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Große Auswahl an Cry Cry Baby Puppe. Super Angebote für Cry Cry Baby Puppe hier im Preisvergleich Alles was Du benötigst - damit sich Dein Kind von Anfang an wohl fühlt! Hochwertige Babyartikel von bekannten Marken bei baby-walz. Jetzt entdecken & bestellen I been to cry baby bridge and the experience I had me and some friends was riding over it about 2 in the morning to drop a girl off by the time we made it in the middle of the bridge the car died we tried for 20 mins to crank it but nothing but once we got it started me cousin turned on the lights and we seen a black figure walking to the car.

Cry Baby Hollow Bridge - Real Haunts in Hartselle AL. There are several variants on the story of Cry Baby Hollow Bridge, many taking place in different time periods. A baby is said to have died on the old bridge, either in a car or wagon accident, or at the hands of someone with murderous intent. There is also a version of the story in which. Cry Baby Hollow Bridge. Various urban legends have arisen around the claims that Cry Baby Hollow and the bridge going across it are haunted. A baby is said to have died there, either from murder, a car accident, a wagon accident from pioneer days, or variations on the theme. People claim to hear the baby crying and claim their car shakes if. Cry Baby Hollow Kayo Road Bridge Hartselle, Alabama. Southern legends and lore are filled with tales of Cry Baby and other haunted bridges. Some are modern highway bridges while others are ancient, rickety affairs, perhaps even a historic covered bridge, on lonely dirt roads in the woods. Regardless, stories have become attached to these.

In researching these true stories in our area, I came across that of Cry Baby Hollow in Decatur, Alabama. The old bridge on Kayo Road, off Highway 31, is an dilapidated, lonely and apparently a little used bridge The Crybaby Bridge. The Crybaby Bridge. Contractor James Farrell made a grisly find in the basement. A building contractor in the small town of Greenville Alabama may have solved a 70-year-old mystery. During renovations to restore the Dayton House, building contractor James Farrell uncovered fragments of a human skull in the building's.

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The cry baby bridge of Saraland, Alabama has a story that adds much to the tale and makes a person curious about whether or not it's true. Down Kali Oka Road stands an old plantation of the same name. The house has been used for many horror movies, including Get Out. Tales of haunting and ghosts encircle the manor The site is beneath the Alabama Highway 134 bridge over the Choctawhatchee River. A marker was erected nearby detailing the legend. Don't Edit. Don't Edit Crybaby Hollow, Decatur From: Jillr008@aol.com. Date: 10/27/2002. Subject: **cry baby bridge**. Hi. My friends mom was talking about cry baby bridge not too long ago, and the story her mom told us was: There was a family which consisted of a dad, mom, and baby and they were in a car and the door fell open and the baby fell out of the car and rolled off the bridge Cry Baby Hollow, Hartselle Although many communities are the subject of a cry baby hollow legend, one of the most well-known is on Kayo Road in Hartselle. Motorists crossing the bridge claim.

Crybaby Bridge is a nickname given to some bridges in the United States. The name often reflects an urban legend that the sound of a baby can be, or has been, heard from the bridge. Many are also accompanied by an urban legend relating to a baby or young child/children where the mother threw her baby off the bridge and felt so bad that she killed herself With all of this in mind, Hell's Gate Bridge is a likely candidate for inclusion in the crybaby bridge folkloric pantheon. But although you can get close to Hell's Gate Bridge, you can't drive across it anymore. It's been closed for at least 10 years — although interestingly, it's not totally clear exactly when the closure occurred The way I heard the story of the Cry Baby Bridge was that a mother and child was crossing the bridge that crosses 5 mile creed on Walkers Chapel Road in Fultondale. The car left the road and crashed into the creek that was swollen with water from recent heavy rains and the mother survived but the baby was swept away and drowned Cry Baby Hollow Bridge Hartselle, AL. Views: 10,433; Photos: 0; Rating: 4.1 / 5; Exp.: 12; There are several variants on the story of Cry Baby Hollow Bridge, many taking place in different time periods. A baby is said to have died on the old bridge, either in a car or wagon accident, or at the hands of someone with murderous intent..

