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  1. Facility Code Qualifier . At A Glance. Name: Facility Code Qualifier: Type: Data Element: Definition: Code identifying the type of facility referenced. Version: 005010: Data Element Reference Number: 1332: Permissible Values: Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text A Uniform Billing Claim Form Bill Type Not Provided: B Place of Service.
  2. ZZ and PXC are the qualifiers that apply to the provider taxonomy code. The taxonomy code includes 10 alphanumeric characters. Taxonomy may be needed to establish a one-to-one NPI/LPI match if the provider has multiple locations. Required when applicable and for any waiver-related services
  3. The 3-digit code includes a two-digit facility type code followed by a one-character claim frequency code. The first digit of the facility code indicates the type of facility; i.e., 1 = Hospital, 2 = Skilled Nursing Facility, etc

Effective April 1, 2019 Horizon BCBSNJ will change the way we process certain paper CMS 1500 claim form submissions to align our processing approach with how we process electronic transaction submissions. Beginning April 1, 2019, paper CMS 1500 claim submissions that include a date within fields 14 and 15 must also include an appropriate Qualifier value (as noted in the table in below) to. TWO-DIGIT QUALIFIERS The shaded fields in boxes 17a, 24I, 24J, 32b and 33b should be used to report provider numbers other than the NPI as needed. Fields 17a and 24I include a separate space for a two-digit qualifier that describes the type of identifier entered. (See Two-digit qualifiers for a list. Diagnosis Code-1 . Diagnosis Code-2 . Diagnosis Code-3 . 02/01/2008 2.5 1500 Item Number ANSI 837 ID Code Qualifier : 24J . 2310B NM109 : 2310B REF02 . 2310B NM109 (XX) Service Facility Location Information . Facility/Lab Name . Facility/Lab Address 1 . Facility/Lab Address 2 Code Qualifier NR Not used by Medica. 67 Principal Dx Code and Present on Admission Indicator Enter the complete ICD-9-CM diagnosis code that describes the principal diagnosis or the chief reason for performing a service on an outpatient basis. R 67A-Q Other Dx Codes Enter the complete ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes for up to 17 additional. - CLM05 - 1 (facility code value) *Place of service code - CLM05 - 2 (facility code qualifier) *Place of service codes for professional or dental services - CLM05 - 3 (claim frequency type code) *CLM06 (yes/no condition or response code) Physician or supplier signature indicato

NDC- National Drug Code\rThe Provider should populate a valid NDC for drugs. The code must be entered in the shade area of Box 24. The N4Ž qualifier must precede the 11 digit NDC code. No spaces or dashes are allowed X 2300 CLM CLM05-02 Facility Code Qualifier B (Place of Service Codes for Professional or Dental Services) This element was permitted to be blank in 4010 but is a required value in 5010. 2300 CLM CLM05-3 Claim Frequency Type Code 1 (Original Claim Submissions) 7 (Void and Replace Claim) 8 (Void Claim

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SERVICE FACILITY SECONDARY IDENTIFICATION NUMBER QUALIFIER IS MISSING OR INVALID. This rejection indicates the legacy type and number is required by the payer and is not populated in the service location. Click Settings > Service Locations. The Find Service Location window opens. Double-click on the location The service facility location is submitted in a NM1 segment. The Entity Identifier Code must be submitted as 77, FA, LI, or TL. The Entity Type Qualifier must be submitted as 2. The Identification Code Qualifier must be submitted as XX 18 C.F.R. § 292.204(a)(3) allows an applicant to request a waiver to modify the method of calculation pursuant to 18 C.F.R. § 292.204(a)(2) to determine if two facilities are considered to be located at the same site, for good cause. 18 C.F.R. § 292.205(c) allows an applicant to request waiver of the requirements of 18 C.F.R. §§ 292.205(a) and (b) for operating and efficiency upon a. Field 33a is where you will record your NPI and field 33b will be used to record your BCBS provider number along with the 1B qualifier to identify yourself as the billing provider

