 6. Amnesi
  6. First of all, when having jaw surgery, you'll get general anesthesia and that will also keep you off work or school for at least a few days. Image Source: Harold P. Freeman. After the surgery, all patients remain at the hospital for at least 1 night and up to 4 days at the hospital to receive proper after-surgery treatment
  7. Jaw popping can be felt with or without pain, and it can range from being a mild irritation to an indication of a more serious health problem. This MNT Knowledge Center article looks at jaw.

I had an accident that forced jaw surgery in 3 places when I was 22 (my mandibles and chin) it was an experience that changed my life for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have many stories from my experience after my surgery but I can relate to not looking therefore not acting like yourself 1. a little bit of jaw stiffness/dull pain - is this normal to continue after 1.5 weeks? 2. a small flesh like lump (almost cyst looking) on the inside cheek located directly where the stitches use to be (at least I think) located on the bottom right wisdom tooth. It is fleshy/whitish in colour and I really cant tell if the lump is soft or hard. Now that you know there can be serious consequences post-dental surgery, here is how you avoid these unpleasant complications. Follow surgery after-care instructions - After your dental procedure, your will have specific care instructions to follow. These can range from not eating for 12+ hours to not using straws to drink for a few days

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  1. If swelling or jaw stiffness has persisted for several days, there is no cause for alarm. This is a normal reaction to surgery. When you have reached 36 hours after surgery, the application of moist heat to the sides of the face may be beneficial in reducing swelling. Diet. Drink plenty of fluids
  2. g this decision with my surgeon's office and.
  3. imize trauma to the surgery sites from chewing and keeping bits of food from getting into the open wounds we called sockets
  4. My surgery, which happened on January 19, 2017, had no complications and took around an hour. Dr. Liess says there are two ways to perform the surgery, but that he prefers the method that goes.
  5. A jaw surgical procedure is done to deal with a significant overbite or underbite. Jaw surgeries differ in rate from $5,000 to $80,000. The price of a jaw surgical procedure is impacted by several factors like area, the healthcare facility the surgery is performed in, the severity of the jaw misalignment, issues encountered, orthodontic charges, if the surgery is for clinical or factors, as.

First Surgery Recovery Days 43 and 44: Lip numbness going away. Thursday and Friday, February 20 and 21, 2014 and I plan on chewing several meals this weekend to exercise my jaw muscles. This should allow my jaw opening to increase a bit more each day. My jaw opening is always at its largest after I get done eating dinner. This is because I. Your surgeon may send you home with a list of what to eat after wisdom teeth removal. You may have swelling, numbness, and pain immediately after your surgery, so you may want to plan and stock your pantry or fridge ahead of time with these soft foods so you don't have to go to the store until you feel better. Here's a convenient list of foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Update - 3.5 weeks after cervical spine surgery. December 13, 2013. tags: cervical spine surgery, neck surgery, pain. It is now three and a half weeks since I had my surgery on my neck. Compared with all the drama of the jaw surgery this has been pleasingly uneventful How Much Weight To Lose After Jaw Surgery Stalled Weight Loss On Keto Diet What To Eat At Red Lobster On Keto Diet Keto Pills On Shark Tank Episode sort results by: best selling new to store a-z z-a customer rating low to high price high to low price savings dollars savings percen Jaw Tightness or Limited Mouth Opening. This is normal following surgery and will improve and resolve over time. On occasion, you may be shown jaw exercises to help increase your jaw opening. Dizziness or Lightheadedness. After IV sedation or general anesthesia for wisdom tooth removal, some patients may feel dizzy when standing up

After the initial recovery period of 24-48 hours, it is permissible to begin eating soft pieces of bread or lightly toasted bread. However, refrain from eating bread with crunchy crust (such as french bread) for up to 2 weeks following your extraction to minimize the possibility of an injury After the surgery, I tried to eat as many different types of foods as possible before I started radiation treatment. The radiation causes quite a bit of discomfort in your throat and it completely kills your appetite. I was glad I developed those muscles prior to radiation, because I really didn't eat for two or three months The surface of the teeth will smoothen out after the deep cleaning process. Your dentist should always clean and disinfect his tools afterwards. Periodontics Surgery. Surgery in the gums has different options ranging from pinhole surgery, flap surgery, pocket reduction, and more. Preparation for periodontal surgery may take 24 hours without. Oral Surgery in the Correction of Unequal Jaw Growth. The bones of the skull and jaw develop very gradually and continue to grow throughout adolescence and very early adulthood. Often, the growth process may be interrupted by one or a combination of external stimuli, causing the upper and lower jaw bones to develop at varied rates Foods to Eat After Having a Tooth Pulled. On Thursday I had to have a cracked, back tooth extracted. #18 to be precise. I knew it was going to be difficult to eat for a few days because of the swelling and soreness from having someone in there with dental pliers yanking a piece of me out and leaving a gaping hole

