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Schau Dir Angebote von ‪Autos Ford‬ auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Autos Ford‬ There is a TSB on your fuel fill issue. Also there is a recall on fuel tank replacement for certain 07 Five Hundreds. Call your local service dept and give them your Vin# to see if your vehicle is included with this recall. Mention Recall NHTSA11V355000 I have a ford e-250 van , i cannot fill gas tank its keeps shutting of pump. I checked vent and it is clear what else could do this the same thing is happening with my 2007 ford expediton not as bad but stops frequently during fillup. It still runs great, but I am having a problem filling it up with gas. It drinks real slow 1968-2013 Full Size Vans - Trouble filling fuel tank - 2008 Econoline cargo van. Having trouble while at the gas pump filling the gas tank. The pump keeps shutting off no matter how slow I try to fill it. This happens at every gas station I visit. Dealer says they fixed it by blowing out the lines but the problem..

I've been having all kinds of problems filling the tank of my 2003 Ford E-350 7.3 Diesel. Looking at the tank while it was on the vehicle was hard to do, so. Problems with ford capless fuel filler are pretty common since it can get easily damaged. If that happens, the inside of the gas tank will fill up with water every time it rains or when you wash the truck. Furthermore, debris might get inside. To get around this annoying problem, you could get the old dust cap and put it on.. system July 4, 2016, 8:18pm #1. I have a 04 Ford E250 Van. Recently we started having trouble filling it with fuel. The gas pumps keep shutting off and you have to fill it slow. We checked the funnel, blew out the vent, removed the hose & checked it,removed the valve and checked it, switched funnels with another van

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As for the fill issue, odds are you are looking at a problem with the vapor canister solenoid. This opens when you turn the truck off providing a vent path when filling the truck. If you got fluid into it, it is possible that the solenoid has failed on you, leading to it not opening when the truck is off Fuel tank / filler hose leaked and fuel ran onto the ground while filling the tank with gas, due to a hole caused by significant rusting. See all problems of the 2001 Ford F-150. Other Fuel System Tank Filling/charging problem of the 2017 Ford F-150 4 Failure Date: 03/03/201

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844 Posts. #6 · Oct 11, 2007. The Focus does not vent air through the filler neck when filling. Displaced air is routed though the charcoal/vapor canister before venting to the atmosphere. The first thing I'd try is disconnecting the vent line from the fuel tank to the canister and see if it'll then fill normally The most common cause of this type of problem is when the fuel filler neck's inner tube comes off of the neck itself. You will need to have the filler neck removed to check to see if the inner tube was knocked off from someone trying to get fuel out of tank with a siphon hose and managed to knock the hose off After 8 months of driving its back to extremely slow fill ups again. I talked to my ford dealer and they told me the repair is to replace the $400 to $500 fuel vapor canister. It is located at the back of the van behind the left rear tire. The rear tire kicks all kinds of dirt, dust and debris into the canister and clogs it The EVAP canister is located underneath driverside between the frame and body, close to where you put gas in the tank. Remove EVAP assembly 4 8mm bolts hold it on. You will see the electrical pigtail going to the solenoid when removing from vehicle

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  1. Have not had an issue since Ford shortened the fuel inlet hose (connected to tank). IMO, it's a combination of two things: clean (unobstructed EVAP fuel filter) AND the angle of the inlet hose. Good info in link above
  2. Just experienced a problem filling the gas tank of my 2007 mustang GT. Fuel pump kept shutting off. 2004 Ford: van..the tank, like the inlet tube..slowly..filler. I have a 2004 Ford E250 van. It got to where it would not take fuel very well when filling the tank, like the inlet tube was stopped up
  3. Suppose you 're working on a Ford vehicle and you have a fuel pump problem. You've done all the testing and it just will not pump fuel. Well you're ready t..
  4. Funnel to fill from a gas can In the interim have you tried filling the tank through the funnel they give you to open the capless fuel tank if you need to fill with a gas can? Might save you some angst while standing at the pump trying to dribble fuel in. Have faith. We have one on our F150 and it has been flawless and super simple
  5. What can i do about solving the problem of having trouble filling up my gas tank on a Ford Econoline van? Every time I try to fill up, the gas hose nozzle always shuts its self off. It takes forever to even put in $20 worth of gas because of the stopping and starting. I can only fill by letting gas trickle in slowly. Help! 3 Answer

