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  1. How to Add Crown Molding to a Billy Bookcase. Billy bookcases, designed and sold by Ikea, come in a variety of heights and two different depths, allowing you to form a custom storage system that.
  2. Add farmhouse style and a built-in look by adding moulding to the Ikea Billy Bookcase system. Ikea's Billy bookshelf built-in wall is by far my favorite addition to our small townhouse home. It provides both practical storage that we desperately need, as well as a pretty place for decor
  3. The bookcases have doors and are a tight fit in the openings on either side of the fireplace. The room already has existing crown molding and chair rail. Continuing the crown molding around the ceiling will work fine and really give them the built in look. I'm a little stumped on how to end the chair rail though
  4. An easy way to make a plain bookcase look better by installing crown molding on it

Jan 14, 2014 - Ikea hack: adding beveled crown moulding to Billy bookcases @ brittanyMake With the crown molding up i did the same thing for the base molding. Next it was time to hide the seams between the bookcases with thin wood called latices. After a quick coat of paint and primer (matched from a small shelf) i was ready to style the bookcase! I created a video about how I did this hack: YouTube. Theodore Leaf

The part that makes the IKEA BILLY bookcase look custom is the trim work so we added crown molding to the top. In order to add the crown, you'll need an extra piece of wood at the top to have something to attach the crown moulding to. In order to do that, we added a couple of 1x2s to the top using a brad nailer Add Crown Molding to Your Billy Bookcase. Credit: thevintagerugshop.com. Wanna style your Billy and make it look more glamorous? Add a crown molding! The supplies you'll need for this endeavor: one basic pine board, basic pine trim, 8′ crown molding, caulk, some color which matches your bookcase. Tada Hold the two-pieces up to the bookcase to check the fit. Trim and adjust the miters as necessary to achieve a perfect fit. Cut the right-hand piece to size with a miter saw. Install crown molding along the top with 1 ¼-inch brads. Attach the bottom with 1-inch brads. Cut the front piece about 3/16 inch longer than required

So we added a 1 x 8 pine board, inset 2″ from the front of the bookcase. There is a 1 x 2 in the back, on the other side, behind the 1 x 8 to stabilize it. And then we added another piece of shoe molding to the top to hide the gap between the 1 x 8 and the bookcase. Because nothing says fancy like a piece of shoe molding Molding for IKEA Billy bookcases? Because I don't have a ton of money to spend and I wanted a nice long and low white bookcase for my bedroom (hard to find!!), I purchased 3 white Billy bookcases from IKEA. I got 2 smaller ones and one larger one and plan to put them all together with the two smaller ones flanking the larger one Cost: four 15 deep Billy bookcases at $69 each ($300 with tax), plus plywood, crown molding and trim: $65. Total = $365 Not a bad price for sturdy wall to wall built-in bookcases completed in a weekend. * update: many asked about paint colors

Aug 9, 2014 - How to add molding to plain bookcases. Step by step tutorial We install the crown molding with our portable pin nailer. The compound miter's allowed the trim to wrap seamlessly around the corners. Next, we add some detail to the side of the cabinet by applying flat strips of wood to create a paneled look. Finally, we finish off the bottom by adding a simple baseboard

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To add crown molding and lights we needed to add an extra piece of ¾ x 2 trim on top (trim, crown and base all purchased from Lowes). I have tried and tried to figure out the best way to do this and was resolved to four Billy bookcases, two in the middle being the 15 inchers and the ones at the end being 12 inches, but because of the. Beveled Crown Moulding To Billy Bookcases. Wow! Can you believe what a difference adding some beveled crown molding makes on the Ikea bookcase? Brittany Makes created such beauty by making some minor adjustments that had a huge impact. Ikea Bookcase Hack Transformed Into Mudroom Lockers

Enhance your Farmhouse Office with our easy to do DIY book shelf, using the IKEA Billy book shelf hack. These white shelves will enhance any room and highlight your favorite home decor elements, by organizing them giving you a styled bookcase. Add these home decor shelves to your DIY book case ideas and continue reading more to learn how to build these book cases yourself Crown molding is one of the most elegant details you can add to a room in your home. It has even more of a visual impact when you install crown molding on fu.. So last week I left you with the AirStone fireplace all installed and I just had to add final finishes like adding the crown to the top of the IKEA Billy built-in bookcases, adding baseboards, patching up the adjustable shelving holes and then painting all that to match. I wanted to show you how I installed the crown molding

