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Each decal is unique and there are no two decals the same. If you are restoring a original German WW2 helmet and want the best decal manufactured in the world today this is it. Application is easy: simply dip in warm water for about 30 seconds, wait for the film to release, slide onto surface, wipe gently to smooth surface, then allow to dry German Army Paratrooper M37 Helmet Decals: The decals in this section demonstrates them being used on a reproduction M37 Model German Para Helmet with M38 Fittings. The steps below show how the new helmet is given a 'old' lease of life by the application of two pre-aged Army helmet decals and then some light ageing to the helmet WWII German Helmet Decal - Water Transfer (Face Up) Instructions: We only recommend using acrylic varnish, acrylic resins or acrylic adhesives on our decals. If you use solvent or petrolium based liquids there is a strong chance you will destroy the decal! For the 'face up' method we strongly advise you use ' Humbrol Decalfix ' on the shell.

german helmet decal SS 2nd pattern. helmet decal German SS, 2nd pattern. high quality reproduction, with typical white metallic background. In Stock. 10,00 €. In Stock. Add to cart More. Add to Wishlist. 10,00 € Out of stock Introduction Reproduction decals have been available since the seventies and perhaps earlier. The first generation reproduction decals were merely a representation of the original. Graphically completely incorrect. In the last 15 years in large part due to the internet collectors have gained so much knowledge on helmet decals. We know exactly how many different type The helmet I want to age has brown leather, like most stahlhelms. I do not plan to sell it to anyone as a real german helmet or anything, just for my own amusement, and get it to fit my collection, as it looks just like new, while the other M/55 is a little bit rusted and bumped An original decal normally will show the same texture as the helmet as they were very thin, and snuggled into the surface. The original Heer, Waffen SS, and Kriegsmarine decals are either lacquer or water slide. Fraud artists will try to age a decal, but usually you can tell the difference. Fake German helmets have red rust that rubs off easily

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German Helmet Decals & German Stencils from WW2: These are the worlds best museum quality water transfer decals currently on the market. They are extremely strong when properly applied to the helmet but we recognise that many also want to use lacquer glue to apply their decals and this water transfer decal is ideal for this Your World War 2 militaria web source for U.S. & Third Reich military decorations, medals, ribbons, badges, patches, pins, flags, caps & headgear, cuff titles, officer's rings & much more. Specializing in Nazi, WWII German militaria. Catalog and phone orders welcome. Reddick Militaria s German Helmet Decals are the highest quality available, and we offer the widest selection on the market 22 Items. German WWII Steel Helmet Decal- Wehrmacht Heer Silver Eagle (Army) $3.00. VIEW DETAILS. German WWII Steel Helmet Decal- Tricolor National Shield. $3.00. VIEW DETAILS. German WWII Steel Helmet Decal- National Socialist Party Shield. $3.00 https://www.paypal.me/MASKTV

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  1. Typically a double decal helmet, with one of the decals being the jurisdiction of the police officer early, or the tri-color shield on later helmets. The Transitional Helmet Transitional Helmet is the name given to any WW-1 Helmet that was refitted with the new 1931 model liner system
  2. uti, però vi consiglio di aspettare qualche ora, dopodichè con la carta vetro livellate il tutto e vedrete che lo stucco (durissimo) è rimasto in tutti i buchi ed imperfezioni (più di quante immaginavate)
  3. For the France 1940 event in VA, I use a double decal M35 with just regular wear from use. For mid-war and later I use either an M40 or M42 with rough paint jobs and camouflage for affect. To age the helmet, I use what we call Wal-Mart Feldgrau, it is one of the Krylon Camouflage colors, the Olive or green color. The can has a picture of a jeep.

The helmet below fooled many knowledgeable collectors (and dealers) when it surfaced in 2005. It has 2 fake decals and a very convincing camo paint applied. In this particular case you can just see enough of the decal to declare it as a fake , no tools needed. For further reading on this particular helmet visit German Helmet Walhalla : Here If you then want your old your decals, know that this is long glue to harden under the decal. Wait 7 to 10 days before the start aging, it's better. 1 You apply a thin layer of adhesive resin, do not be afraid to extend well beyond the dimensions of the decal