One problem related to other fuel system tank filling/charging has been reported for the 2011 Ford Fiesta. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2011 Ford Fiesta based on all problems reported for the 2011 Fiesta Other Fuel System Tank Filling/charging problem of the 2014 Ford Fusion 6. Failure Date: 03/12/2018. 1. When pumping gasoline, the lever clicks off every 1-2 seconds, taking long time to fill gas tank, and never knowing if over-filling. I must repeatedly turn the ignition on/off/on in order to see the gas gauge. 2

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I have a 2013 F250. In september I started having difficulty filling the gas tank. The gas pump would shut off a few times while putting in 25 plus gallons. I thought it was the pumps where I always got gas. In the last two weeks I have had to travel alot and use different gas stations Ford Expedition owners have reported 8 problems related to tank filler pipe and cap (under the gasoline fuel system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Expedition based on all problems reported for the Expedition

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The Ford Econoline van is a popular model made by the Ford Motor Company typically used by businesses to haul equipment. The Econoline van uses a standard fuel pump delivery system that pumps gasoline from the gas tank to the engine. When this system fails, you won't be able to run the vehicle. Since the fuel. This is just one of the reasons why you may have trouble getting fuel in your Ranger. This is a pretty quick fix. whole job took me about 20 minutes and that..

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The 2005 Ford Mustang has 9 problems reported for gas tank difficult to fill. Average failure mileage is 66,850 miles The tank vent line goes to this valve. When the engine is shut off,(to fill the tank) this valve opens. It directs the vapors/gases that are being displaced out of the tank while filling into the intake of the engine. I have a 2005 Ford F250 that has problems when getting fuel at the gas station at the fuel pump, it keeps thinking its full. 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 - Fuel tank filling problem - 2004 F-150 Lariat w/5.4l engine. 30 gallon tank. Just under 90k miles. Problem has developed the last two times I tried to fill the gas tank. The fuel nozzle kicks off after delivery of only a small amount of gas. Can be as little as 1/4 gallon or occasionally as.. First fill up 2 weeks later (That's how long 1/2 tank lasts me) and same issue. The next visit they said a restriction was found in the Fuel Filler Neck and I haven't had an issue since. Of course they reminded me not to top off a full tank, which I was well aware of Ford Freestar Gas Filling Issue Solved. I had a problem filling my 2005 Ford Freestar. When filling the gas tank the pump would kick off many times and sometimes gas would splash back out. I did some research and found this to be a common problem with Fords as well as other makers and everything pointed to the charcoal EVAP canister that vents.

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Word of caution, do not over fill your tank. Fist click of the pump and stop. Any more will backflow into your charcoal canister and vent valve and ruin them. Seen this way too many times. re: Ford E150 Van, hard to fill with gas. (Help me MJ2, you're my only hope) lol Posted by Radius-444 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:24 am. I have a 2011 Flex SEL and have been experiencing trouble filling the gas tank. I've tried various flow delivery rates and various gas stations (thinking it could be an issue with the pumps) but no help. It will begin to fill and then kick the gas pump nozzle off Possible fix! My 07 EL was doing the same thing on fill up. When the pump clicked off the gas would start spewing out. Today I took the lower rubber filler pipe off (between the tank and the metal middle section of the filler pipe) and replaced it with a check valve from Home Depot and some hose and hose clamps from Orielly's For the 1996 Ford F-150 in 2004, one client stated that from the front tank fuel leaks and it occurs when both the tank fills up with fuel, and the rear tank use first. For 1996 Ford F-150, in 2002, one said, when he switches the front tank, it becomes to build pressure and gas come out from the rear shell 977 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 28, 2010. Hi guys i'm havin trouble fillin up my fuel tank on my obs 7.3 i guess its a common problem and i'm havin trouble w/ it. i can only use the small nozzle and cant fill up at the big diesel pumps cuz they r high flow for dump trucks, so what mod can i do to allow it to fuel faster. i have to.