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Date: 8/15/2000 9:56:00 PM i ahd the same experience in mobile alabama. me ana couple of my friends went to cry baby bridge.we left a reeses peanut butter cup and a barqs rootbeer on the dash. our doors locked and windows rolled up. we left and went down the road to wait for the ghost to drink half of the root beer and eat one of the reeses. Clanton, Alabama Cry Baby Bridge The story behind the haunting at Cry Baby Bridge in Clanton is similar to the tales told of other Cry Baby Bridges throughout the country. A woman threw her baby into the creek and it died there. Supposedly she was running from soldiers who were p

Cry Baby Bridge. Located in Saraland, Cry Baby Bridge is one of the most bizarre urban legends from Alabama. The story goes that a young woman, under the duress of war, escaped from a plantation with her baby in tow. Pursued by soldiers, she attempted to hide under a bridge. To muffle the cries of her child, she put the baby's face under the. Date: 2008-09-24. Country: United States. State: Alabama. Paranormal Category: Haunted Places. I know, the title makes it sound like this is made up, but this is a true story about a cry baby bridge in Dennis Mississippi. When I was 18 some friends and I were talking about this cry baby bridge. That if you went over it, you could hear a baby.

Oak Grove Plantation Near Cry Baby Bridge, Eight Mile, Alabama. 214 likes · 2 talking about this · 45 were here. Oak Grove Plantation located on 12 1/2 acres just off of Cry Baby Bridge and is.. The Cry Baby Bridge in Saraland A brief explanation of the story is that there was a war going on a long time ago. A woman who lived near by in the Oak Grove.. If you leave candy on the bridge, the ghost will take it. If you pour baby powder on the bridge, footprints of a baby can be seen. The bridge is now called the bridge of crybaby hollow. Okay, so here's what happened to me: I was driving back to where I was camping out. On the way I drove my grandparents' car across the bridge of crybaby hollow In Chicago, journalist Alfred Lingle is shot and newspapers offer $55,000 for his killer's capture. But in Greenville, a pair of murders are committed by a man hardly anyone knew. On the night of June 10, 1930, Travis Dayton kills his wife. Then he kills his newborn baby. At midnight, Travis enters Sally's

Cry Baby Bridge - Real Haunts in Anderson SC. The Cry Baby Bridge is closed off for vehicles, but it is still accessible on foot. All you have to do is walk along the path of Cry Baby Creek, the very same creek where a young mother lost her infant in the waters. If you visit the bridge late at night, you can hear the cries of the child and. At first glance, Van Sant (Crybaby) Bridge in New Hope simply looks like an enchanting covered bridge, a calming piece of PA's past in the midst of a turbulent 21st century. English Wikipedia But, some of those who have driven or walked through the covered bridge tell of hearing frightening, out-of-the ordinary sounds The Cry Baby Hollow Story. All ghost stories have to have a ghost. In order to have a ghost, one would assume there has to be a death. According to legend there was a death on a bridge in Hartselle, Morgan County, Alabama that has become known as Cry Baby Hollow. Most of the stories surrounding the bridge involve the tragic death of an infant

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Where is crybaby bridge located Do you live near a cry baby bridge? Originally, this article was supposed to focus on a haunted place to visit in Alabama. But after some researching, we found that there are dozens of these haunted bridges all over the United States.8 Haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations To Visit - Is One Near You?Urban legends are From lonely Cry Baby Bridges to apparitions, phantom coaches, and strange bridges, this article looks at a selection of hauntings throughout the state. AL 169 Connecting US 80 to Opelika Lee & Russell Counties. AL 169 runs north from its junction with US 431 in Seale in Russell County to Opelika in Lee County I've heard of a crybaby bridge in the state of Alabama. I heard of people seeing ghosts, demons, witches and and a man with horns. You ho out on the bridge throw a quarter in the water and hear a baby crying. This is how legends are started. I read the book 13 Alabama ghosts.its a good read WILLIE D - CRYBABY HOLLOW (Official Music Video) - YouTube. Words of song: There's a spooky place in Hartselle Alabama known as CRYBABY HOLLOW. Located off of Highway 31, there's a long dirt road leading to a narrow bridge. At night it's very dark and ominous and if you get out of your car, they say you can hear the cries of a baby Check out other CBS 42 Alabama Ghost Stories segments here. MULGA, Ala. (WIAT) — Just outside downtown Birmingham lies the small town of Mulga. Most of us are family, for the most part or related somehowEverybody out here's lived here their whole life, resident Dustin Knobloch said. Developed to support several coal mines in the [

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The bridge was bypassed by a modern bridge in 1987 and allowed to stand next to its replacement. This bridge is locally known as the Crybaby Creek Bridge because legend says that the bridge is a crybaby bridge which is a group of bridges upon which paranormal events are supposedly witnessed relating to babies and/or their mothers Cry Baby Bridge. Mobile, Al. Yet another crybaby bridge. I have actually read though that when the swampy area was drained years ago there was a skull found there, so who knows? Directions- From 65 south Take College Parkway to KALI OKA ROAD, take Kali north, the bridge lies some where on this road. Cry Baby Bridge In Mississippi I know, the title makes it sound like this is made up, but this is a true story about a cry baby bridge in Dennis Mississippi. When I was 18 some friends and I were talking about this cry baby bridge. That if you went over it, you could hear a baby crying. Alabama (38) Alaska (10) Arizona.