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Double Jaw Surgery—The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Alright y'all, if you've been following along on my Instagram, then you know I recently had orthagnotic surgery to realign my upper and lower jaw. I've needed this surgery for years and am so happy I was finally able to get it! It's a brutal surgery, that required six long, sleepless. Having an uneven jaw bone can cause pain around the jaw joint and temple, even stretching toward the shoulder. Additionally, patients experience tightness in the jaw and cheeks, as well as clicking sounds coming from the joint. Most of the time, that sound is audible to other people as well. However, some people just register it as popping. After the surgery your face is swollen and you're in a lot of pain, so much so that for the next few days you can't get out of bed. He knows how much you hate this, how you'd rather be outside or in the library, or just pacing around your room letting your thoughts drift this way and that, but now it brings you too much discomfort to do so Generally, fewer than 3 people out of 100 will get an infection after surgery. But your chances go up if you're older, you smoke, you're overweight, or you have diabetes or other medical issues If you are lying down following surgery, make sure you sit up for one minute before standing. Keep the mouth clean. No rinsing of any kind should be performed until the day following surgery. The day after surgery you should begin rinsing roughly 3-4 times a day, especially after eating, with a teaspoon of salt mixed into one cup of warm water

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  1. Patients must follow a liquid diet until the jaw heals. During recovery after underbite surgery, jaw pain and discomfort can develop. Patients must wear braces for approximately a year to align the teeth. Underbite surgery also comes with some risks, including general anesthesia reactions, chances of infection, bleeding problems, and scarring
  2. Two to three days after your wisdom teeth removal, the initial swelling in your mouth and cheeks will improve. If stitches were used to close up your surgical sites, Dr. Williams will remove them 7 days after your surgery. Within 7 to 10 days, Aurora patients should have relief from any stiffness in the jaw. Within 2 weeks, bruising around the.
  3. These result in uneven chewing, putting stress on the jaw line. Previous jaw fracture. Even after the bone has healed, you are at greater risk of developing TMJ. Jaw surgery. After recovery, your jaw may lose some mobility, prompting the development of TMD. Lockjaw, also called trismus. If you cannot fully open your jaw, you may also develop TMJ
  4. The maxillofacial surgeon performs the surgery based on the condition and makes recommendations treatment based on medical history, development, the severity of the condition, and age. Surgery of lower jaw line is quite complicated because mandibular jaw performs many functions and have many purposes
  5. Cancer and some cancer treatments (i.e., surgery or radiation) can cause injuries to the structures that control jaw movement. If you have had head or neck cancer, or have had surgery or radiation treatment for these cancers, you have about a 30% chance of developing lockjaw. 
  6. Tooth implant pain after surgery. Some pain during implant recovery is to be expected. Placement is an invasive procedure and soreness is the body's natural response. Most commonly it lasts 3 days after the surgery and is quite mild. You should not need to take painkillers for longer than a week