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Anonymous. 659 Answers. SOURCE: Ford Dual Gas Tank problem, Rear tank Always full. This is a common problem. On the driver's side frame rail is a large black plastic assembly that the fuel lines connect to. This a fuel switching valve what usually happens is the valve goes bad and the fuel gets pumped from one tank to the other E250 fuel filling problem. Like many others, I am having serious problems filling the fuel tank with my 2004 e250. Every time I try to pump gas into the tank, the trigger is switched off because the sensor in the fuel nozzle is tripped by either fumes or fuel backing up the filler neck. From what I've read it's probably an old, clogged charcoal. If the fuel tank refuses to accept more than a gallon of gas at a time this means a malfunctioning vent system. Or the vent hoses completely clogged or kinked. When you have this common car gas tank problem the first item to check is the vent hose. This becomes especially true in the scenario where the fuel pump turns off three or four times. We had that problem with an '06 Ford Taurus that is a Company car. It finally got so no gas would go in. Our service dept said there is a valve of some kind on top of the tank. The part is only available from Ford and I was told is on nation wide back order. The car has been in the shop for almost a month Wednesday 19th October 2016. 2016 Focus ST with fuel safe - Handbook says: Fully open the fuel tank filler door until it engages. Insert the fuel pump nozzle up to the first notch on the nozzle A.

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The 2012 Ford Focus has 2 problems reported for fuel fill problem. Average failure mileage is 25,000 miles Just got my 2013 Fusion SE. Company car actually. Im having a real hard time filling up the gas tank. The 2010 Fusion had a cover on the tank spout but this is different. Its almost like a gas cap now that has a cover you push thru now. No problem getting the gas spout in. However over the last 3 fillups Ive been about 3 gallons under full Something about my Focus's fuel system is making EVERY fueling station pump think that it is full when it is not. Usually I have to keep clicking the handle and start the pump 50 or 60 times to fill my tank, each time getting maybe 0.2 gallons of fuel into the tank. Eventually I just started holding the nozzle end where the cap would ordinarily. Joined Mar 24, 2009. ·. 54 Posts. #9 · Jul 15, 2014. OK people, this is still an issue with these vans and there are few if any solutions out there. I also have an '03 Chrysler mini-van. Filled absolutely perfectly for the 1st 180K/mi. Then suddenly 1 day it would allow about 1 gallon before clicking the filling pump off

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If you own a Ford diesel truck or E-Series van from the model years 1999-2010, you could possibly encounter an issue down the road with your fuel tank. Ford was made aware of this problem with their OEM fuel tanks, but they have yet to create a surefire solution I purchased a 2013 Ford Escape from Conroe Gullo Ford and on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014 after filling my tank with gas, was unsuccessful in removing the nozzle from the tank. I ended up unscrewing the nozzle from the hose and drove with the nozzle sticking out the side of my car Ford Technician has encountered the fuel fill issue on numerous occasions and as a result, a Ford Rep and Ford Engineer were sent out. Technician asked why Ford has not come up with a re-design to address this continued problem. The Ford Engineer told the Technician that in fact Ford did come up..

My 06 charger started shutting down after refueling and I kept hearing all this B.S. About having to change the fuel tank and don't fill up all the way. I thought that's stupid your fuel tank just holds gas it's gotta be something else. I did my research and found the real problem. It's called a PURGE VALVE SOLENOID Fabricated a bracket that bolts to the trunk lock bracket to hold the cap assembly. Hook the hose to the new cap assembly and to the tank. This gives a straighter shot for the gas to go to the tank. I welded a piece on the original cap assembly to keep some idiot from filling the trunk up with gas from the outside There was a ford recall for a modification on the dual fuel tanks. The problem was fuel returning to the wrong tank because of a one way check valve in the pump. The mod. Was a check valve installed at each tanks return fuel line. I haven't been able to locate some that are priced reasonable. E-Bay has two for 240.00