2310E - Service Facility Location Name NM1 2310E Service Facility Location N3 2310E Service Facility Location Address N4 2310E Service Facility Location City/State/Zip Code N403 Postal Code Required for processing. NM108 Identification Code Qualifier PI or XV If HMSA is Other Payer use PI = Payer I code when explanation is required and clinical review is required. 05 - Indian Health Service Free-Standing Facility 06 - Indian Health Service Provider-Based Facility 07 - Tribal 638 Free-Standing Facility 24I If Applicable ID Qualifier - Enter X if billing for emergency services 2310B REF01 Reference Identification Qualifier 1B 2310B REF02 Operating Physician Secondary Identifier BS ID Correctly Reporting Service Facility Name Loop Data Element Name Content 2310E NM108 Identification Code Qualifier XX 2310E NM109 Service Facility Primary Identifier NP

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Louisiana Health Care Data Specifications Manual - September 2013 Page 2 Update Change Descriptions [Changes made to the specs document each year should be listed here- list section that i Loop 2300 - Claim Information. Therabill Support Specialist. 3 years ago. Updated. Follow. This article dives into the specifics of Loop 2300 and assumes that you know how to read an EDI (837) file. If you are looking for a general outline of an EDI and how to read the basic structure, please see: How to read an EDI (837) File - Overview Code Qualifier 'FI' Will be 'FI' 2100 CLP08 Facility Value This is the first 2-Loop ID Reference Name Codes Notes/Comments December 2011 005010 10. Code bytes of the Bill Type Code 2100 CAS Claim Adjustment 2100 CAS01 Claim Adjustment Group Code 'PR', 'CO', 'OA' Will be PR, CO. (a) Self-certification - (1) FERC Form No. 556. The qualifying facility status of an existing or a proposed facility that meets the requirements of § 292.203 may be self-certified by the owner or operator of the facility or its representative by properly completing a FERC Form No. 556 and filing that form with the Commission, pursuant to § 131.80 of this chapter, and complying with paragraph. Billing qualifier ID and its meaning. Nov 25, 2010 | Medical billing basics. 0B - ANSI - State License#. 1A - ANSI - Blue Cross Provider ID#. 1B - ANSI - Blue Shield Provider#. 1C - ANSI - Medicare Provider#. ID - ANSI - Medicaid Provider#. IG - ANSI - Provider UPIN#. 1H - ANSI - CHAMPUS ID#

When submitting corrected institutional claims, take note of CLM05-2, the Facility Code Qualifier. In this instance, the CLM05-2 field would require a value of A indicating an institutional claim - along with the appropriate frequency code (7) as illustrated in the example below 514 2420C Service Facility Location If different from the claim level (2310D) Service Facility 515 NM108 Identification Code Qualifier XX 516 NM109 Identification Code 10National Provider ID 521 REF01 Reference Identification qualifier 1D For use during dual NPI-Legacy Identifiers Strategy Phase of NPI Implementation

Qualifier The Identification Code Qualifier must have a value of XX. 341 2310E NM109 Laboratory or Facility 10 Health Care Financing Administration National Provider Identifier (NPI). Primary Identifier Laboratory or Facility ZIP Code 345 2310E N403 9 If applicable, a nine character ZIP code is required (no hyphens). 2320 Other Subscriber. ID Code Qualifier : 24J . 2310B NM109 : 2310B REF02 . 2310B NM109 (XX) Rendering Provider ID. # Rendering Provider Primary ID . Rendering Provider Secondary ID : Service Facility Location Information . Facility/Lab Name . Facility/Lab Address 1 . Facility/Lab Address 2 . Facility/Lab City . Facility/Lab State . Facility/Lab Zip . 32a. another facility, enter the numeric code indicating the source of transfer. 1 - Non-Healthcare Facility Point of Origin 2 - Clinic Diagnosis/Procedure Code Qualifier 67 Required Required Principal Diagnosis Code/ Other Diagnosis Codes - Enter all letters and/or numbers of the ICD-9 CM code Identification Code Qualifier : 1/2 '46' 1000A ; NM109 Identification Code : 2/80 '133052274' 1000A PER02 : Name : 1/60 'EMDEON CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS' Service Facility . Identification Qualifier . 1 / 2 'XX' 2310E ; NM109 Service Facility . Identification Code : 2/80 : USE APPROPRIATE NPI NUMBER : 2310E N3 : Service Facility. Qualifier List 0B - State License Number 1A - Blue Cross Provider Number 1B - Blue Shield Provider Number 1C - Medicare Provider Number 1D - Medicaid Provider Number 1G - Provider UPIN Number 1H - Campus Identification Number 1J - Facility ID Number B3 - Preferred Provider Organization Numbe