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How to Add Crown Molding to a Billy Bookcase. Measure the outside depth of your Billy bookcase. Cut the two depth pieces of crown molding for the sides of your bookcase. Mark the actual depth measurement on the back of the cut pieces of molding. Hold the front side of the left piece of crown molding upright against the rear wall of a. If you are wanting to have hard-wired lighting, this is where you want to call in an electrician. Materials Used For IKEA Hack. We purchased and put together the following IKEA Billy Bookcase items: (4) Billy Bookcases 31.5″x79″x11″ (4) Billy Bookcase Height Extension 32″x14″x11″ (8) Oxberg Doors 5. Add a piece of crown molding to the two outer sides of the bookcases to complete the crown molding top. Align the 45-degree mitered corners of the front piece of crown molding with 45-degree.

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The top is composed of four IKEA Billy bookcases spaced evenly with 2x4s We added molding between each bookcase to hide any gaps or seams. We dressed our built-ins up a bit by adding the crown molding and wood detail to the doors, and painted the MDF first with Kilz Latex Primer, then regular white paint Brittany of Brittany Makes stenciled an ikat pattern onto the backing of two wide Billy bookcases using graphite chalk paint, then added beveled crown molding. The result is an eye-catching bookcase wall with lots of dimension. Get the how-to at Brittany Makes. Three-quarters library wal Tutorial to Add Beveled Crown Molding on Billy Bookcase (Ikea) This is an excellent storage solution for A's bedroom. Besides the crown molding, the custom back panel allows you to pull in other colors or patterns. This takes a little bit more work, but it will make your bookcases look built in.source How to add Beveled Crown Molding on IKEA BILLY Bookcase: There are lots of fun ways to beautify your spaces especially when you have a creative mind with crafty hands. Here is the lovely idea of adding the double beveled crown shelves to your living or hall spaces and enhance the tidiness and beauty of it as it would store a huge amount of.

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Attach Billy to your wall stud for extra security. Your unit should be super secure now, you can add your drawers and start decorating your shelves! EXTRA's, This was done in 1 day, but in the future I will be adding crown molding to the top of the Billy as well as some moldings around the edges to give it a more finished look As shown below, you can buy glass doors to add to the Billy bookcases. I think they look more expensive/higher end with the doors, but the doors do add a fair amount to the cost. The glass doors are $45 each, so that adds $90 to the cost of each bookcase. The doors for the top extension shelf are $15, so an additional $30 for each bookcase Below is our shopping list from IKEA and the hardware store. I also provided step-by-step instructions on how you can make your own built-ins. From IKEA: (2) 31.5W Billy Bookcases - click here. (2) 31.5W height extension units (I wanted the built-ins to go all the way to the ceiling) - click here. (1) 15 3/4W Billy Bookcase - click here

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This guide on how to add crown molding to a bookcase will elevate any room's decor. Article by Thistlewood Farms. 1.8k. Furniture Projects Furniture Makeover Home Projects Diy Furniture Moldings And Trim Crown Molding Moulding Bookcase Shelves Cheap Bookcase I'll be back in a couple of days to show her off with all her jewelry on! Cost breakdown: 4 Billy Bookshelves with 4 20 extenders= $280 ($300 with tax) Crown Molding= $15.00 (more if you want to do the whole room as we did) Quart of paint ( Benjamin Moore Boca Raton Blue )= $13.00. Trim pieces from Lowes 5x$8.00= $40

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Prefab to post fab bookcase enhancements for that just built-in look as promised. Yes, you can build a better mousetrap aka bookcase by adding a touch of custom through one featured accent or a full redo. Crown and trim moldings easily punctuate the custom look Adding Beveled Crown Moulding to Billy Bookcases: Make the insides of your Billy bookcase look even more charming by getting your hands on this hack. The tutorial suggests using beveled crown moldings to be glued inside the IKEA Billy bookcases We have 2 of these same billy bookcases in our tiny master bedroom. We couldn't fit a dresser in it so we added some crown molding to the top to give a more custom look and added the Ikea doors that are made for the Billy bookcase to the bottom half of the 2 Billy bookcases and it acts as our dresser Aug 9, 2014 - How to add molding to plain bookcases. Step by step tutorial