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Item 723 M35 Double decal Luftwaffe Helmet. This is an ET60 helmet with 97% of it's original paint and the decals rate at about 90%. The finish of the helmet is in great shape with even coloring and little effects of handling wear and patina. The size 53 liner appears nearly unworn. The original drawstring is present According to the book of Ken Niewiarowicz with Anders Lehrman (The Helmet Decals of the Third Reich - 2016) this is the most common ET style decal. ET decal from an M40. Note the golden color which is caused by the added lacquer yellowing from age. The black background exhibits heavy cracking. ET decal from an M35 > German Helmet Decals > German Steel Pith Helmet Decals. German Steel Pith Helmet Decals. Waffen-SS Steel Decals Aged Type. Add to cart. Luftwaffe Steel Decals Age Type. Add to cart. These sets are often sold as original on the free marked. Made so they look 70 years old. Marked with Makers marks WWII German 1st Mod M35 Double Decal Luftwaffe Combat Helmet 1937 Dated Size Q64. $1075SOLD. This is a good combat helmet. The paint and decals are overall very good. The liner and strap are very solid and untouched. The liner band and chinstrap are both dated 1937. This is a very sold early DD combat helmet which will display very well WWII M35 Q64 German Army Double Decal Helmet. Item H622: Exterior displays light to moderate wear with approx. 97% of the factory parade green paint remaining. Both authentic and factory applied decals commensurate with the overall wear. This helmet bears the very desirable Bigfoot Heer adler decal which rates approx. 98% whereas the National tri-color rates approx. 96%

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Hello My name is Tom I am new and I collect Vietnam era stuff and wanting to collect WWII German helmets I came across this helmet at a yard sale and took pictures of it to have it authenticated Ive researched alittle on a site called Germanhelmets .com, I already bought it couldn't wait, it had a price tag of $80.00 USD thought it was a real bargain, the lady is about my age 40's and said. SS decal on an M34. The decal manufacturer is C.A. Pocher. Note the sharp angles of the runes. Another feature is the bottom line of both runes are in line with the point where the shield makes a turn to become narrower and pointed (the «break») M35 Double Decal Combat Feild Police Helmet. This one is an absolute cracker. It is an early 1938 production ET66, lot number 3651 with a 1937 liner band and chin strap. It has excellent paint and decals at getting close to 100% and is named to a Police Meister M18 German Army Transitional Helmet. Helmet has been repainted in olive color around the decals. Aluminum liner band is dated 1931. Early style leather liner is embossed with maker and size. Chinstrap has the early carbine clip and is dated 1927 on the long end. Rank, named and field post numbered on rear portion of apron The national colors seemed fine but as I lightly rubbed the eagle half of the swastika fell off! Oh well, that will have to be battle damage! I realised that once I started to 'age' the helmet both decals would likely come off so I sprayed each of them with clear acrylic paint

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These guys age replica ribbon bars too to make them look genuine. Replica Helmet decals are better than the originals and the Chinese make replica medals which are hard to distinguish. t want guns in the hands of their subjects, even bolt action rifles. German helmets are ok though, but you have to do your own aging! D. DaveDavis Senior. I forgot to mention to stay away from a site called German-helmet-decals.com! The decals sold on this site are really bad! They are so called pre-aged but it's just a print, no real aging! The decals melt when you want to apply them to your helmet with laquer/glue I used a cheap surplus foreign helmet shell for a aging / weathering test I repainted it with a dark charcoal automotive primer to make it look like a naval helmet, then I used a bamboo pot scrubber and hit the shell numerous times to simulate nicks & scratches from use, then I tossed it around on the dirt and rubbed the sharp edges on the dirt to wear some paint off the edge Here at A&S we offer a wide range of WWI, WWII and post-war era helmet and field gear restoration services. We paint helmets as common as German M42s and U.S. M1 to the unsual such as a Czech M32s and the Austro-Hungarian Berndorfer. If the helmet was worn between 1916 and 1960, we can restore it Everything is perfect ! the color, the decals, the aging, the shining ! What an amazing job !! you really are an artist !I love my new helmet ! As soon as I put the liner inside, I send you some pictures. D.G. France; I received the M2 Airborne helmet this morning in fine order. Thanks again for another really nice addition to my collection