When sending more than one diagnosis code, use the qualifier code ABF for each Other Diagnosis Code to indicate up to 24 additional ICD-10 diagnosis codes that are sent. For NCPDP D.0 claims, in the 492.WE field for the Diagnosis Code Qualifier, use the code 02 to indicate an ICD-10 diagnosis code is being sent 93 2100 CLP CLP08: Facility Code Value Type of Bill or Place of Service returned from 837 CLM05-1. Identification Code Qualifier MC = Medicaid XX = NPI 113 2100 NM1 NM109: Identification Code This identification code will be the servicing provider's NPI Identification Qualifier Enter code value: XX - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services National Provider Identifier NM109 Identification Code Enter the appropriate National Provider ID (NPI) NOTE: When the organization is not a health care provider (is an atypica A revenue code and corresponding HCPCS or CPT code must be compatible. Refer to the most current Uniform Billing Editor for appropriate code sets. Outpatient facility and hospital claims may be denied when received without the corresponding appropriate HCPCS/CPT codes associated with the following list of revenue codes. If the clai

§ 292.204 Criteria for qualifying small power production facilities. § 292.205 Criteria for qualifying cogeneration facilities. § 292.207 Procedures for obtaining qualifying status. § 292.208 Special requirements for hydroelectric small power production facilities located at a new dam or diversion N402 - Facility State : N403 - Facility ZIP Code (nine digits) If Mammography Center: Loop 2300 - REF01 - EW qualifier : REF02 - Mammography FDA number: Loop 2400: REF01 - EW qualifier : REF02 - Mammography FDA number: ANSI 5010 - In addition to those listed above: Loop2310C - NM101 - FA qualifier : NM103 - Facility Name : N301 - Facility. Enter the name and address of the hospital/facility submitting the claim. 2. Pay to Address Pay to address if different than field 1. NDC if location 44 is a J code. Report the N4 qualifier in the first two (2) positions, left justified, followed immediately by the 11 character NDC number. Immediatel pr0029 v1.5 01/24/2018 . cms 1500 (02/12) claim form instructions . field numbe r field name instructions 1 a . insured's id numbe

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Next enter the appropriate qualifier for the correct dispensing NDC unit of measure (UN, ML, GR or F2). Following this, enter the quantity (number of NDC units). 42. Rev. CD 43. Description 44. HCPCS/Rate 45. Serv Date 46. Serv. Units 636 [60126598741][UN][1111.234] HCPCS code 07/01/2008 HCPCS unit ↑ ↑ ↑ 11 digit NDC Unit of Measurement. Remittance Advice Remark Codes 5 Special Handling 6 Corrections and Reversals 6 Inquiries 6 File Transmission Inquiries 6 Remittance Amount Inquiries 6 State Plan Inquiries 6. 835 Data Element Table 7 835 Transaction Samples 12. Sample 1 - 835 Remittance for Unbundling Professional Claim 1

NM108 - Identification Code Qualifier. NM109 - Other Subscriber ID Number. Loop 2330B - OTHER PAYER NAME. NM1*PR - Other Payer Name. NM103 - Payer Name. NM109 - Other Payer ID. Loop 2330F - OTHER PAYER PURCHASED SERVICE PROVIDER. NM1*QB - Other Payer Purchased Service Provider. NM101 - Purchase Service Provider Type the taxonomy code in the Facility ID (32b) text box. Click OK. OfficeMate cannot automatically populate box 33B and box 24J with the ZZ qualifier because they are connected to the insurance type. You can, however, automatically populate the taxonomy number and then manually record the ZZ qualifier