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An old Irish folk song may have helped shape the development of this legend. in modern times. Mary of the Wild Moors is a haunting tune that has the elements of the shamed daughter, the infant baby, the rejecting father, and the lingering cry heard in the place of their death on the cold stoop of the cottage.It is moody and haunting making it a memorable tale Bear River City, Utah BUILT: Unknown STATUS: Open History When a woman thought her two children were possessed by the devil, she drove them to Cry Baby...

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Subject: Cry-baby Bridge This story is one more piece of Northeastern folklore I've heard over the years. The actual bridge is in Maryland (within an hour of Baltimore, closer to Annapolis). I originally heard the story from a friend of mine who has actually been to the bridge Cry Baby Bridge & Kali Oka. Take a turn off of Kali Oka Road in Saraland, Alabama, go carefully around Dead Man’s Curve (so named for the numerous fatal car accidents) and you will be heading towards Cry Baby Bridge and the Kali Oka Plantation. The plantation may look familiar to independent film buffs as it was used as the location for. Crybaby Bridge Posted April 2, 2019, by Luke A day too late for me to sarcastically add #64342623462346234623 to the title, considering it's one of those urban myths that gets applied all over the US But this simple bridge shares a common bond with many others across the country: some people call it Cry Baby Bridge. You can almost think of cry baby bridges as modern-day folk tales. They come in a variety of designs and sizes, each with its own twist on the same basic story. Sometimes, the passed-down-by-word-of-mouth history for the.

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The legend says that if you go to the bridge in New Jersey you will hear the ghost of the baby cry and feel your car move like someone is pushing it. In Saraland, Alabama the Cry Baby Bridge and is said to be one of the most haunted places in America. The story is that a plantation owner caught his wife in the arms of his biggest and strongest. These bridges, and many others, are all nicknamed Crybaby Bridge. Other states with such legends include Ohio, where there are no fewer than 24 crybaby bridges, New Jersey, Illinois, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas Filed Under: Places Tagged With: Alabama, crybaby bridge, haunted bridges, Haunted Road Trip, Hell's Gate Bridge, travel, urban legends. Primary Sidebar. Search the machine. Top Stories 'Dangerous Games To Play In The Dark' Is Now Available From Chronicle Books

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  1. See 5 photos and 1 tip from 7 visitors to Cry Baby Bridge. Bring candy bars
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  4. It's interesting that right near Crybaby Bridge is this really haunted house, the Samuel Tull House, and Luke's Grave at the St. Paul's Cemetery. So al in a line are these three really haunted sites. So I told that story and a lady on the bus from Parksley, Virginia, said, Can you find out the name of that child
  5. utes away from downtown. He is a twenty-one year-old White male; his father owns an appliance store and his mother helps out.
  6. ers have been told throughout the region since the very early 1800s. In the most classic sense of Cry Baby bridges the tale of Rogues Hollow tells that a young woman rejected by her.

The incident that occurred in the fall of 2003 does have documentation however, and in the wake of this tragedy a new legend regarding this specific bridge has emerged, The Massacre at Crybaby Bridge. I have interviewed numerous individuals with firsthand knowledge of the event. The majority of the interviewees were high schoolers in 2003 and. Crybaby Bridge is an isolated, old rickety bridgeway in the woods -- there are no houses around. This bridge is supposed to have things happen when you park on it. Local legend says that either a woman drowned her children in the creek below the bridge, or her children drowned through fault of their own An Internet search turned up more than 30 different Crybaby or Cry Baby Bridges in Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, and of course, Texas. Ohio has the most, with 24 different Cry Baby bridges, each with a similarly heinous legend attached. Emhouse School, 539 N. Hopkin Crybaby Bridge is an urban legend in a good number of states in the USA. The one I am most familiar with is in Saraland-Satsuma area of Alabama, about ten miles from where I live in Mobile, Alabama. The Crybaby Bridge Legend in Saraland is off of Kali Oka Road