A concern about permanent numbness after lower jaw surgery. I am a 19 year-old, and I've just gotten braces the other day for a plan to fix my protruding lower jaw. When I visited my first orthognathic surgeon for a consultation, he informed me that there is a risk of permanent loss of sensation on and around the tip of the middle of my lower lip Two jaw surgery, involving complex incisions and osteotomies, leads to relatively heavy post-surgery swelling—prolonged swelling of such severity may lead to sagging skin. Therefore, in two jaw surgery, recovery and swelling care have as great impact on the results as the success of the surgery itself This guide contains an effective clear liquid diet after oral surgery recommended for people who had oral or jaw surgery. When you find it difficult to eat because of severe oral pain, you need to change diet and re-plan your daily food intake especially when you know it's a mix of more solid food. Though this is just for a short period of time it comes with a nutrient that will hasten the. Recovery time after double jaw surgery varies from one patient to another, but in general, patients can expect to be largely back to normal after about 6 weeks. All patients will have to spend at least two days in a hospital facility after the surgery for observation. 1st day after the surgery: - Eating thin rice gruel and drinking fresh. After 7 - 10 days of your teeth removal, you can start having normal food. These normal foods include fruits, bread, cake, coffee, juices, etc. Also, do not bite the solid foods with your extraction site until the wounds are healed. Be cautious while eating because the gum wounds take a pretty long time to heal after surgery

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The time it takes for the hole to fill varies. If the extraction required plenty of tissue removal, then the hole may take longer to fill. However, after all this time, it is unlikely for food to cause a problem as long as you rinse the area after eating. In normal circumstances, you should avoid using a straw for one day only I feel a bit lucky.No cavities so far.I was very worried about getting a cavity after jaw surgery. The environment seemed perfect.Stuck Food. Less Brushing. Flossing - HA! Like that was going to happen!Right out of jaw surgery, I was good. I was banded but I brushed the outer side of my teeth after Eating with an Expander: Tips and Tricks. Almost four years ago, on the night before Thanksgiving, my daughter knocked her two front teeth out while jumping on her bed. After an emergency call to the dentist and reassurance that they were just baby teeth, she settled into bed with the promise of extra mashed potatoes the next day

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Eating applesauce requires very little jaw movements, which does not put any strain while eating. Hence, this is one of the foods to eat after a tooth extraction that also promotes faster healing. Ice Cream. This is probably one of the tastiest foods to eat after a tooth extraction Trismus occurs when a person is unable to open their mouth more than 35 millimeters (mm).It can occur as a result of trauma to the jaw, oral surgery, infection, cancer, or radiation treatment for. Orthognathic surgery or corrective jaw surgery is a method of treatment that may be advised for patients who have severe jaw size problems, including asymmetry. This discrepancy of the jaw bones. Complications. Treatment. Mandibular retrognathia is the condition of having a visibly recessed chin and overbite. It is a common condition that can affect more than just a person's self-image. In some cases, it can lead to: Jaw misalignment. Eating pain. Orthodontic problems Avoid eating or drinking for the first hour after your surgery (with the exception of liquids needed as an aid with taking medication). Over the following 24 hours, drink plenty of fluids so you stay properly hydrated. Choosing soft or liquid foods makes it less likely that you'll traumatize your extraction site when eating

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Jan 20, 2016. #77. Chigirl1972 said: I had acculift and v line. Don't do either of these. acculift sucks out necessary facial fat and v-line thread lifts do not last. If they are telling you that you need these, it is because your facial skin will sag after your jaw surgery and you will likely need a facelift, like me Facial Collapse and How to Fix It. After your teeth are all extracted, the jaws begin to shrink. Your body now considers the bone in the jaws to be useless, and it takes those minerals for use elsewhere. Over a period of ten or twenty years, you will end up with a condition called Facial Collapse. Degenerative dental disease is the most. After a very long time of denture wearing, I'm losing gum and bone. Can this be fixed? Research shows that once the teeth are removed, the jaw bone shrinks and changes shape. Typically, dentures should be checked every year, and often they should be remade when they lose their fit and are loose in your mouth after 5-10 years of use Trouble chewing due to pain or a stiff jaw. Excessive mouth breathing, even when the nose is clear. Sleep problems because of pain or pressure on the jaw or face when lying down. Trouble with speech, which may occur if pain or stiffness inhibit the natural movement of the jaw. Facial or jaw pain that occurs after eating or speakin

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Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth — the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the top and bottom. If a wisdom tooth doesn't have room to grow (impacted wisdom tooth), resulting in pain, infection or other dental problems, you'll likely need to have it pulled Surgery may be used to repair a severe break in your jaw. RISKS: Treatments, such as surgery, may lead to swelling, pain, bruising, bleeding, and infection. Even after treatment, you may have trouble eating or opening your mouth. CARE AGREEMENT: You have the right to help plan your care. Learn about your health condition and how it may be treated The Jaw Surgery Option. Before visiting Dr. Muslin, this patient saw five dental specialists, who all recommended jaw surgery and braces. Although jaw surgery may correct the bite, the outcome is not predictable. If Dr. Muslin believes that jaw surgery offers a better solution he will tell the patient