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Character 7 = Qualifier. Substance abuse treatment codes have a first character value of H. The second character is used to identify the body system elsewhere in ICD-10-PCS. Because body system does not apply in this section, the second character always has the value None. The third character specifies the root type Code List Qualifier. Used to request return receipt. If this field is submitted with 1 in the request, a Verify transaction is to be sent from the recipient at some time. 1 = Return Receipt Requested all other values = no return receipt requested. In XML, this valued Code List Qualifier is replaced by an element

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Box 32b is used to indicate the non-NPI identification number of the service facility as assigned by the payer for the facility. Enter the 2-digit qualifier followed by the ID number. The following qualifiers can be used: 0B - State License Number. G2 - Provider Commercial Number. LU - Location Number If using a drug-related procedure code, enter the N4 qualifier code followed by the 11-character NDC with no hyphens or spaces, the unit of measure qualifier and quantity in the shaded area above the dates of service. Use one of the following units of measure (must be uppercase). F2 = International Unit GR = Gram ME = Milligram ML = Millilite

Effective with dates of service on or after November 1, 2016, where an attending provider NPI is required to be billed on a UB04 (institutional) paper claim form, it must be submitted with the attending provider's taxonomy code listed in FL 81b with the B3 qualifier • Facility outpatient drug claims (effective Sept. 1, 2018 ) o Unlisted drug codes - the policy applies for all care providers o Listed drug codes - the policy doesn't apply • Professional drug claims (effective Jan. 1, 2017) o Unlisted drug codes - the policy applies for all care provider Qualifying Facility. Qualifying facilities are under the LPSC jurisdiction. Depending on the amount of generation, these facilities, while not FERC jurisdictional, are still required to follow Cleco's Operation of Generation: The Interconnection Customer agrees to abide by the provisions of Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources. Water Assurance Compliance System (WACS) - Solid Waste Public Report Menu. Solid Waste Facility Reports; Facility Class Type Codes; Qualifier Codes; Sample Type Codes the rejection code and reason for the claim rejection. The most common reasons paper claims are rejected are Service Facility Address (a street address is required). The location of the service facility, shown in box The associated ID Qualifier qualifies the NPI number and provides additional information about th

UN/CEFACT Revision 1999B Code List. An addition. Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element. Changes to names. Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions. A deletion. Marked for deletion. Used in batch messages only. Common usage in both batch and interactive messages Section 77.54(9m), Wis. Stats., provides an exemption from sales and use tax for property sold to a construction contractor who, in fulfillment of a real property construction activity, transfers the property to a qualifying exempt entity, if the property becomes part of a facility in Wisconsin that is owned by the qualifying exempt entity Practice round starting times and fees are at the discretion of the host facility. NOTE: Players must be registered in the qualifier in order to schedule a practice round. Practice rounds are for players only. If you plan to schedule a practice round on a Monday, please call the host facility golf shop in advance to make sure they are open on.

UN/CEFACT Revision 2004B Code List. An addition. Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element. Changes to names. Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions. A deletion. Marked for deletion. Used in batch messages only. Common usage in both batch and interactive messages 70 Patient's Reason for Visit Code Situational Situational 71 PPS Code Situational Situational 72 External Cause of Injury Code Situational Situational 73 Future Use N/A N/A 74 Principal Procedure Code/Date Required, if applicable Required, if applicable 75 Future Use N/A N/A 76 Attending Name/ID-Qualifier 1G Required Require Practice Facility Times: M-F (7 am - dark). Please call the golf shop to confirm facility times as these are subject to change over the course of the year. Greens Fee Rates: More information coming soon. Code of Conduct: Practice rounds are at the individual's expense and are provided at a reduced rate by the AJGA and the host facility. Each electric utility shall offer to operate in parallel with a qualifying facility, provided that the qualifying facility complies with any applicable standards established in accordance with these rules. Iowa Admin. Code r. 199-15.