German Repro Decals (single) - Luftschutz Wing Reddick Militaria's German Helmet Decals are the highest quality available, and we offer the widest selection on the market. Extensive research on original decals and helmets ensures that these are the proper size and colors with exact replication of designs WWII GERMAN ORIGINAL M-35 HELMET WITH REPRODUCTION SS DECALS APPLIED . All > German items > WWII era > Helmets & Headgear: AGE: 1930s MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Steel and leather MARKINGS: SE66 3277 CONDITION: The helmet is in very good condition. Liner has stains and small cracks and chin strap is good OTHER INFO: Decals are not the water. Luftschutz 3-piece Gladiator-style helmet, complete with original liner and chin-strap. Everything about this helmet is absolutely beautiful! The chinstrap, though rigid and showing signs of age, is in extremely good condition. The liner is the same; aside from a fair amount of dust that was present at the time the helmet was acquired. Decal is. Good decals raise the value of a helmet a great deal, but there are plenty of sellers putting fake ones on German helmets. A real decal will fit the helmet and will have a metallic look. It'll also be appropriate for the helmet type. M-35 helmets are fitted with a pair of decals. M-40 helmets sport an eagle decal

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GERMAN WW II HELMET POLICE - C30938. Original Double Decal M-40 German Police Helmet. In very good condition. Both decals are complete with little damage. This helmet shows mild scratches and scuffs. Has a complete original size 58 liner and chin strap. This would be an excellent addition.. An original WW2 German M1942 single decal Waffen SS Stahlhelm (Steel Helmet), size 66, manufactured by Sachsische Emillier u. Stanwerke in Lauter in 1943. The helmet shell is in original condition with a very good patina commensurate with age and use. This helmet was purchased from a highly reputable Sydney collector (details supplied)

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The mint M35 German helmet was brought back by a US Vet. The decal, paint, liner, and chinstrap are fine examples. It is a WW2 time capsule and does not show wear or age. The WWII German medic helmet is another rare find. Ninety nine percent of medic helmets on the World War II market today are reproductions The decal is about 85% with some wear. The inside is dusty, helmet just came out from Vets family, the liner shows wartime wear and is a little worn around top edge but still soft and in very sound condition, the chinstrap is worn and shows its age, looks to have been shorten back in the day, has aluminum buckle, sound condition if you treat it.

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  1. An original WWII German M42 helmet with what looks like the remnants of a decal. The helmet is size/maker stamped HKP66 and with a batch number that is hard to read but looks like 1990. The leather liner is present and intact but shows wear as you can see in the pictures. The chinstrap is missing. An inexpensive army helmet in a nice large size.
  2. Posted August 20, 2015. I don't recall saying that this one (Steve's) is an $8000 helmet. My point (by providing an example of a similar paint job) was illustrate the fact that this could be a legitimate period done piece and there could be more value there than $100. Link to post. Share on other sites
  3. The finish shows some age and wear but still very nice, decal is about 90%. The leather liner still has nice brown color and marked size 55, there is some rust on the helmet between the liner band, also has surface rust in the top that should come out OK
  4. 178HEL3 - Waffen SS M40 single combat helmet by ET. This helmet features a single SS runic decal that displays normal combat use and wear. The smooth field gray finish shows consistency with the amount of age of the runic decal
  5. Quick view. sku: S19417000. East German Shoulder Board Tie-down Laces (Pair) East German military shoulder board buttons were secured to the uniform by short grey laces that passed through a set of holes in the shoulder where the buttons are placed. Original East German military button laces are sold by the pair