Decatur, Alabama. There is supposed to be a Crybaby Hollow outside of Decatur, Alabama. —Preceding unsigned comment added by 23:05, 19 October 2009 (UTC) Bias. This article seems to be geared towards those that believe in these liebaby--er, crybaby bridges, particularily the Oklahoma section Haunted Places in Ashville, Alabama. Ashville is a city in St. Clair County, Alabama. Its population was 2,212 at the 2010 census, down from 2,260, at which time it was a town. Ashville is the county seat of St. Clair County along with Pell City. It incorporated in 1822 Crybaby Bridge - This bridge is located next to the Jewish Cemetery listed below. It is said if one stands on the bridge at night, the sounds of crying babies can be heard. Some say that mothers who did not want their babies during the baby boom days would go to this bridge and toss their little ones over Young Man's Ghost Seen in Several areas of School, who Quickly appears and disappears. Indian Meadows. Adamsville. Updating soon. Old Buck Creek Cotton Mill. Alabaster. Updating soon. Alabama Avenue Middle School. Albertville

Cullman - Vinemont - Cry Baby Hollow Off Highway 31 North in Cullman County - It is said that when Cullman was being settled, a family in a wagon was crossing the small wooden bridge. A wheel broke off and the wagon turned over, throwing a small baby into the creek, killing it Alabama Ghost Sightings. These are the most recent ghost sightings in Alabama. Decatur, Alabama - Me and my friend were riding around just now at 3:13 a.m., and we ended up seeing something on the side of the road, and we turned into Delano Park to turn around and go see if it was anything we would want to pick up Crybaby bridge Local lore has it if you stand on the Alliance-area bridge at night, the sounds of crying babies can be heard. In desperation she tossed the tot over the bridge to its death.

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  1. Benton Jones in 1883 built the Roseman covered bridge in Iowa where two sheriff's posses trapped a county jail escapee in 1892. The escapee uttered a wild cry, leapt straight up and disappeared. It was agreed that the man had to have been innocent. Nectar Bridge in Alabama is the 7th longest bridge in the world before it caught fire and burned
  2. 5 - Crybaby Bridge. Crybaby Bridge in Columbus Georgia. The stories associated with Crybaby Bridge vary depending on who you actually ask. There are stories that a baby accidentally drowned in the creek below the bridge while another story claims a mother drowned her infant intentionally
  3. Cry Baby Bridge is the most well know haunted bridge in SC and beyond.People far away as California & New York travel here to Anderson,Sc to see the haunted. and scary looking bridge.It is said that no construction company will take on the job to tear down the old one lane steel bridge which is located on High Shoals Rd. between Broadway Lake Rd. and Hiway 28 four miles south of Anderson,SC

The bridge was first erected in 1882 at Walnut Grove, Alabama using parts manufactured by the Bethlehem Iron Company and the Trenton Iron Company. It was moved to Pleasant Hill Road, above Noccalula Falls on Lookout Mountain near Gadsden, Alabama, in 1930. In 2007, the iron bridge was replaced, and the historic structure was temporarily moved. Crybaby Bridge EVP - Columbus, Georgia Al's Rainbow Sporting Goods 2319 S 15th St Philadelphia, PA (215) 465-7842, Penn Fishing Tackle 900 Haunted Lane Bensalem, PA (215) 639-8546, South East Archery & Sports At the base of the bridge follow the signs for 6th Street

Filled with gut-wrenching suspense, Crybaby Bridge captures the essence of a child's fear as an entire community scrambles to solve the mystery behind a parent's worst nightmare. Heritage Bible College, the USS Alabama, Bayview Bridge, and Marion Military Institute, to name a few. Each View Produc The longest covered bridge in this area was the bridge on Jacoby Rd which traversed the Little Miami River near Goes Station. As far as I understand it, this was crybaby bridge. It was destroyed by arson in 1970, which would explain why so many of those bridges are supposedly it

The Cry Baby Bridge is on High Shoals Road south of Anderson near Pine Lake Golf Club. At the High Shoals point, the road crosses the Rocky River and the bridge spans this waterway. Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Bridge in Anderson, South Carolina Normal Warfare Publications, Bloomington, Illinois. 31 likes. Normal Warfare Publications is a publisher of out of print non-fiction and historical wargaming rulesets

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Cry Baby Hollow is hidden deep in the woods of Hartselle, and houses one of these legends. It is said that during the Civil War, a wagon was turned over on the bridge, and a baby fell to it's death. Some say that it was Union soldiers doing it on purpose, but that is just speculation. Now, this location is where many people go to try and hear. View the reported location of Cry Baby Hollow Bridge on Map Spirit Clanton, Alabama - Cry Baby Bridge - Legend has it that one foggy night a very long time ago, there was a war going on. This woman had a baby and men were chasing her to kill the child, so she threw the baby in this little creek and the baby died. Now if you go over the bridge and leave an unwrapped candy bar, turn around and it will be gone