In the version 5010A1 format, a change has been made to include the full 9-digit ZIP Code for the Location address (2310C loop for ANSI claims). Providing all zeros in the 4-digit extension will cause front end rejections.The best practice is to capture the 9-digit ZIP code in the practice management system PRV Codes Billing Provider CMS-1500 Box: 33B UB04 Box: 81 2000A - Billing Provider Specialty Information 2000A - Billing Provider Specialty Information PRV01 Provider Code (Input one of the two-letter codes listed to the right) PRV02 Reference Identification Qualifier (Input the PRV02 code listed to the right) Renderin (2) The operator of such warehouse, a facility similar to a warehouse, or a refining facility must have had more than fifty per cent of the cost of the qualified property shipped to a situs outside this state under the provisions of division (E) of section 5751.033 of the Revised Code during the qualifying period. Any qualified property shipped. FACILITY ; Jan 12: 2021 Waste Mgmt Phoenix Open Section Qualifier: McCormick Ranch GC: Results: Jan 17-18: Pro-Am @ Tucson National: Omni Tucson Natl Golf Resort: Results: DATE EVENT FACILITY ; Feb 15: 2021 Cologuard Classic Section Qualifier: Oro Valley CC: Results: DATE EVENT FACILITY ; Mar 29: Pro-Am @ Moon Valley CC: Moon Valley CC: Result

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We're All Together Now. WellCare and WellCare Texan Plus and Superior HealthPlan are bringing our health plans together. Learn More Code indicating whether or not the facility is the property of the Federal Government. Allowable Values: Y, for Yes, the facility is the property of the Federal Government. The code that represents the qualifier that precedes the street name in a street address. STD_SUFFIX

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Full list of Identification Code Qualifier (EDI Data Element 66) 72 The College Board's Admission Testing Program (ATP), administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), 4-digit list of postsecondary educational institutions. 73 Federal Interagency Commission on Education (FICE) number. Available from the United States Department of. To operate as a QF, a customer's generation facility must comply with the standards set forth in Part 430 of the Illinois Administrative Code. Application Process If the facility meets the Code's requirements, the customer needs to complete a Qualifying Facilities Application Form and follow the provisions of Rider QF facility location reported in field 32. 32b.** Other ID Number Enter the Provider Taxonomy qualifier ZZ and the corresponding 10-digit Provider Taxonomy Code for the NPI number reported in 32a if the . provider is required to report a Provider Taxonomy Code to MO HealthNet. Do no had a qualifying hospital stay? NO. Patient does not qualify for Medicare SNF care. If the patient was admitted with a . skilled level of care, submit a no-pay claim. YES. Is the patient's . level of care skilled? NO. Was the patient . admitted to the facility as skilled? NO. Do not submit . a claim. YES. Submit a no-pay claim with discharge. 86 NM108 Identification Code Qualifier XX 2 86 NM109 Identification Code 10 National Provider ID 112 2010BA Subscriber Name 113 NM108 Identification Code Qualifier MI 2 347 2310E REF Service Facility Location Secondary Identification This optional segment may be sent to include the Service Facility Location's 9-digit locatio

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The source type code is missing or invalid (PG06). Source type code refers to the Country Type: Country of Production, Place of food facility registration number. 04 14 109. MISMATCH BETWEEN FOOD FACILITY REGISTRATION AND MANUFACTURER (PG23) The FME Exemption Qualifier entered in PG23 is not listed in appendix B of FDA's Supplemental. If an NDC code is required for the procedure, enter the qualifier N4 followed by the 11-digit NDC code in the shaded area above the Dates of Service. Follow the code with the 2-digit Unit of Measure code and the number of units with up to three decimal places 2Ø2-B2 SERVICE PROVIDER ID QUALIFIER 01 M NPI ONLY FACILITY O 115-N5 MEDICAID ID NUMBER O . Patient Segment Segment Identification 492-WE DIAGNOSIS CODE QUALIFIER O Imp Guide: Required if Diagnosis Code (424-DO) is used. 424-DO DIAGNOSIS CODE