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The answer, however, isn't as simple as reeling off a whole list of foods or ingredients. On the contrary, what may be good for one individual after wisdom teeth removal, isn't necessarily good for another. Moreover, there are several elements that can and do affect the type of food you eat after tooth extraction Apr 23, 2014. #2. Hi there, I'm not a dentist, but I had two impacted wizzies in my lower jaw taken out recently. I would say it probably took about 8-11 months for the extraction sites to heal completely, and by completely I mean both the jaw bone and the gum tissues healed. It sounds like the surgery to extract your lower right wisdom tooth. Here are some tips for providing quality, compassionate aftercare for pet dental surgery: 1. Rest Up. Preparing a quiet, warm, and comfortable area for your pet to rest after surgery will help in the healing process. Your pet should begin recovering from the anaesthetic within a few hours, though it can take 24-48 hours to fully recover

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I saw an orthodontist who recommended braces and then jaw surgery. My lower jaw is too small and sits further back giving me an overbite and bad bite. I wanted to know if there's any way to avoid having the surgery, will my smile/jaw look any less crooked after the invisalign? (just enough w.. Don'ts: Don't smoke:For at least 48 hours after tooth extraction do not smoke. The chemicals in the smoke can affect the clot and hence the chances of developing dry socket 3-4 days after tooth extraction increases. Don't eat solids immediately after: While you still have numbness it's best not to eat solids The most common cause of a slipped disc in the jaws is an internal derangement of the jaw joint (TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint) is an anterior misalignment, displacement, or slippage of the articular disk. Symptoms of slipped jaw discs are often localized jaw pain, and audible popping sounds with jaw movement When he broke his jaw in 2011, it was the day after the UFC's accident insurance policy for all contracted fighters kicked in. I think I was the first person to use it, Swanson said. Less than six months after Guillard's flying knee, Swanson debuted in a losing effort against Ricardo Lamas at the first UFC on FOX event in November 2011 Some people have better luck switching to a damp teabag after using gauze to stop most of the bleeding. The tea leaves can encourage clotting and reduce the discomfort in the back of the mouth. 3. Managing the Physical Discomfort. A wisdom tooth extraction is still a surgery, so physical discomfort after the procedure is normal

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Beyond that, the pain returns about 3 percent of the time in years two through four after surgery, 2 percent after five through nine years, and less than 1 percent from the 10th year forward. 2 In truth, there is not much research in long-term pain relief after MVD surgery beyond 10 years. Many TN patients, however, remain pain-free after their. After the procedure, you may have to change your eating habits for a bit. You shouldn't feel much (if any) pain right after but you will still be numb. As the local anesthesia wears off, the pain.

Surgery: In this method the jaw bone is intentionally broken from several places. After the surgery, the patient has to wear a custom-made device. Surgical method is used when there is a need of wider expansion of the upper palate which cannot be achieved through palatal expander The recovery process after undergoing surgery is not easy. It is long and boring. Your wounds will be painful, so you need painkillers. That means you should never try to smoke weed once or twice. You have to remain sober while recovering. Just think of the possible side effects if you smoke weed after surgery Does Eating Broccoli Increase Testosterone Best Most Natural Way To Boost Up Testosterone. Mvp Mega Male Enhancement When Does Testosterone Start Reducing In Males ★ Jaw Enhancement Surgery Male Before After. Would You Increased Testosterone Increase Hunger Best Herb For Testosterone Increase How long before I can eat and will there be a lot of pain? Ravi Goyal, BDS says: Dear Jen G, This depends on what are you looking at single tooth replacement, for implant bridges or full mouth implants, with single tooth implant or small multiple teeth bridges the down time is zero to 2-3 days and for a full arch to full mouth rehab can take. I don't but my sister does. She did it at the same time. The most difficult thing was post-surgery since you have to breathe in through your mouth (due to rhinoplasty - she used ribs btw) and you can't eat solid foods (jaw surgery.) So it's like double the pain haha. You face and nose will hurt at the same time