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Fine furniture is usually finished with as much trim and molding as the style allows. Thus, you can make a cheap bookcase look more expensive by adding molding—even if it starts as an everyday laminate piece. Kate from Centsational Girl made a pair of IKEA Billy bookcases unrecognizable by installing base and crown molding. She also added a. The gorgeous built-ins started as plain Billy Bookcases and then when extensions and doors were added the entire piece was totally elevated. Crown molding was added along with a few other tricks! Come on over and see step by step how this beauty took form. The end result is high end and simply stunning Ways To Customize Your Billy Bookcase. From a simple paint job to a total redesign, here are some simple ways you can customize your Ikea Billy. Attach Billy Bookcases together. Add sliding doors. Line with Wallpaper. Decorate with molding. Use to hide unsightly fans & vents. Insert drawers. Add beautiful doors with glass

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IKEA Billy Bookcase 31.5 x 79.5. IKEA Billy Bookcase 15.75 x 41.75. IKEA Bookcase 31.5 x 41.75. IKEA Billy Height extension kit . 1 board - 11.5 in x 78.5 in x 1 inch tall. 1 inch trim - 78.5 in long. 1 board - 9×2 (90 inches long) Molding for the length of your wall and to wrap the top of your bookcases Crown molding (for above the shelves) 1×6 MDF (we needed this to help hide some of the 2×4's and give a smooth base for the crown molding portion, since we needed to add more height than the crown molding options could offer) Baseboard (we used 2 different heights, and stacked them to make them taller to cover the 2×4 base Crown molding was then cut and nailed to hide where the box meets the ceiling. We also nailed in some decorative trim around the bottom edge of the box to give it some more detail. To give the edge of the bookcase some thickness, we glued and nailed some simple rounded trim flush with the outside edge Love love love this built-in billy bookcase hack by A Beautiful Mess. The key to a good IKEA built-in hack is trim and paint, and they nailed both in this room! If you want an IKEA bookcase to look 100% custom its really important to trim the bookcase to cover any unsightly gaps. The crown moulding is the perfect added touch for this IKEA hack. Photographer Erin Kestenbaum's closet has made the rounds on Instagram and design blogs with good reason — that colorful space is an IKEA Pax hack! You can read all about the transformation on her blog where she details the steps. In a nutshell: We added baseboards, crown moulding, shoe moulding, recessed puck lights for in-cabinet lighting, refaced the fronts and sides of the wardrobe.

We also decided that we wanted a true library look so we also purchased the Billy bookcase extension unit for each bookcase. These add another 14 to the top of the base bookcase. Since our ceilings are 96 this would get us within 2 of the ceiling. Eventually, we plan on adding crown molding to cover the gap Simply add crown molding or trim big enough to fill that gap and voila! Your bookcase looks like it's a built in. I used a piece of 5 1/2″ inch flat baseboard for the crown molding here. Shelf Trim. Adding trim to your shelves can really make your bookcase look like it's a built in. I used 1 inch wide trim and simply tacked it onto the. Like I did a few years ago with Abby's office office bookshelves, I decided to add crown moulding to the top of the entertainment unit to give it a more built-in look. We decided to use Windsor One Classical Craftsman Crown Molding , which is the same moulding we're planning to add along the ceiling line in this entire space When your home is a gorgeous historic structure like this bloggers, IKEA furniture stands out like a sore thumb. That's why adding crown molding around built-in BILLY bookcases was a must.. See.

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We used 1/2 strips of pine to connect the gap between our large and small bookcases and create a seamless look. Then it was time to nail in the crown molding. After some trial and error, we ended up going with a pretty simple piece of crown and borrowed a nailer from a friend ORC Week 2: Ikea Billy Bookcase hack. This week I will be sharing how to turn a plain wall into a custom built-in library wall using IKEA Billy bookcase hack. The best part of this DIY project is how unbelievably affordable it is. Having contractors create built-ins for us would have cost us thousands of dollars From Billy to Built-Ins. Our house is a three bedroom, two large bedrooms and one smaller. The smaller is of course the best choice for either an office or nursery. We wanted to plan for an office now, and if we ever needed it down the road, an easy transition to a nursery. Office Before (sorry about erroneous bookshelf in the way!