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  1. Military Helmet decals. £6.95. German Military Helmet decal sheet. These German WWII decals are taken from original designs. 9 pairs of water slide transfers for the German steel helmet consisting of: 2 Pairs Army, 3 Pairs S.S. 2 Pairs Luftwaffe and 2 Pairs Police. Very slightly translucent to give a nice subdued finish when applied to the helmet
  2. Single-Decal Refurbished Helmet (Item HELM 3-14) DESCRIPTION: This is a model M-40 shell with rolled edges, replaced decal, liner, chinstrap, and refurbished like the others above, BUT this one looks like it has the original paint on the 100-percent original German helmet shell. Honestly, it sure looks that way
  3. Again, period materials lack modern chemical treatments, so a thread from a true WWII badge will burn instantly, while a thread from a replica will burn more slowly, having been treated with fire-resistant compounds. Hold the badge in your hands and apply light, brief pressure to try to bend it in half. If it bends easily, the badge is fake
  4. This is an EF M42 helmet with a factory applied ET type decal (by 1942 EF was using ET decals on about 40-50% of their SS helmets so this is a correct and typical combination) The decal rates 95% with just a chunk taken out of the upper left. Overall the decal matches the condition of the helmet very well and this is a well balanced piece
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German Navy, Helmet and Cap. $1.99 See Details. German Police. $1.99 See Details. German Police Cap. $1.59 Scramble Helmet Decal. $4.99 See Details. Scuba Diver Qualification. $1.59 See Details. Sea Wolf Decal Set. $8.99 intended only for users over the age of 14 and not suitable for young children, unless specifically noted. Military item Texturing Service - Our helmet specialist can give the helmet surface a textured finish as was commonly seen in the field. Decals-If you are selecting decals, you must have the decal service box ticked, as we have to apply them before the final varnish and aging process. We take alot of care and use our many years of experience when applying. Save 15% with coupon. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 7. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Best Seller. in Waterslide Decal Paper. Hayes Paper, Waterslide Decal Paper INKJET CLEAR 20 Sheets Premium Water-Slide Transfer Transparent Printable Water Slide Decals A4 Size. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 10,689. $14.99 You Are Buying a RARE German WW1 Helmet Boldly Stamped Si66 German WW1 M16 Helmet Original 1916 LEATHER LINER WW; The World War Two Decals are Reproduction items as seen. Original Helmet from WW1 - M-16 - Issued starting in 1916 - These were also used around the beginning of WW2. Awesome Looking, very solid, but may have a little dirt

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The interior paint of the helmet is there, but shows a good amount of it removed from age and use and some surface rust showing. It is a batch number 663, which Quist made Heer, Luftwaffe & Waffen SS double decals in the lot batch. It is a size 66 helmet shell. Overall a very nice original Normandy style camouflaged helmet that is intact Untouched German M42 Luftwaffe single decal helmet that also has a Hitler Youth decal underneath. I have seen this combination before and understand it to be either a Luftwaffe sponsored Hitler Youth unit helmet or a Hitler Youth Flak Helper to the Luftwaffe. Original liner with chinstrap maker marked and dated 1942, Helmet is also maker marked.

German Helmet WWII (camo cover for german Helmet) $192.50. 10 bids. $20.00 shipping. Ending Saturday at 12:48PM PDT. 3d 15h. WW2 Original Romanian helmet with cockade. Original paint. $199.00 This M35 Police-style helmet has the usual lightweight construction and the twin salt & pepper air vents of either side. These helmets would have been worn by factory personnel during various types of security and defense duties. The black finish on this helmet shows age, use and some oxidation The paint shows the correct aging and patina consistent with a period camouflaged paint. The split pin rivets are intact and are clearly original to the helmet. This German helmet has the correct and original M1931 zinc galvanized steel liner. The liner leather is in good overall condition with typical wear and staining For and 80 year old war helmet, it is as fine as anybody could reasonably expect to find. Category: Heer. F63553. M40 Single Decal German Helmet. A very nice original single decal M40 German helmet in great condition, decal is 95% and the rest of the helmet not messed with. If you want extra photographs please email

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  1. H082485 M40 SINGLE DECAL HELMET. (Stahlhelm M40) BACKGROUND: The first modern steel helmets were introduced by the French army in early 1915 and were shortly followed by the British army later that year. With plans on the drawing board, experimental helmets in the field, (Gaede helmet), and some captured French and British helmets the German army began tests for their own steel helmet at.
  2. German Oak leaf A SS Mottled Camo Helmet Cover Made in USA. German WWII Oak leaf A Camouflage Waffen SS Helmet Cover is correctly made to fit the M35, M40 and M42. Duplicates of originals and made from quality fabric with correct camo colors and Oak Leaf A pattern. Sku: 51-183000-C. Price: $44.95
  3. WW2 German Helmet Decals National Colours 2 pcs. $6.50. + $2.30 shipping. + $2.30 shipping + $2.30 shipping. 34 sold. 34 sold 34 sold
  4. or age toning. The interior of this Luftschutz gladiator helmet is also in EXC+ellent condition. The three pad, civil type liner shows only
  5. Add further fine details to your 1/35 scale German WWII Infantry figures with this easy-to-use decal set, which includes decals to depict insignia on German Africa Corps, Military Police, and Waffen-SS soldiers' uniforms. Decals include rank insignia, medals, and armbands. Decals made by Cartograf