There is no requirement for maximum-distance traveling in order to be able to fill your fuel tank. If Ford only wanted us to have 10.5 gallons of fuel then they would have given us 10.5 gallon fuel tanks 5. Inspect the hoses and repair as necessary. 6. If all hoses appear to be unrestricted via the flow of smoke from the carbon canister vent line (none from the gas cap opening), drop the fuel tank and inspect the large lines for an obstruction. Also inspect the screen of the fuel fill neck for an obstruction. 7

Hello I seem to be having problems filling my focus 2008 mk2.5 with fuel (petrol) the pump keeps clicking when I fill it up ? like when the tank is full ! it takes ages to fill it and its becoming a real pain !!!! has anyone else had the same problem ? if so how did they fix it. thank Step 4. Drain the tank, and allow the interior to dry out. Reconnect the fuel line and the vent hose, and retry the compressed air blow. There should be no blockage at this point. Attempt to refill the tank see if the problem has gone away. The remaining problem possibilities are valve-related and cannot be cleared by hand Currently, 26 GM vehicles are equipped with the capless fuel fill feature. This poll explores if anyone is having issues with capless fuel filler

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Get the best deals on Fuel Tanks for 2005 Ford E-250 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items Fuel Filler Gas Cap W/Tether, Most Problem Solver With Check Engine Light FC-975. $19.00. Trending at $20.97. 05 Ford E350 Van Fuel Tank Door Gold Ash Metallic with Two Mounting Screws (Fits: 2005 Ford. ECCPP Fuel Gas Tank Filler Neck Tube Pipe E7TZ9034B FN725 Fuel Tank Tube Fit for 1987-1996 Ford F-150 1987-1997 Ford F-250 1990-1997 Ford F-350 4.6 out of 5 stars 61 $58.37 $ 58 . 3 Designed as a replacement for your worn-out fuel system part Will help optimize your vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency. $13.44 - $289.97. Motorcraft® Fuel Tank Cap. 0. # sp26387. Fuel Tank Cap by Motorcraft®. Motorcraft Fuel Tank Cap are designed for maximum performance and durability

Hard To Fill With Gas - posted in 80-96 Ford Truck Tech Support: Hi there.. Has anyone had problems with putting gas in their Broncos. I have an 84 Bronco, recently certified, and went to do my first fill up, and it took me about 10 minutes to put 10.00 worth of gas in. The gas kept backing up, wanting to come back up the filler hole. When i checked the Hose that goes to the tank, it is close. Due to the constant over-filling of fuel, the carbon canister failed and I replaced it, but the filling problem continued. It took several cycles, but I finally found that the roll-over value in the fill spout of the fuel tank itself gets stuck closed when the tank is fully filled, and then blocks the flow of fuel after that while fuelling This exact problem started last week when I tried to fill my 2005 Z71 Suburban, and I thought it was the pump nozzle because I have had cutoffs before. Went to the same station but used a different pump today and had the same problem. In between the fill-ups I got a message to tighten the gas cap which I did. No DTC set

Knowing the tank can't possibly be full, I keep working on filling the tank, at a rate of less than a gallon per click, until 10-12 (possibly more) gallons later I see gas come out of the tube. (There's no other way to work out when my tank's full as I have no way of determining how much fuel is in the tank to begin with. Installed a new ignition switch on the steering column still could not hear relay click or fuel pump come on. I dropped the tank and installed a new fuel pump assembly. It cranked and started. After two days the van again would not start on its own. Engine cranked without a problem but no fuel pump relay click nor sound of the fuel pump running 2004 fx-35 Infiniti - Problem with filling gas tankâ¦.help! For the last 15 - 20 fill ups, every .20 .75 cent pump stops, it takes me 20 minutes to get 4 - 7 gallons in. So frustrating, especially in cold, windy weather. I have 108,000 miles on it. Its been a great car up until now. What can be the problem