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So after all that, here is where we are on the list of things to do for my dressing room mini-makeover: Sand and repaint the chest of drawers. Add DIY faux marble top *. Spraypaint new light fixture. Replace pink chandelier. Add trim and cornicing to Billy Bookcases. Prime and paint bookcases So I went to Cincinnati to pick up 4 Billy bookcases ($240), 8 extension units ($160 total) and 16 Oxberg doors $$560). Since my ceilings are 9.5' each bookcase has two extenders on the top of them. This left me 6 from the top of the extension to the ceiling. Nothing a little molding and crown couldn't handle

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We are also adding crown molding at the top of the shelves to keep it extra classy and less, puzzled together. There are three different bookcases that will go into this wall-o-fun, all from Ikea. First, the Billy bookcase will flank each of the far sides of the right side of the sliding door and we are actually cutting down a full size Billy. IKEA BILLY. The Ikea Billy units are bookcases that can be used f0r much more than books. We've got some great Billy hacks for you here, Shelley at Crazy Wonderful recommends adding crown molding to the top of your PAX closets to instantly change the feel... and we think you'll agree that this a great tip going by how stunning her closet. Adding Trim to Cover the Seams. Once the boxes were screwed in and attached to the shelf, it was time to cover up all the seams on the DIY Built-In Billy Bookcase. For the front, I ripped down baseboards to be the thickness I needed to cover the seam. I used my brad nailer and wood glue to attach them The next was to build the base. We chose the bookcases that are 79 1/2 inches tall which left a signifiant, yet purposeful gap at the top. To shorten the gap and give the room a more built in look, we built a base. Without the base, the bookcase would sit closer to the ground and you will not be able to make sure it all blends later on Two bookcases wrap around the corner to host tableware and collectibles in this dining room. Connect the adjacent legs with a screw, then secure the bookcases to the wall with L brackets. To apply the crown molding, measure the perimeter of the joined bookcases, and cut the crown molding to fit with 45-degree miter cuts. Attach molding with pin.

19. Turn a billy bookcase into built-ins and will have an upper class look. Get Tutorial here ====> shadesofblueinteriors.com. 20. Add wood legs and trim to a bathroom cabinet for a polished look. Get Tutorial here ====> plumdoodles.com. 21. Add molding squares to the lower half of wall around your staircase. Get Tutorial here ====> ehow.com. 22 Adding the Face Frame. Trim the top of the bookcase with crown molding [ 8 ] and the bottom with base molding [ 9 ]. Wait 8 to 10 hours for the glue to cure before filling the shelves Adding Bookcase Lighting Method 4: Wire plug to a dimmer (takes entry-level wiring skills) This is the route we went. It takes some basic electrical skills: we're talking being able to add an outlet to an existing circuit and swap a dimmer switch for a regular one. Not super hard, but also not everyone's cup of tea either

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How To Customize An Ikea Bookcase. Measure the top of the bookcase or piece of furniture that you will be upgrading to look classy. Obviously this can be done on not just the Ikea piece, but any furniture piece with a ho-hum top. Purchase some 2 3/4″ pre-finished wood crown molding, meaning it has already been primed and ready for paint Follow this tutorial to turn IKEA's cult favorite Billy Bookcase into stylish and functional built-ins for any room in your house. or adding crown molding to the tops—is one of the quickest ways to make a sizable difference in your kitchen, and will instantly enlarge the room. Choose the Right Size Rug DIY Ikea Billy Bookcase Built In Bookshelves Part 2. January 17, 2014 All Interiors, Decorating, DIY's, Interiors, Organizing, Remodeling. Happy Friday! Thanks for all the kind words regarding yesterday's post with our IKEA built-in bookshelves. Of course assembling IKEA furniture is always super fun, but my favorite part is what we are.