Original German WWII M40 No Decal Kriegsmarine Painted Battleship Gray Q66. Original Third Reich M34 Fire/Police Helmet Size 58 Liner-. Original Third Reich Early Allgemeine SS No Decal Model 1918 Helmet. Original German WWII M35 Heer Reissued Double Decal Helmet SE64. Price: $725.00 Heer M35 single decal tropical helmet. Standard green M35 that has been brushed over with tan Afrika Korps paint, carefully done to originally leave the Heer decal exposed. The liner shows age and some water damage to the tongues, but is fully intact along with the original chin strap The exterior blue gray paint of the helmet is nearly 100% intact, with some wear on the bottom edges, and a few spots and scratches. The Luftwaffe eagle decal is essentially completely intact, showing only a bit of wear to the talons on the eagle's straight leg and is the early droop tail that one would expect to see on a helmet from this era Seller: gbastore ️ (3) 50%, Location: Gent, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 393405240240 Brown SA German GLADIATOR helmet Luftschutz WWII WW2 / NO decals. Brown SA German GLADIATOR helmet Luftschutz WWII WW2 / NO decals Traces of brown paint, some rust, with traces of age and usage, part of the kin strap is lost, see pictures..

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German NS66 M35 Heer Helmet. This factory issue version of the Iconic M35 was produced by Nickelwerke-Schwerte (NS) in 1939. The finish is the familiar dark greenish 1939 finish for NS, with the NS Heer adler and national shields. The liner and strap are original, untouched to the helmet. The strap is separated but present and marked The decal is retained about 85%. The silver portion of the decal shows light age yellowing. Decal is 100% untouched and original to the helmet. All three liner retaining rivets are intact. The interior of the helmet has an age and usage darkened, M31 tan liner fully intact with all eight fingers and the original tie string Original WWII German M35 ex- double decal combat helmet. This is a nice helmet, the soldier who once owned it followed the October 1943 order and removed the helmet decals likely for camouflage and concealment reasons. Prior to having the decals removed, this helmet would have had the Heer eagle carryings swastika on left side, and German tri.


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I can hand age reproduction or help restore originals, i have peeled the paint off of helmets to reveal beutiful decals clients didnt even know where present . Hello this Auction is for a aging service , it is for the aging of one : Helmet Cap Uniform Top Uniform Bottom Flag (possibly more) Medal or Badges (up to 4 An original WW2 German size 66 M1942 single decal Waffen SS Stahlhelm (Steel Helmet) manufactured by Eisenhüttenwerke in Thale in 1943. The helmet shell is in original condition with a very good patina commensurate with age and use. This helmet was purchased with an original SS-Rottenführer M44 Feldbluse (Field Blouse) with an Eisernes Kreuz.

- GWH-0153-KN WW2 GERMAN HEER M40 SINGLE DECAL HELMET: Original M40 helmet with single heer decal. Decal is roughly 85% present but has yellowed through aging. Paint is 70% present and the liner looks to have been replaced at some point. Lot number is '939' with the maker stamp of 'ET64'. Internal parts are all original with the chinstrap stamped with the only date being legible, '1942' The left side had decal insignia denoting the branch of the armed forces, in the case of the Heer it was the National Emblem of the German Reich. CUSTOM PRINTING AT UNITED BRICKS. United Bricks is proud to announce this custom printed helmet. The designs are made exclusively by United Bricks and are printed using the high quality UV Printing.

Seller's Description. This Auction is for a WWII Nazi German M34 Civic Helmet Double Decal. It is missing the comb, but is in good condition but it does show its age, it has surface scratches and some small dings. The leather liner is intact as well. The helmet has the Police style National shield on the right and the Police eagle decal on the. Description. German WWII M40 Double Decal Combat Polizei Helmet. Size 66. Decals are in great shape. There are some small dents on the helmet which can be seen in the photos. This helmet has an original liner maked 58. Request more information. Contact: Valkyrie Historical Auctions. Auction: Third Reich Militaria It is believed that both actual SSh-40 and Czech M-53 helmets were issued. These featured a unique East German decal on the front. This model, with the decal, is highly sought after by collectors and is considered somewhat rare. Fakes, unfortunately, are known to exist. This helmet lead to the first true East German helmet, the Model 1954 3. Helmet Shells: Original Wartime issue shells, for your own restoration project. 4. Post War M40 Helmets: Original Postwar German Combat helmets produced in Germany in 1955 for export to Finland (M55 Helmet), repainted and fitted with new reproduction liners. We also have a selection of one of a kind refurbished original helmets here The helmet has it's early chinstrap, which was original to the helmet, which has broken with age. Manufactured by Eisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, and size 64 /57 with stamping ET64, and batch number 4025 - 1939 production. A great original early double decal helmet, at a fraction of the cost of an uncleaned one