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a) Fill Cap: On many trucks there is a drain inside the fuel door, below the fuel fill cap. If the tank is overfilled so that it overflows, the fuel will drain through this hole into the inside of the fender. Sometimes it will cling to the fill spout and follow it down to the tank. This can appear to be a tank lea I can't put gas in the tank. The nozzle clicks off after a quart or so. Tried 3 gas stations thinking the pumps were just running too fast. According to JRob, took them 2 weeks to fix the problem. This is the first real problem I've had with the truck, though. Hoping they can re-flash the module as well to get it to recognize the 32 gallon tank The S-197 Mustang has a known problem with the fuel tank filling. Ford has redesigned the tank system with little results. I think I may have the.. Problems Filling Up My Pacifica. Recently my 2006 Pacifica Touring has developed a very annoying habit. When I fill the gas tank on my car and set the pump handle to automatically shut off, it will frequently shut off before the tank is full. Occasionally it belches a bit of fuel out of the filler tube. I invariably end up having to go back. Ford F150 smells like gas: the problems & solutions If you are filling your gas tank correctly and still smelling gasoline, this article will help you to identify and fix the problem before you pass out! You shouldn't have to suffer the fumes while sitting in your car or when parked in your garage

2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem Showing 1-11 of 11 messages. 2005 Ford Escape Fuel Fill Tube Problem: m: 1/9/08 8:19 PM: I have a 2005 Escape Ltd and it is a giant pain to fill the gas tank with fuel. I'm not talking about the price, there is a problem with the pump shutting when I pump. This happens even when I pump it slow Drop the exhaust on the truck/van, and access to the top of the fuel tank is a breeze. It took me about an hour, and I'm no mechanic, to replace my fuel evap hose on my 2006 Ford F-150. Once the exhaust is out of the way, you can literally reach anything you want that connects to the top of the tank Joined Oct 6, 2008. ·. 18,334 Posts. #6 · Oct 15, 2012. Cant do it for the rear tank. All that will do is make the problem worse, because the filler neck with be 3 times longer than stock. To the OP, used Cab-n-chassis filler necks with the 3/4 breather and everything will work like it should Ford Technician. Posts: 4283. Joined: Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:05 pm. Top. Re: Problems fueling up. by robbie.cee » Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:03 pm. Frag wrote: Look under van where filler neck comes down from cap,it is metal then rubber pipe to tank. Inside the very end of metal pipe there is a plastic valve that is a one way assembly,to stop diesel. Ford recommends keeping affected cars' fuel above the halfway point on the fuel gauge until the problem can be fixed. Ford Ford has issued a recall for approximately 1.5 million examples of the.

36. Reaction score. 10. Location. Texas. 2018 RAM 1500 3.6L REG CAB 2WD 26 GALLON TANK. Purchased October 2018, Current Mileage: 26,000. Starting about a week ago when I try to do a routine fuel tank fill, the gas fill nozzle keeps clicking to off after very short fill intervals. This has been happening on three tank fills (I drive a lot.) Ford attempted to fix the problem a few times already.. and while many Mustangs in Dubai had their fuel tanks replaced under warranty, most of them continued to have the same symptoms when filling up.. it seems most gas stations here pump gas at quite a high pressure which made the situation even worse The dangers of overfilling your gas tank. You get a few more miles by topping off your gas tank, but it's not worth the risk. Brian Cooley. Jan. 22, 2019 11:04 a.m. PT. The temptation to keep. If you are looking to replace your Ford Econoline Van CNG tanks, we have made it easy for you. Below are the tanks typically associated with your vehicle. Should you have any questions, please call in at 949-234-7255 Replacing the fuel tank sending unit is a little bit of a pain because you have to drop the tank, but for the most part the process is straightforward. Here's how you would replace the sending unit using a Ford Explorer/F-150 chassis as an example, but it's pretty much the same for all Ford models. Step by step, here's what you need to do. About a year ago, on my Ford 8N, I drained the gas tank (by running the engine until it went dry), removed the hood and gas tank to get at the radiator and change axles. Stuff came up and I didn't get back to installing the gas tank until now. The bowl was half empty but shaking the tractor got gas to fill up the bowl. The tractor wouldn't start