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  1. Bridge in Refuge Cry Baby Bridge Capper Center Tonseno Lodge Columbiana Old Courthouse on Main Street Culavista Highway 82 North of Prattville Cullman St. Bernard Prep. School Cry Baby Hollow Off Highway 31 North in Cullman County (Vinemont) Woodland Hospital Dauphin Island Shell Mounds Decatur Decatur High School Cry Baby Hollow South Morgan.
  2. g in the river. Mobile - Seven Hills Cemetery - apparition of a woman hanging on a cross. Mobile - University of South Alabama - The Seaman's Bethel Chapel Theater - The basement is haunted by the ghost of a small child who plays in the costume shop
  3. If A (adolescence) + B (behaviors) = C (consequences), well the result was the Crybaby Bridge! Like its companion legend of Resurrection Mary, with its underlying theme that if the girl had stayed home like a 'good girl' she would still be alive, the Crybaby Bridge tales also carry the underlying theme that conduct was important and had.

Date: 2007-03-28. Country: United States. State: Ohio. Paranormal Category: Ghost Hunting. T his is for those who often wonder if some of the things experienced can ever be explained away. Almost everyone has heard the tell of Cry baby bridge, heck almost every state and some cities has one. Well here is the story of the one that happened in. Anonymous February 17, 2011 at 11:20 PM. this bridge was rebuilt in the mid 60s.I SEEN IT BEING DONE IN NOV,1964. BETTY IN SARALAND,AL Cry baby bridge location alabama Legend has it a woman drowned her baby near the bridge and you can still hear its death cries. If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know activity actually Alabama American Civil War apparition appear associated baby balls of light beneath the bridge bizarre cemetery City claimed County couple covered bridge creature Creek crossing the bridge crybaby bridge crying dates back dead death disappear disembodied voices drive drowned frightening Georgia ghost hunters ghost lights ghost.

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  1. Eight Mile, AL; Oak Grove Plantation Near Cry Baby Bridge; Oak Grove Plantation located on 12 1/2 acres just off of Cry Baby Bridge and is available for private parties and events. (1) Operating as usual. 09/30/2015 . Untitled Album . 09/30/2015
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  3. Spook Light, Cry Baby Bridge. Sorry to report but the tree line that helped ya focus and see the spook light was cut down for irrigation rigs this past summer. But Cry Baby Bridge, Bone Graveyard, Major Ray, and Monkey Man Road are still around. If you want a very freaky chill, go to Cry Baby Bridge and say the Lord's Prayer backwards
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  1. Haunted Huntsville: Alabama's Popular Ghost Town. Huntsville Alabama is one of the most popular ghost towns in all of the state. Haunted Huntsville is often referred to as Rocket City due to the fact that it is considered to be a technologically advanced city. In the earliest days of Alabama history, this city is said to be the first to incorporate the English language
  2. Marion Center Road Over St. Marys River. Location. Rural: Allen County, Indiana: United States. Structure Type. Metal 14 Panel Pin-Connected Whipple Through Truss, Fixed. Construction Date and Builder / Engineer. 1880 By Builder/Contractor: Western Bridge Works of Fort Wayne, Indiana
  3. Near the church is the infamous Cry Baby Bridge, and there have been UFO and ghost sightings in the immediate area. [Ryan E. Creek, 09/01/2013] The church was almost entirely rebuilt in 2008 after vandals torched it in 2006. According to local lore, a mother had her baby baptized at the church, then threw it off Cry Baby Bridge, where its wails.
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Came to say that I live about a mile and a half from crybaby bridge in Oklahoma. It's a super old bridge with some similar story. I'll try and add a picture too. Semi related to this, I grew up in a Texas town that had Goatmans bridge which had a creepy tail about a black man that raised goats just outside of town Cry Baby Bridge - Smyrna,Delaware The bridge is said to be haunted by a baby that was born deformed and his teenage mother threw him off the bridge because of his condition. He is said to have monstrously strong legs and he knocks over trees with them when he throws fits crying for his mother. There are trees fallen over all around the bridge. The Crybaby Bridge in Helltown Andrew Borgen (CC BY-ND 2.0) The Satanic Church in Helltown Andrew Borgen (CC BY-ND 2.0) Helltown abandoned barn Andrew Borgen (CC BY-ND 2.0 Bird Bridge. by Ghostly World. January 16, 2013. 0 Comments. Bird Bridge is a single-lane bridge south of Emporia, Kansas. A preacher and his mistress drugged his wife and pushed. Read More