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Dragon Models USA, Inc. 19223 Colima Rd. Ste 837 Rowland Heights, CA 91748 Call: (626) 968-0322 FAX: (866) 365-8721 sales@dragonmodelsusa.co German Paratrooper Helmet M38 Early War Helmet ET71 Normandy Camo. This is one of our worlds best ET71 reproduction helmets in aged condition. It is a M38 early war version of the paratrooper helmet in apple green paint with double decals. It has been finished in Normandy Camouflage paint scheme WWII German Army M40 helmet with liner and decal. The shell is in good condition with some surface rust, but no dents or cracks of any kind. The decal on the left side is worn, but the eagle is still visible. The paint of the shell is worn but mostly intact. The liner and chinstrap are intact but dry in spots from age. The shell is stamped T732

Helmet: German Pea Camo, Removable Cover. Helmet Cover: German Pea Camo (no helmet) Helmet: German Tan - No Strap. Cap: M43 Afrika Korps Field (cloth) Cap: German Army Officer Peak Cloth. Cap: German M43 SS Field with Skull Insignia. Helmet: German Green No Decals (Elite Brigade) Helmet: German Fallschirmjager Tan Third Reich Double Decal helmet with SS runes. Minor age wear to paint and decals. Interior leather. lining with 8 tongues. Leather marked with Reichsadler. Middle of helm has sticker with Freese SS-ustfhr. Left interior stamped ET66. Rear helmet stamped 3135. Very good condition The army helmet retains 90% of the smooth field gray finish and eagle decal, interior complete with leather liner but lacks the chin strap, maker and size code marked ET 62. The Kriegsmarine example has 85% of the dark green textured painted finish with 50% of the gold eagle decal remaining

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Auction:11043597 Bidders with zero feedback must contact us for permission to bid! NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING !! This great M1940 German World War II Luftwaff Post War World War Two Norway reused a large number of German helmets left behind after the surrender of German Forces. Remained in use with the Norwegian army until the late 50's early 60's. The item Original WW2 German Helmet Norwegian Army decals Post War Norway is in sale since Saturday, June 23, 2018

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German World War II Waffen SS M42 single decal combat helmet marked EF64 (inside the rear skirt) for the maker Emaillerwerke A.G. in a shell size of 64, with a lot number of 14. The SS decal is a reproduction. Shell retains 60-65% of its original untouched rough gray-green paint, with patina and some freckling, especially on the top Ref #: C-HAD-HEL-3. SS M42 SINGLE DECAL HELMET. (Stahlhelm M42) Single Decal M-42 SS Combat Helmet. This is an excellent example of this type of helmet. Retains 95% of its rough dark green finish, and a pleasing toned decal, 98%. Lining, chinstrap, and even the draw string are all original to this helmet, and in used but excellent condition Remove the decal and let it sit out of the water for 30 seconds to 1 minute. place decal into water for 5-10 seconds. slide the decal onto the part surface. 1/72 WWII US GERMAN soldier badge helmet Model Kit Water Decal For age of: 6+ How to apply: apply gloss clear coat (microscale) plan out the decal placement place decal into water. German M38 Fallschirmjaeger (FJ) Helmet. SKU: MHjmfj1. $ 7,700.00. This specimen features the desirable early spanner construction, with a high degree of the darker green ET medium texture schiefergrau factory finish remaining. The left side features a full Luftwaffe Adler in 90% condition Decals-If you are selecting decals, you must have the decal service box ticked, as we have to apply them before the final varnish and aging process. We take alot of care and use our many years of experience when applying the decals, and use our Humbrol DecalFix to secure their spot on the helmet A WWII German Luftwaffe first pattern helmet decal that is well marked GUST. PEINIGER ETC. Decal has a rip as seen in the photos but overall good condition. or advertisement by Donley Auction Services will assume any responsibility or liability with respect to age, condition, size, quality, rarity, variety, importance, historical.